Aamcocar never received services but did receive damages


I made an appointment on Sunday for monday, to have my transmission look at because of the Gerking. I never got a call or a confirmation for the appointment, so I called and spoke too paul. Paul stated he runs the shop and he had only one appointment and to bring the car in. i started the car before I had it towed to 1789 la ceniga blvd on Tuesday. then on Wednesday Paul call and said the battery is dead and he needs a new one to look at the transmission. I delivered the battery at 9:30am on Wednesday. then on Thursday "today" at 12:15pm paul called and said something happened to the car. he doesn't know what happened. he believes it's electrical failure to the ignition. and he said the car was moving earlyer because they had to move the car several times. then Paul started to blame me the "customer" and said I had the car set for 3 years and that could have been the problem, not him or he's mechanics. lies, it's Paul and/or the mechanics fault. my car has been park for sometime, but i run my car every sunday after church for 30mins so my engine doesn't lock up. pauls lieing and he damage my car. then a man name arron i belive, said he was the district manager for the region and that they dont do transmission work for my car "landrover" because its a complicated car and there mechanics aren't trained, or familiar with the car. if that's the case aamco, why did paul tell me to bring my car down. wasting my time and money. my car left my house able to run, not only was my car transmission never look at. it now won't start. please explain to me aamco how a car goes to your shop for a check up and leaves with no check up but now electrical issues. I want my car fix. you damage my car paul. shame on you. please call [protected]

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