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I took my 99 Mazda 626 in for transmission repairs on 9/25/09 at which time the shop performed a total rebuild for $2000. Not even 2 months later, the car had problems at which time I took the car back and they again spent 2 days repairing the transmission because they had failed to replace a part that they were 'unsure' needed repair the first time. Luckily, they did not charge me. Now, less than 10 months later the car again has transmission problems. In fact, my nanny was left stranded on an open highway unable to drive more than 50 miles from home. AAMCO of West Palm towed the car 50 miles to its location from Weston, FL only to tell me oh we just looked into and you are out of warranty. I had driven 13, 770 miles since the transmission was originally done on the 25th, but less than 12, 000 when the fixed it the second time. They called me to offer me 'another deal' of not charging me more than $1600 for the third repair in less than a year and they would go ahead and throw in an extended warranty for 18 months this time...Yeah right like I am gonna give them another dime. They have no idea what they are doing there and Jimmy who has only been working there for the last week, says that he wasn't the one that did the repairs so I wasn't giving him very much room to argue...Unbelievable. Buyer beware at this joke of an establishment. They are piss-poor mechanics. Never take your car to a place even that has a national brand identity. AAMCO is a franchise so each guy is out there to make money as cheaply as possible. Take your car to a real mechanic and never trust anything they tell you!!!


  • Al
    Alex Jackson Jan 09, 2011

    Ammco of West Palm Beach did such a great job on my car. I dont know what planet you came from because the mechanics of this place are knowlegeable and are really freindly. As for the price was very good and was lower than alot of the local competition (which I checked). i would totally recommend this place to anyone.

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  • Lo
    lorgio traveso Feb 21, 2014

    Not trust worthy at all. this place is a scam. i took my explorer in for transmission problems to get it checkt out. they told me tht they had to take out the transmission in order for them to know wht the problem was and sicnce the car was driving pretty well only 1 gear wasnt shifting properly that it would probley be a cheap fix. i askt at that time for a price on a whole rebuild of they trani worst case senario but ART Denues said he couldnt give me a price for that without knowing whts wrong.That seemed sketchy because anyone can give a price on a complete rebuild has nothing to do with whats wrong, they would be replacing everything at that point. anyways i also told them i had a quote from ford dealership and they said it would cost me $2500.00 to rebuild they trani including laybor. well aamco ended up telling me i needed a complete rebuild and that it would coast $3500.00 how could they be more expensive then a dealership. thats BS. dealerships are usually the pricest. not in this case they wanted $1, 000.00 more than Ford Dealer thats a ripoff.. well i told them i didnt want to do that i would take it to the dealer, ART actully called the dealership because i should him a quote and he tried to convince them to not do the job for me at the price they gave me, WTF !!! i cant beleive he did that.
    anyways they ended up charging my $700.00 just to look @ the transmission and also said at the ended i had to pay cash !!! i was so upset i had planned on paying with a credit card that they supposivly except but he feed me some BS about not unless they do a repair he shoulda mentioned that @ the begining..i didnt have that much cash ... i hate this place and would not recomend or ever go there AGAIN!!! im considering contacting a lawyer...

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  • Ca
    CasR Jan 09, 2018

    The best Auto Repair Shop in West Palm Beach. Friendly and knowledgeable manager and techs. They give you the price before any repair is done.

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