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February 06, 2024

Hello, my name is Kassy Madril. I entered into an agreement with Aaron’s furniture rental in La Junta Colorado on July 5th 2024. I signed a lease to purchase a Samsung 4.0cu foot washer, in white, as well as a matching white Samsung electric dryer 7.2cu foot. This has been above and beyond bad business on their end. It’s not one or two things, but many and I am only 7 months in and its ongoing. It’s still not rectified and I feel like they feel no urgency or even need to hold up their contractual end in any timely manner if at all, at this point. This is rather frustrating and if this doesn’t resolve the issues. I’ll have to seek legal help as a last resort. I am truly hoping that you will be able to do something.

On July 4th, 2024 I decided I was done with hassling with my ever failing used washer and dryer, as well as purchasing another used one. I decided to look into rent to own options. On July 5th I signed a rent to own lease, with Aarons in La Junta. The lease was for a Samsung 4.0cu foot Active Wave Washing Machine (white) (sku7401GRX), as well as a matching Samsung 7.2cu foot electric dryer (white) (sku 74036GJ). I entered into this contract with the ‘hassle free’ portion of the lease being the main reason I agreed to spend so much for a washer and dryer with this particular company.

The lease said the items would be delivered within 48 hours and that it would be installed, as well. It also stated that Aarons would take care of repairs during my lease period, and even extends this repair clause to 60 days after the lease is paid. It said if I move within 30 miles, that Aarons would even come move and install it at the new address at no additional cost. I thought I read something about getting a discount on my next rental after successful fulfillment of the lease terms. That was the icing on the cake, as a portable dishwasher is next to big purchase, after this obligation is fulfilled. It was exactly what I was looking for.

Three days came and went and still no delivery. I had already been without a means of doing laundry for a couple of months before making this decision so my laundry was getting the best of me. I called Aarons hoping it was a communication error or they couldn’t find the house or something to that nature. Instead I get put off until Monday July 12th, 2023. The 12th came and nothing was delivered, I again called Aarons and was informed that now I would have to wait because they didn’t have anyone who was qualified to drive their trucks in their employment. Finally on July 14th I saw and Aaron’s van outside in front of my house, although no one had called me and said they were coming. The man came and took one look at my stairs and said he would be back the next day with another employee to help him navigate the wash and dryer down the stairs as, he stated, that he had not been informed that there would be any stairs. I had no choice really to accept, as my need to wash laundry was literally piling up.

I disappointedly agreed to wait another day. When the employees returned the next day with the washer and dryer they again went downstairs (before unloading anything) and came back up with some heart breaking news. They said they would not be able to take the machines downstairs because it was a tight fit and had I gotten them any bigger they would not have fit at all. I agree my stairs are steep, and definitely not fun to navigate but I have gotten larger pieces of furniture down there with planning and patience. Again, I needed to tackle this laundry problem, with an 8 year old son, no family within 50 miles, and disabled, this was not good news. I had already been struggling with going to laundry mats for about two months and close to two weeks by this point. I asked the driver if there was a waiver form I could sign waiving them of responsibility for cosmetic damage caused by my stairs, etc. He told me there was no such thing and nothing he could do about it. He was going to just go back to the store with the washer and dryer and leave me with two weeks of more clothes and no solution than I had when I initially made this ‘hassle free’ purchase. Desperate, I asked if I could take them down on my own liability, would he install it. He again refused saying he couldn’t touch anything connected to the house, or something to that affect. He did say he could leave it and I could do the installation myself and take my chances, basically.

After unloading the washer and dryer, the Aarons employees got into the van and left, the machines standing side by side wrapped in plastic wrap and cardboard. After passing and talking with my cousin, Brandy, we decided to try our best. My neighbor from across the street saw us out there and asked what was going on. We explained and he knew we couldn’t do it alone and with no dolly or equipment. He went and got a dolly, helped us remove 2 doors and after 20 mins or so we had both machines downstairs, just before it started pouring rain. I believe he wrote a review about that day on Aaron’s website, but I haven’t actually had a chance to look. Then I had to figure out how to install the washer but to actually put a three prong cord on the dryer, which was very hard for me as I am terrified of electricity, but after some research I installed the plug to the dryer and then plugged it into the 220 dryer plugs, without electrocution. I had some problems with the washer leaking at first but was finally able to tighten it and align seal to stop it, but it took me two more days to accomplish these tasks as I felt defeated and didn’t think I could rectify the leak, etc., but defeat is not in my vocabulary so I finally got them going.

The washer and dryer worked great! I was totally happy with their performance. Then in the beginning of December the dryer started making a loud noise, and stopped. Having the awesome ‘hassle free’ repair part of my lease would have been such a blessing. Only I wondered how I was going to get them back upstairs and find help to get the doors off etc., but still called Aarons to report what had happened. I was told they would send out their repair tech the next day.

The next day, a young man came and went downstairs to look at the dryer. After a short time he returned and said he would have to call his boss. He spoke on the phone and returned with the news that the dryer would have to be taken in for repairs. No time or date was given as to when the dryer would be returned. I thought they would give it a more thorough inspection and contact me with the details. I left the door to the downstairs off because didn’t think it would take long. In hindsight I should have asked instead of assuming they would give me the courtesy of even a call. After some time went by, it was busy so I waited until after Christmas was over and called to find out when I would get my dryer. The laundry keeps piling up. I was told I would have a “loaner by the end of the week”. Never came, No call, Nothing for over a week. I call again I was rushed off of the phone so fast all I heard was “boss” loaner and call back in the statement made. So after a few more days wait, trying to be patient and not make too many waves, I decided to go to the store, where again I was reassured they would have a loaner ASAP. It never came. This time I only let a couple of days go by before going to the store again and asking about my dryer. This time I was told I would be swapped out, I thought for a new one. Again they did not show up on the day scheduled, but did a few days following, with a used, dirty dryer. I tried to use it, desperate to get my sons school clothes going and it spun a few times and stopped. The “check filter” light came on. I thought it was strange considering I hadn’t even dried one load in this newly delivered dryer, which the guy assured me he had installed and checked that it was working properly. Upon inspection of the filter area, I realized there was no lint trap in the dryer at all. This is not to mention having to schedule help for the removal of the doors and to put them back on. I’m from a town 20 miles away’ I don’t know anyone here in La Junta. My friends had to come up here multiple times for this, costing gas and time and for a no show no call most of the time. I am not strong enough to balance and remove the doors myself. Complete waste of time money gas resources etc., not to mention the embarrassment and stupidity I felt.

I am beyond frustrated as I finish this early Wednesday, February 7 2024, still unable to properly wash and dry my laundry. I have never missed or been late on a payment. I have never been, in any compensated for the time I didn’t have access to a dryer I was paying to rent. I have held up my contractual part of the agreement. Aarons has not. In fact this is the first time I have ever felt helpless as to what to do. I feel no one cares and will do what they want when they want, with absolutely no regard to me or the mess they have left me with. I am on SSDI and cannot afford my regular bills, my lease payment, the gas for the help I needed, as well as funding machines at a laundry mat. This is the worst business ethic I have ever seen.

I have severe anxiety, part of my disability, and this nightmare has taken its toll. I no longer wish to hear the dishonest run around that my local Aarons have continuously given to me. I also don’t think I should pay close to $2000.00 ($1915.52) for a new washer and dryer, when I ended up with a dryer that not only has no lint trap but is filthy and I have no idea where it’s been, the wear and tear it’s endured and the smell of it. I called yesterday and was promised a lint trap by 8 p.m. and I write this early the morning after, still unable to clean our linens. I have put $568.12 in 6-7 months time for a washer and dryer that was delivered late, so i could not use them although i paid to rent them on those days technically. I had to install them and carry them down my stairs, which I'm sure those costs are included in the final cost that would go to the workers who should have done it. Ultimately i have had my washer and dryer less than I've actually had them, as a working pair at least, although no compensation was made to my costs. I am trying to be fair and all but this is unacceptable and has been more burden than i could have ever imagined and i still cannot dry my clothes today. I have paid as of today 568.12 (29%)for a couple of months of hard worked for clean laundry, having to learn to install electric cords along with the other nuisances, some of which i have not mentioned as this is long enough. Your time and consideration in this matter would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,

Kassy Madril

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