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The Property Place (Site?)

(Complaint Comment)
Posted: May 11, 2015    Vallarta Gardens
Timeshare Scam
guaranteed sale of your timeshare within a time period and you buy from Vallarta Gardens. It's all a scam. Our guarantor, Berkshire Financial Group, turned off their phones and website about one month after I had heated conversations with them. The Vallarta Gardens people are no better. Try to get in touch with one of the high level people and unless you are willing to pay more money they will not talk to you...

Wyndham Vacation Resorts / Timeshares

(Complaint Comment)
Posted: May 8, 2015    thomas333
Scam promise!
My parents had an Wyndham timeshare and these guys lied to them about everything imaginable. First of all after you pay them and then it is very difficult to contact them again once they have your money. NO PHONE CALLS, NO EMAIL. Its like they dont exsist. They stole there time and there money...

Westgate Timeshares Orlando Florida

(Complaint Comment)
Posted: May 8, 2015    thomas333
Sales tactics
I had a Westgate timeshare and these guys lied to me about everything imaginable. They stole my money and my time. It was an absolute nightmare! So luckily I found Aronson Law Group and they were wonderful. If you are having the same nightmarish experience I was, I highly recommend you check out Aaronsonlawgroup...


(Complaint Comment)
Posted: May 8, 2015    thomas333
Fraud, scam, deceiful sales practices, lies, misrepresentation
My parents had a timeshare and those guys lied to them about everything imaginable. First of all after you pay them, you can never get ahold of them again. NO PHONE CALLS, NO EMAIL. Its like they dont exsist. They stole there time and there money. It was an absolute nightmare situation for them! I felt so bad for them and so mad that they were being taken advantage of...

Orange Lake resort orlando Orlando Florida

(Complaint Comment)
Posted: May 7, 2015    Rledogar
Change rules of ownership on a yearly basis - Misleading elderly couple
downsides of owning a timeshare. A class action needs to be filed against them. We were told they would resale if we changed our mind at a later time and even the commission they would charge but we later find out that they do not do re sales. If you by chance are able to sale the points system is no longer valid and a person would be locked into your week Long with there high fees...

Geo Holiday / Starpoint Resorts Las Vegas Nevada

(Complaint Comment)
Posted: May 7, 2015    ddans22
will not book your timeshare, the maintenance fee goes up 20% every year, and they will give you a one star hotel to stay in. All promises they made to us was a lie. They didn’t give anything we were told on the presentation. Stay away from these unscrupulous people...

Timeshare Scams Diamond Resorts Augusta

Posted: May 6, 2015    thomas333
timeshare fraud
I had a diamond timeshare and these guys lied to me about everything imaginable. They stole my money and my time. It was an absolute nightmare! So luckily I found Aronson Law Group and they were wonderful. If you are having the same nightmarish experience I was, I highly recommend you check out Aaronsonlawgroup...

InnSeason Resorts Lincoln New Hampshire

(Complaint Comment)
Posted: May 5, 2015    Louise Myers
Special Assessment
I bought a timeshare at Edgewater, paid the annual maintenance, then traded in the timeshare for a more flexible points program that would have allowed me to take three-day vacations, instead of week-long ones. I had to pay more money for this privilege and found myself ending up owning nothing: no week, no tangible property I could point to...

Silver Leaf monthly dues Houston

(Complaint Comment)
Posted: May 1, 2015    Chpeter82
Major increase in dues
vacation without having timeshare. Silverleaf have been increasing monthly dues almost all every year and I don't see any improvements they claim to do with the money. I am regretting having a silverleaf timeshare and to make matters worse they are members who don't pay dues at all. This is not fair...

Unlimited Vacation Club Miami Florida

Posted: May 1, 2015    Gordon Feng Aiping Liu
cancellation of membership
signed in Mexico), these timeshare/vacation club contracts have a mandatory 5 day right to cancel the contract. So on April 7th, 2015 we sent a notice of cancellation to them. We also sent on the same day letters of cancellation to The Secret the Vine Resort in Cancun where we singed the contract and Profeco in Cancun, Mexico...

Hilton Grand Vacations Las Vegas Nevada

Posted: Apr 29, 2015    LeeFree
They also told us that the timeshares are so valuable that if we ever decided to sell, we would have no problem getting our money back as Hilton will buy them back since they are SO VALUABLE!!! What they don't tell you is that the depreciation is FAR WORSE than a new car. Our timeshare ownership that was purchased for over $15, 000 a couple of years ago is now worth $1500-2000 according to the HGVC sales/buy back staff...

Transfer On the Spot Torrance California

(Complaint Comment)
Posted: Apr 29, 2015    D schwenk
Failure to transfer 2 timeshares and pay maintenance fees due for this year
00 to transfer owe New Jersey timeshare. Well in March 2012 it was transferred into a new company name of fireside. The New Jersey time share and Transfer on the spot have me in the middle. And I still owe maintenance and taxes after all these years. Be afraid, be very careful, this company hasn't followed through after all these years...

Club Velas Vallarta

(Complaint Comment)
Posted: Apr 28, 2015    love for travel ruined
Lies, scam and rip off!
help us sell the other timeshare and he never contacted us! So we were stuck with 2 timeshares! What a nightmare! Would like to join a class action lawsuit...

Visions of The World

(Complaint Comment)
Posted: Apr 28, 2015    lise lorquet
Resale of timeshare
embellish the hopes of the timeshare owners making them believe it would sell within a short period of time. No such garantees can be believed to be true to begin with. Sales are sales. No one can promise such an outcome. However, this is nothing compared to what I read today. RDO Helps Consumers Who Lost Money To Resale Company Visions Of The World - RDO eNews 28-04-2015 Statements like these upset me most...

Geoholiday Starpoint Geo Holiday

(Complaint Comment)
Posted: Apr 26, 2015    The Eej
Timeshare Fraud
I have been trying to sell the timeshare back to Geo without any success. The payments used to go to Equiant which morphed into Montex Finacancials about 2 years ago. What happens if i just stop paying these thieves? I'm in with whatever lawsuit you have going on. ej33@live...

Hilton Grand Vacations Club Orlando Florida

(Complaint Comment)
Posted: Apr 26, 2015    onlyZippersBuyTimeShares
Total scam
ask, "if I buy the timeshare and leave it to my children am I not truly just leaving them a burden. won't they have to pay the ongoing maintenance fees after I am gone?", then go on and say, "I think I'd rather invest my $27, 000 into a condo and rent it out for the next xxx number of years and when I die...

Tony Marinelli Doylestown

Posted: Apr 16, 2015    Scammed by this Loser
Thief & extortionist
Travel club, timeshare and other industries - - lookout - - he is headed your way!...

Coral Resorts South Carolina

(Complaint Comment)
Posted: Apr 14, 2015    Bob and Barbann Iapaluccio
promises when purchasing a timeshare with them which included purchasing our existing timeshare, free developer week and they would be renting our unit every April that would cover the maintenance fees every year. We have called several times and have yet to speak with anyone who is actually polite, or honest...

Hotel and AIR Promotion

(Complaint Comment)
Posted: Apr 12, 2015    f.marge
Lauderdale and will get my timeshare presentation obligation in. In the meantime I received the airfare certificate from TriStar / certificateforyou. com, and paid the $65 for the airfare on my charge card. I had to wait 4-10 days for a voucher in the mail, I received my voucher with yet another website, HotelAndAirPromotions...

Bluegreen Vacations / Resorts

(Complaint Comment)
Posted: Apr 7, 2015    goldraker
Law suit
If anyone has a timeshare that they cant use please contact me. Just looking to take family on an affordable vacation...

Geoholiday Starpoint Geo Holiday

(Complaint Comment)
Posted: Apr 7, 2015    tricolouredcats
Timeshare Fraud
I had no idea that it was for a Timeshare. We are hard working people and were not familiar to what a Timeshare even was at that time. We were told it would be a better way to travel. We were sold on this wonderful travel deal, and that the maintenance fee was set, and would not rise when you buy in...

Kanantik Belize Sanctuary

(Complaint Comment)
Posted: Apr 6, 2015    BrandiBelize
They tell you it is all refundable. It is not
We are not a timeshare and we do not pay for people to come visit our development. Also unlike timeshare tours, we do not push the sale on you during your stay. Our package tours are simply an inexpensive way for our clients to come view and enjoy the development. Also note. you can always purchase a property without coming to view it...

Coral Resorts Hilton Head Island South Carolina

Posted: Apr 3, 2015    Mr. Fireman
Misleading information
As with most of us we went into this timeshare pitch for the free tickets and island cash with no intentions of buying at all and we told ourselves that over and over. Well, the salesman was good and after he explained all the opportunities we would have, it seemed too good to be true and we believed we were in the position that this would work well for our family...

Coral Sands Resort Hilton Head Island South Carolina

Posted: Apr 3, 2015    Andy Kraabel
Timeshare sales integrity
Where do I start? My family has visited Hilton Head a few times and rented a home in Sea Pines for a week each time. During one of our stays I was given some dolphin cruise passes from a stand at the Walmart off the island. My family reluctantly joined me the next day for a sales pitch fro...


(Complaint Comment)
Posted: Mar 30, 2015    D.Westervelt
Suspect Fraud & Scam
He said he had a license to sell timeshares and gave me a license number. He took me to the website ARDA. org to show me that they were a member of ARDA and had to follow rules and regulations according to ARDA. We then went to the website ranking. com and his company, buyatimeshare, was listed with a score of 10-the highest number on the list...

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