Aaron'scustomer service

2 Sep 07, 2018

Ok we told the manger on the phone (08/24/18) I believe that's the date. That we needed to change payment to the 7 of the month he said ok. Than on sept 4 got a call like your payment is late. Reminded them we spoke with micky I believe and let him know on the 7. So today is the 7 and guess what I just made my payment like we said we were. But Maria just called and said your payment is late. Told her it's paid already. And it's not late. Well if it's paid what's your confirmation number. Sorry but in customer service it's your job to know before you call and when I said I paid she should of looked . And it's funny phone didn't hang up this time. And never got a call back after the guy broke my toilet either. What happened to the other manger. He had his team doing their job. This is the 116 in Lorain store

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