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Bluegreen Resorts / scam and cheating! (Complaint Comment)

Susan68 Mar 18, 2019

I've never liked timeshares, I know many people who have been felt in timeshare scam, by the way you'd be surprised if you google for mention an example Sunset Timeshare Scam, good luck...

Geoholiday Starpoint Geo Holiday / Timeshare Fraud (Complaint Comment)

timeshares are BS Mar 18, 2019

a points membership timeshare with or thru geoholiday, I'm not real sure anymore who actually is the company in charge but only receive yearly supposed membership bills thru sapphire, that also include a nasty letter of what they will do if you do not pay the rediculous fee upon receipt, never a thank you for your business...

Bluegreen Resorts / scam and cheating! (Complaint Comment)

Brian Callender Mar 16, 2019

so much wanna buy a timeshare?...

Bluegreen Timeshare / timeshare buy back! (Complaint Comment)

Sue Rowe Horan Mar 14, 2019

I would like to get rid of my Bluegreen timeshare. It was a complete waste. Can you send me information? [protected]@gmail. com...

Diamond Resorts International / problem sending my annual fee (Complaint)

Shareefa Yasmeen Mar 11, 2019

bought my unit with TimeShare, and I can continue being an owner only if can make a bank transfer of my fee. Please respond to this e-mail as early as possible. I'm already burdened with late fees. Thank You. Shareefa Yasmeen 385, Uttar Bagbari Sylhet 3100 Bangladesh"...

Worldmark By Wyndham / timeshare sales/marketing (Complaint)

unhappywyndhamowner Mar 7, 2019

We have been attempting to reach someone at Wyndham who has the power and ability to help us cancel our contract due to their lies and pressure they put on me and my husband. I'm a veteran and never have felt as pressured by a sales rep as I did with the sales team at the WorldMark Wyndham...

Occidental Vacation Club / timeshare (Complaint)

clrexer55 Mar 5, 2019

This company will tell you anything you want to hear to get you to buy into the company, they will show you wonderful pictures (but when you go to get those they are always a grade up from you) I own what they say is the best they have 2 bedroom royal club, but yet to get a room like in th...

Sell My TimeshareNow / fraud bbb complaint #[protected] (Complaint)

AmericanWay Mar 4, 2019

sellmytimesharenow. com/timeshares/index/content/details/AdNumber/2072657/sale/ Alex Vera | Senior Account Executive | Sellmytimesharenow. com | Tel. [protected] Ext. 6039 | Fax [protected] Wrote: Hello Mr. Marquez, It was a pleasure speaking with regarding your interest in selling your timeshare property...

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club [LHVC] / membership (Complaint Comment)

Wutzke Mar 2, 2019

company selling this timeshare...

Hacienda Encantada Resort & Residences Cabo San Lucas / Hacienda Encantada SCAM FRAUD (Complaint Comment)

Mary ellen p Feb 28, 2019

could sell back my 2 timeshares It is to a third co elite property holdings which ask for more $$ w no guarantees they will sell All connected-RCI. Wyndham . Endless vacations . Genesis etc etc Tomorrow I will try to cancel contract Will call CC co to try to cancel down payment Of course right now I’m getting pop ups on here from timeshare attorneys!!! The whole business is a scam...

Premier Rental Solutions Orlando Florida / timeshare rental and sale lack of service and fraud (Complaint)

EdwardGatey Feb 26, 2019

Summer Bay, Orlando timeshare on August 20, 2016. On January 15, 2019 I received a call from Brian James [protected] ext. 1130 saying he had a buyer for the timeshare. Brian asked for, and I paid, a "contingency deposit" of $4897. 36 USD using a wire transfer from my bank. About a week later, Brian called again to say that the IRS required paying sales taxes up front in the amount of $6000 USD...

Westgate Resorts Tennessee / class action (Complaint Comment)

Nir2005 Feb 22, 2019

pressure to upgrade our timeshare. On the fourth day of our stay we attended a meeting and because we felt our life could sustain an occasional vacation (Like idiots), upgraded our package. My wife and I discussed later how everything was smoke and mirrors during the presentation. We feel scammed, we have begun trying to unload this money pit and the great investment that was portrayed to us by the salesman is worthless...

Heritage Grand Vacation Club Bhd / Bad service. (Complaint Comment)

Kamarualzaman Feb 19, 2019

participate in this timeshare. Can we get back our money?...

Diamond Resorts International / timeshare presentations (Complaint)

dcajp Feb 18, 2019

We have just returned from a delightful Diamond Dream Holiday on Maui. Hotel staff were friendly and helpful, and the atmosphere was enjoyable. However, I would like to address some very significant concerns with you that left an extremely negative impression on us.

Shortly be...

Silverleaf Resorts / charges for bonus time (Complaint)

gms1usa Feb 17, 2019

concept of a club or timeshare ownership...

Timeshare Release Now Portland Maine / timeshare cancellations (Complaint Comment)

Rachel Anne Feb 16, 2019

It is timeshare release now out of portland. on st John st. I glad you had luck with them but at a certain point Dustin was only taking $ and made unfilled promises...

Sunset Group / Fraud and dishonesty! (Complaint Comment)

Bosede Racheal Omole Feb 14, 2019

SUNSET WORLD RESORTS TIMESHARE fraud. I was there 2 years ago with a friend. First of all the room where we checked into was full of water and we had to pay extra to upgrade to another room . I signed up for their 1 BEDROOM TIMESHARE with a deposit of $5000. When I got home, I wasn't satisfied with their reviews and some clauses in the information packet, I quickly called the number given to me for early termination & membership cancellation...

Westgate Resorts / promotional tours (Complaint)

Bobbielynn56 Feb 13, 2019

I informed Connie that I was already a timeshare owner and was not interested in purchasing another one. I was told the presentation was just for information to pass along to my friends and family members and in return I will receive discount tickets to a theme park. This was supposed to be a 90-minute presentation...

Sell My Timeshare Now / Buyer, seller beware! (Complaint Comment)

MalGil Feb 11, 2019

I listed my timeshare (3 weeks) with SMTN. The sales pitch was so convincing with all these promises of numerous offers, & thousands of people seeing the adds they would be posting. It has been nearly 2 years & nothing. I would like to cancel this sales contract, but do not know if that is possible...

Club Wyndham / wyndham discovery (Complaint Comment)


healthy skepticism for timeshares and after the grueling 5 hours experience, I came home and did my due diligence, knowing full well that California affords me 7 days to cancel. Like you, I discovered that the Discovery Program only includes 30+ of Wyndham's 200+ properties and does not include Florida or Hawaii...

Geoholiday Starpoint Geo Holiday / Timeshare Fraud (Complaint Comment)

Scott Bertini Feb 6, 2019

We too bought their timeshare/vacation club and was told that we would get 5000 points a year for $269 membership with a $6000 buy in, payable monthly. For that we were told we would get a week anywhere they had a resort. Well after trying to book my first vacation, I quickly found out the truth...

Exploria Resorts / timeshare (Complaint)

Brenda Bergeron Feb 6, 2019

Please count me in for any class action law suit against this scam. I wish I wasn't pressured into believing any of this was good for my family! Natasha is a liar and this company are nothing but crooks. I have written to them. Contacted natasha about her selling my unit after buying becau...

Holiday Systems International (HSI) / hsi payment for using your vacation rental (Complaint)

NorrisAir Feb 5, 2019

use of our vacation timeshare unit for two weeks. HSI then sold those weeks and they were used during the summer of 2018. In Oct 2018 I contacted HSI to ask why I had not been paid and on Oct 3, 2018 they emailed me saying that their accounting department was inudated with a high volume of transactions and that our check was scheduled to be mailed to us the week of Jan 21, 2018 (they ment 2019)...

Sun International / timeshare (Complaint)

Pam Naidoo Jan 30, 2019

Purchased timeshare, we were mislead when we purchased the time share and now the lady who sold it to us ignores our e-mail. there has been no feedback from her over the past month and a half. The lack of service is shocking. It's also impossible to get a booking. you are always fully booked? why do you sell you timeshare if cannot accommodate your clients?...

AMResorts / unlimited vacation club $199 for 3 days 2 nights timeshare presentation gift (Complaint)

MelissaMexico Jan 29, 2019

This is not a reputable company for timeshares. Just book and enjoy your time there but DON'T fall for wasting your vacation time on a TIMESHARE THAT IS A SCAM. We attended the timeshare, the certificate was earned but because we failed to make a phone call within 30 DAYS you then lose your certificate as well as your current vacation by attending the time share...