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APEX - We Collect Timeshares, etal Washington

(Complaint Comment)
Posted: Feb 4, 2015    imlau25
Timeshare RipOff
com%2Fgatehouse%2F2013%2F09%2Fwashington-usa-timeshare-news-sept-14-2013%2F&ei=Jz_SVMS9L8P8yQTXg4GoBw&usg=AFQjCNGST7jmQWisnQQgOBJFTXB7FOh9gQ&bvm=bv. 85076809, d. aWw...

GeoHoliday Class Action LAw Suit

(Group News)
Equiant Financial
Equiant/Geoholiday Timeshare Association. The biggest mistake my husband and I ever made was going to this "party"! We were on vacation at the time, which already put us at a disadvantage, because you are usually enjoying yourself while on vacation. Therefore, I'm positive that this is considered when their High Pressure Sales people are being trained on how to take advantage of people's euphoria! Their one and only goal is to make a sale...

Diamond Resorts - Tim, Eshare

(Complaint Comment)
Posted: Feb 4, 2015    Timesharestop.net
timeshare will not let me surrender timeshare, says i'm in "club" for life
timesharestop. co. uk - Cancel your timeshare. Timesharestop also makes sure that you will receive back part of the money you invested in your timeshare purchase...

Diamond Resorts - Tim, Eshare

(Complaint Comment)
Posted: Feb 4, 2015    Timesharestop.net
timeshare will not let me surrender timeshare, says i'm in "club" for life
I would suggest to get in touch with timesharestop. co. uk. Very professional, no upfront fees and they do the Job. It will only take between 2 and 4 weeks before you will receive a confirmation from your Home resort that your Timeshare contract has ended. Check out their website: timesharestop...

Dunes Village Resort

Posted: Feb 3, 2015    debpeace
poor business
Then we added to our timeshare by becoming a platinum owner at Dunes Village on the odd years. I begged by husband to purchase this property and to be honest I have kicked myself in the ### ever since. Not once have I been able to get a week I wanted. One year yr we invested both property weeks into points to find out 8 months later when we had multiple weeks accrued in points that that they did away with the point system and we lost all the points we had been saving to rent s 4 bedroom...

Coco Bay Estates, Amerashare Annuity, The Residence at Coco Bay Estates, Coco Sunset Vacation Club Playas Del Coco

(Complaint Comment)
Posted: Feb 2, 2015    ChrisG.
Scam Timeshare
com/en/articles/2015/01/18/timeshare-fraud-coco-beach It was written from people like you and me who have their money stolen from these scamm artists...

Playa de las Palmas

(Complaint Comment)
Posted: Feb 2, 2015    Pinger
cr/buyer-beware-timeshare-scams-in-guanacaste/31935/ Buyer Beware: Timeshare Scams in Guanacaste...

Geo Holiday / Star Point Resort Group Las Vegas Nevada

(Complaint Comment)
Posted: Jan 29, 2015    skee_sa42
Please i need help cancelling this timeshare with geo. Contact me skee_sa42@yahoo. com...

Am Resorts / Unlimited Vacation Club

(Complaint Comment)
Posted: Jan 28, 2015    csw1997
Misleading and lies - i know because i worked there
We have owned a timeshare for several years so are used to trading with RCI and were given an ample number of weeks to do that. We are excited to be going on this trip in March and hope it is everything that was promised...

Marriott Vacation Club

(Complaint Comment)
Posted: Jan 27, 2015    SurferAl
Stay Away!
Marriott Timeshare has not only changed the months for our Gild membership season, we have to have our maintenance fees paid at MARRIOTT NEWPORT COAST VILLAS BEFORE we can reserve our week. So now if we want a week from Jan-May of 2016 we have to pay those fees 12 months before, sometime in early 2015, just to reserve our week...

Diamond Resorts International

(Complaint Comment)
Posted: Jan 26, 2015    Anthony Romano
fraud and cheating
I have been researching the timeshare issue ever since I became an owner at Greensprings in Virginia since 1998 and have been amazed at the vitriol and hatred toward our somewhat less than desirable and esteemed management. I for one believe we should vote as a block at the next Bd meeting in November in James City Virginia (Colonial Williamsburg) and vote them out and at that point we can make some real changes to the direction and management of this resort, as well as organizing the same for the other resorts, which they can use our strategy as a basis to effect change...

Orange Lakes Resorts Kissimmee Kissimmee Florida

Posted: Jan 26, 2015    M Hebert
Maintenance Fees/Won't communicate
We purchased timeshare in Galveston, TX, when it was under a different company. Orange Lakes took over several years ago. The bad practices started after that. Below is the letter I wrote to Orange Lakes in November, 2014, and I quote: I have written numerous times, talked to you numerous times, and this will be my last communication if you cannot acknowledge this letter and complete this business...

Diamond Resorts Timeshare Saint John Indiana

Posted: Jan 25, 2015    edgewood
can't get rid of timeshare
I'm stuck with a timeshare that is worthless to me and I now can't afford it, it is a huge headache to try to pay and I can't afford to use it, that amount of points that they sold me, I can't even get anything for it as in a weeks vacation. I do not owe anything on the timeshare, I only have to pay the yearly fee and that has tripled since I bought it...

Diamond Resorts International

(Complaint Comment)
Posted: Jan 23, 2015    S Bell
I own a timeshare in Celebration Fl out side of Orlando (Mystic Dunes) I have owned this for over ten years. Diamond Resorts bought the company a few years back. I'm on the old system where you get one week every other year I never had a problem booking my vacation until two years ago. I went to Las Vegas (it was great) I was required to attend the owners update...

Monterrey Financial Oceanside

Posted: Jan 23, 2015    Terri L Mayer
Charging more than 50% interest on timeshare
We purchased a timeshare in 2007 which had a 7 year payoff schedule. The prinicipal balance at that time was 10, 967. 56. After paying almost 15, 000. 00 in payments, they are saying our payoff is still 7, 359. 24. We printed off our payment schedule, and they reversed the columns and we were paying over 50 percent interest monthly...

El Cid Vacation Club

(Complaint Comment)
Posted: Jan 22, 2015    Mrs. Lora
El cid vacation club, mazatlan
to buy our Wyndham Timeshare and we bought $105, 000 points which they told us would be about 4 weeks vacation. Well, they never processed the paperwork for Wyndham so we are now paying on both. Also, these points don't even get us one week in Mazatlan this year!! Can we not all get together with a class action suit against El Cid? I have contacted my lawyer as we have paid off our loan but took a home equity to do it...

Bluegreen Vacation Club

(Complaint Comment)
Posted: Jan 22, 2015    ughlybusiness
Stay away from this scam!
Was told they would buy back the timeshare at anytime. Called today, Jan 22, 2015, and sure enough was directed to call Pinnacle to have them sell it. Very interested in the lawsuit WHEN it happens. Contact me at williamsflr34@yahoo. com...

Royal Elite Vacation Club

(Complaint Comment)
Posted: Jan 22, 2015    speech1
News Letters
we were invited to a timeshare presentation and offered some perks if we went. We agreed thinking we already have a timeshare so there is no chance we will buy. We were assured the presentation was only 90 minutes. 4 hours later we were timeshare owners(I am actually told now it is a vacation club, not a timeshare-no idea what the difference is)...

Bluegreen Resorts

(Complaint Comment)
Posted: Jan 21, 2015    Bluegreen Premier Owner
They will kill your credit
the terms of their timeshares without any legal consequence. They literally hand out thousands of pages of documents during the sales process, including trust agreements, offering memorandums, prospectuses and other documents filled with legalese. Within these documents they disclaim any statements made during the sales process...

Royal Elite Vacation Club

(Complaint Comment)
Posted: Jan 21, 2015    okstch
News Letters
she was one of the timeshare scam other hotels do. She went to talk to her managers and came back with great news that Santos will reimburse us for the money we paid at the airport. As a part of the orientation she offered a tour of Santos Royal Elite Club area so we could see what Santos has to offer...

Royal Elite Club Playa de Carmen

Posted: Jan 19, 2015    okstch
Royal Elite Club Scam
sales person it wasn't timeshare but a membersip that would give us the all-inclusive fee is per couple, but in reality it is per person per night. We were promissed that membership is easy to re-sell or cancel with no obligations. Salesperson was telling us that we can trade our weeks to RCI points, and use the points to pay for 100% of an airline ticket, when in reality RCI only allows for clients to use points for 33% of the cost of the ticket...

Global Timeshares Brockton Massachusetts

(Complaint Comment)
Posted: Jan 19, 2015    SRscrewed again
Horrible service!
and maybe then the timeshare companies can leave us alone and go to hell!...

Silverleaf Resorts

(Complaint Comment)
Posted: Jan 19, 2015    Jazzabell
I stopped paying!
was able to give my timeshare back to them. They are sending me paperwork in the mail to sign and send back to them. One thing tho is my timeshare is completely paid for and all I was doing was paying mainatence fees. They are stopping my auto-pay of my maintence fees. For those that have a timeshare and it's paid off and you aren't wanting to get anything out of it and just get rid of it this is the way to do...

Villa del Palmar

(Complaint Comment)
Posted: Jan 17, 2015    DebeGar
Villa Group BIG SCAM!
I got scammed into purchasing a timeshare at Villa del Arco in 2008. I regret it everyday! I have not been back since I purchased my timeshare. I was promised Villa Del Arco but any time that I tried to book there I was told that there is no availability and that I had to stay at Villa Del palmar...

Vida Vacations

(Complaint Comment)
Posted: Jan 17, 2015    PETRE SHARE
Timeshare Scam

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