Aamcouneducated mechanics trying to double charge for the same problem


My air conditioner made this clunking sound when we turned it on. And didn't work so I brought in my 2002 chevy tahoe to their location and 1st rob the mgr called me after having our car for 3 hours for an estimate and says the tahoe was in perfect working condition after they ran it through their 5 point inspection I said no no no I had to explain what was wrong with it again? He then calls us back and says nothing is wrong I asked him if I had to physically show him myself rob says I would. I physically had to walk back into the shop and show him he then told me it would cost between 400-500 dollars for the repair, labor and parts. And this was just the free estimate we were there on and instead of a formal written estimate I received a handwritten estimate on a scrap piece of paper. We decided to make an appt and schedule a rental car due to the fact it would take an entire day for the repair we were upset but we figured it was the best way to go we have 3 kids and 1 on the way and couldn't afford to have no car at all if it broke down. So we had them fix it it not only did it take an entire extra day but he then said it would cost about 700.00 and that's if he orders used parts we said that would be fine as long as they insured us would still be under their 90 day warranty rob said it would. Well we got vehicle back and mind you this was on 1/29/12 winter time where we wouldn't use our air conditioner (Our mistake was not making sure it worked right there before we paid aamco almost 700.00 cash) we made sure the clunking noise ceased but not that the air conditioner cooled the vehicle). Well recently in western washington we had some 70-80 degree weather where we decided to turn on the air conditioner and it didn't work we called aacmo and rob and they said its 11 days beyond the 90 day window but bring it in and they would look at it.. My husband did so and rob says a screw was loose and fuse for air conditioner had blown and it would cost 87.50 for labor to fix it. My husband agreed to allow them to repair tahoe so my husband waited in the waiting area and while waiting he heard a telephone conversation between rob and another customer and rob was advising him his 600 repair would now be 1100?? Rob then comes back to my husband and says the fuse blew again and not taking charge says it would now be 175.00 and on top of that my engine was making a rattley noise and he figures it is the spark plug or plug wire? My husband advised rob he's full of # and that they didn't do the job right to begin with and now trying to charge him for their incompetence 2 times. And he also advised him he heard his phone conversation and it seems to be a normal practice to over charge or misquote and charge more. My husband advised rob he believes they are scamming people rob got angry and didn't want to hear him and acted as if he didn't know what my husband was talking about. This place is a complete ripoff!!! ~avoid aamco and rob and their scamming ways get second estimates other then them and make sure the problem is truly fixed before paying them anything~


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    Mrs Siva Aug 21, 2012

    Well oddly enough ths is my own complaint-> I threw a major fit during the heat wave of 90 degree weather in the PNW this last week and called Aamco and Rob back to complain and Rob Asked me to bring the vehicle back in and he would fix it cost free to me. I did and now its fixed my air conditionr works and so far no other issues with vehicle after receiving Tahoe back Im happy to change my complaint to a happy customer review, Regarding the North Everett, Washington Aamco location.

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