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Complaints & Reviews

bad comapny

01/05/2009..i used to work for this company and even made it to management. all i can say is watch out. most of the people there are on drugs, (coke, weed, meth, x-tacy, pain killers, etc), espeically the ones you talk to over the phone when they set you up for an appts. i know this because i bought and sold “candy” to upper managment and my employees. what is funny they just drugged tested all their managers a month ago and 22 of them at the north richland hills center came up dilluted(which means they are hiding their drug usage), , , while 2 others were fired(pain killers and weed). yes this includes divisonals, managers, assistants, and verifiers of running the 2 call centers in arlington and north richland hills. managers of the teams are under enormous amounts of pressure and have their jobs threatened everyday, same with the operators. this is a very unhealthy place to work for and do business with. the company gives away a trip with airfare and hotel rooms, , , but most people dont know they have to travel tues-thurs, , , and have to put down a $100 dollar deposit. and they have to schedule very far out. plus their is so many rescrictions on dates that one may travel, which makes this trip bs. then they get 1 of 4 major prizes, , which always ends up being the exotic island trip, , (there is no airfare with this one). be aware if you go to one of their presentations Do Not Buy!! you will have to pay maintence fees every year(which usually go up), and you will never use the place, , and look at the resorts, , i have no clue where those fees go, , the resorts look like crap..i have been. please do this yourself a favor and stay away from these drug addicted money hungary monsters….i left because of the drug activity(yes they would do drugs in the bathroom and sell them on the floor) and the guilt i had of leading people into silverleaf's lion den..the sales people are worse than the operators, , , heavy pressure sales(they dont take no for an answer, , even if you said it 20 times), , but of course we tell customers, , no of course its not a high pressured sales, , , lol

  • Le
    leb Jan 18, 2009

    I am with you, they are high pressure sales people. I gave in and bought a blue season, I didnt use any of our weeks. They get you by looking at your kids and telling you that you are breaking thair hearts by not taking them to orlando. When we went there, they should us the rci book, the prices for those resorts were hand written, and I remembered that it didnt have any colored seasons on it. When we went there the second time(telling us to stay over for a presentation on how to use the resorts) they tryed to sell us a more expensive resort upgrade. They couldnt take no for an answer, I should have just walked out, but I'm not that type of person, I am a good, respectful person that hates to make people mad. I was suckered into it. I was never rip off in my whole life, I learned a valueable lesson, and I only lost 2 thousand dollars. they bought it back.
    The other thing that I remembered was that we could actually cancel the timeshare within 9 days. I didnt looked it up online after months have passed by, by then it was too late. We went to a silverleaf store in illinois, I believe it was in Oak Brook Illinois, There we told them all the lies that the other sells rep. had told us. And he agreed that all was a lie, but that he could make it better, by selling us a better timeshare for only $9500 more for a red week, that we can travel any where any time. Well, I wasnt thinking straight, I didnt do the math, airfare, monthly payments, $700 in maintenance fee, it was gonna cost me alot of money for one week, I rather just spend $1000 in a resort and be able to sleep at night. Do the math before you buy. You dont want to get ripped off. If its too good to be true, it isnt. they are getting better at getting people to their resorts, we went to a childrens expo in schaumburg illinois, there was a man who asked us if we wanted a free orlando vacation, cruise or a vegas vacation, all we had to do is go to a presentation, That presentation lasted for 4 hours. I wonder how else are they getting people in the doors. It was too late for me to cancel the contract since it only last 9 days to cancel. I heard that they also give you a hard time to cancel it, even if you are within 9 days. Dont buy from these people, they treat you nice at first, then when you try to tell them no, their attitude changes. after you are in, and want to go in for bonus time, they will tell you that there are full, that people who own at that resort will get in first, that they will call you 2 days before the day(s) you want in. Who wants to wait a month or so and make plans to go in, and then getting a call 2 days before your time to go saying "no, were are full". bogus time, I call it. cancel before it gets to late. Dont believe when they tell you that they dont buy back the timeshare, because its a lie. good luck.

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  • Je
    Jendear Feb 07, 2009

    It is obvious by your comments that you are nothing more than a disgruntled exemployee. I have been with Silverleaf for over 10 years. We love it and have always been treated kindly and with the utmost respect. We recently used RCI and went to Orlando. Stayed in a luxury condo for less than 150 for the whole week. And there were 7 of us. I can say with all honesty that the people working there are not on drugs. Maybe some of the ex-employees are. But the people I have dealt with were great. I am a nurse and can spot a drug user a mile away. And these people are NOT on drugs. What you have done by posting your comments is called slander. I have a feeling you were probably fired and didn't leave by your own wishes. Hence the negative comments. Grow up.

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  • Bo
    bobobobadjf;aklj Feb 24, 2009

    I would have to say that the timeshare industry is a complete waste of time and money. Im sure people have great vacations with RCI, but the resorts in Texas are pretty crappy. I was ripped off by Silverleaf in Conroe, TX, and I did not work there and I dont know if everyone there was on crack, but they all smoked religously. I have some friends that were in the Timeshare industry and they got out knowing what kindof scams they were selling people. What people dont understand is that you will be paying on Silverleaf for the rest of your life on matinence fees, and when you pass away your kids pick up the bill and there kids will pick up the bill and so on and so forth.

    Silverleaf made a double withdrawl from my checking account pulling a double payment of $600 total from my checking and they only wrote a check for $70 to be deposited back into my account. Shortly after this I was in a car accident, the bank put a red flag on my account due to the excessive cash withdrawl from my account causing me to be late on other bills, my company went bankrupt and I was with out a job, my house ended up going into foreclosure, me and my wife had to move into an rv ten hours west just so we could have a living because every job in my field was going bankrupt. And you can guarantee that Silverleaf called us 15 times a day asking for another account so they withdrawl money from just so they could collect there payment amount. No pity for us. We had tried to reason with them and tell them that we can not afford the timeshare and they should just take it back. But I believe everyone knows the answer to that question.

    So now Im working part-time and trying to go back to school while me and my wife try to survive on scraps. I hear if you did in house financing the timeshare company should just take it back and it should not affect your credit. The timeshare company loves to send you mail and threats to scare you into sending them money. So far I have had over 20 threats but nothing on my credit shows any harm done.

    So be cautious, and always look online before you sign the dotted line.

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  • No
    no scams for me Mar 26, 2011

    I recieved a letter saying that I was a winner of some cars or 49, 000 dollars cash. I was told thaty there was a resort in New Branfals TX and I looked it up on google maps and the place in North Richland Hills, TX is actually in Forth Worth. I called the number that formerleafer left and the girl that answered was very rude and evasive. She did not want to tell me her name or what was her job function there. I would ask her where the resort was located and she said that she didn't understand my question. I think that formeleafer is right and this is a scam. But they would get the surprise with me because I am broke. HAHAHA. I knew that winning a car or money was to good to be true. What a joke!!!

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  • Jc
    JCar45 Aug 28, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    My son filled out one of those forms at a Mall. I told them at the time that he was in college and didn't have any income. They said it didn't matter. They wanted a check or credit card number and we could pay the taxes right then. I told them no that we were not giving either one. And told him in for the drawing. About six months later they called. My son picked up the call. He scheduled an appointment a few days later. He said they never ask him if he had a job. I told him don't be surprised if they tell us you don't have a job. You don't qualify. To my surprise. They callled us in with several other people and told us we didn't have to attend the 90 minute presentation but that he had won the five day trip hotel accomendations. Him and one other boy had to scratch a card to reveal your prize for five gold pots. Long story short they both got the trip. I had my doubts as to whether their are really five gold pots at all in twenty five squares. My question to everyone is has anyone taken the trips. My son wanted the las vegas trip to take his friends it is suppose to include airfare and the one for Hawaii doesn't anyone gone on those trips. J.C.

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  • Ph
    phillip texas Jul 08, 2014

    We are just bought timeshare from Silver leaf Resorts not long ago. And we are did up date our packaged to Destination Resort. And we try to reservation bonus time, RCI, slip the week. Tell the truth is from the first time when we went there, sale man really nice at first and will made pressure on you after take you go a tour to buy vacation packaged. They really test and do not let you think twice about ever things before make decision. But do not hurry, if you can come back another the trip, yes do it. Go home first think about finance you can afford. Because maintain fee every month even you not use facilities. But if you have a kids and with bonus time, that great, use it and it worth the money. We are leave near Tyler, so about 2 hour drive, not far from us. We hope our kids will enjoy this until they go up. I really do not know, if you do not use packed can you sell it back, I bet it is not easy, and they will make it hard time. I know for sure. For us customer service is very nice and really explain for you everything. Room is clean. In Resorts website, you can not find any review that let you understand what the problem ahead and what you will face with finance. About sale man, sale operator, sale manager, all of them are under pressure to sale. So be prepared anything like ask a friend about it, or do research. When are you there, if you are nice person, you will on the trap of the sale man and you will regret what you just done. The rest is wonderful, not everything was that bad. And have a good times. Once thing I forgot about RCI, went you book it will have restriction on the day, not any day of the week. And the bonus time the is concern too when you book or reservation. Those thing when you become a member, you can ask customer service more detail. Most sale man only answer on the scratch of surface only.

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I used to work for Denny Moore silverleaf resorts. I'm very appauled in how he would scam and take...


Im not interested in your ###ing timeshares.
I told them to remove me from there damn list. yet this ### called me again.
I kindly asked them to stop calling me. FOR THE ###ING 60TH TIME!!!
*this was at 605pm today*
Still the turd cant listen that Im not interested and still called me pressuring me on the "special deals."
I know that theyre a scam.
So I had to talk to the manager to get me removed from their list for the 60th damn time. He was no better then the turd and just an ### who told me to stop 'wasting his time.' and claimed I was the conartist. ###!!
They hung up on me and sure enough, another call saying 'you won a prize come claim it."
I constantly said 'Im not interested dont call me." EVERY GOSH DAMN ###ING TIME THE TURD SNIFFER CUT ME OFF!!!
Stayaway from these ###s.
One thing is they said it was something I signed at HEB. The only thing I signed was the creditcard paper at the registered. Seems I need to just pay in cash from now on.
I now have all the phone records and about to take you to court.

  • Ba
    bajaskier Nov 04, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Connect a recorder to your phone. Tell them you are recording the telephone calls. Tell them that you requested that they do not call. And, from this point on, you are charging them $100 for the priviledge of having you listen to their message. Send them a bill. If they do not pay it, take the recording and Silverleaf to small claims court. Yes, it works.

    Good luck.

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  • Ca
    carlos Nov 21, 2008

    If you were an ### to me like that not only would I not take you off the list, but I would also register your name, email, and phone number for everything I could find.

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  • Te
    Telemarketer Killer Dec 18, 2009

    i will gladly kill a telemarketer and bury him where no one would care

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Conartist and ripoff. The lure you in thinking you won a nice prize of either, a new car, $40, 0000, prosche...

constantly calls every 3 minutes

I dont know how they got my number but these ###ers Constantly call me every 3 minutes.WTF!! Im registered in...

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I was wondering if anyone can offer help, I am a single 29 year mom and I went to this awful high pressure place, I am in sales and these guys put me to shame. I was there for 4 hours with them making me feel like if I didn't sign I wasn't leaving. I did the 1k thing and now I am $190 deep and have lost my job due to being in the mortgage industry and I have NEVER used this service of theirs. They did tell me I could cancel anytime for a full refund but after reading all of this I am scared they lied. I told them my concern about the economy and they assured me no obligation. Can anyone offer any help? Thank You!

  • Qu
    Queenbee62467 Aug 21, 2009

    They lied Nicole. I have sent you another email giving you a little more info. Read as much as you can on here. I am fighting mad, and cannot believe that the BBB is going to be enough! This is our families, our lives, they are destroying.

    God Bless Us ALL

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scam and cheating

I have just one thing to say to Mr. Denny Moore he is one of dinner reps. that works for silverleaf resort. Biggest scam artist there is. he get mad when you buy... and try to trick into buying. you should also be aware of the other reps. that works for him. They will try to sell you resort that dates are not available. DO NOT GO TO ANY OF THEIR DINNERS IT'S A BIG SCAM. From texas to chicago to boston and new york. He scam a lot of people. BEWARE OF MR. DENNY MOORE SILVERLEAF REP. DON'T BUY ANYTHING...

fraud and scam

My wife and I are Silverleaf timeshare owners since 2006, and I regret the day I signed the note.I would like to express how Silverleaf has managed to basically strip my family of thousands of dollars. I have to admit that it was partly my fault for letting this people "*** in" into buying one of their properties. I should have taken the time to think things thru, but that's just it, once you're in the closing booth, you don't have a chance against their very well put together sales pitch that they use to confuse even the smartest buyer.At first I was really reluctant to sign, but i was reassured by smiling faces and sound explanations that there was nothing to worry about. I thought I asked all the right questions [or so I thought]. So, It all started when we received a letter in the mail saying

that we won won a free vacation of 1 of three presents including a brand new car. They say all you need to do is come for a free 1.5 hour presentation on their resort. They also promise a $40 gas card from Spirit Incentives. These guys are a total scam. The presentation is a high pressure sales job preying on what appeared to be uninformed and unprepared families. Our sales rep was so eager to close the deal that he offered to drive back with us (a 2 hour drive) just to pick up a check for our down payment. Feeling pressured by this "army" of sales people that kept coming to the desk, we finally cave in. Just 24 hours after we signed the documents we drove back to the office, and asked to talk to the sales rep that sold us the package, after waiting for 3 hours this person finally showed up. After we told him that we wanted to cancel the whole thing, he told us that that wasn't an option, and the only thing we could do for us was to downgrade the initial package he had offer us, so of course we accepted ($200 for 7 years, how stupid was I).

We bought the "deluxe package" with access to over 13 different resorts, but every time single time we wanted to use the resorts, everything was taken. Its been almost three years and I was only able to use the resort three times, both times for only a couple of nights. On top of my $ 200 a month I had to pay an extra $ 50 / night to stay there, a small detail that wasn't disclose at the time we signed the contract. Not to mention, that the resort where we stay in Galveston, TX was dirty, the customer service people extremely rude, the room was dirty, the bath tub nasty, there was hair all over the bathroom sink and bath tub.

Their customer service people are plain rude and sometimes they get belligerent on the phone when they we try to get some explanations regarding our membership, and we always get the same answer.. " read your contract". In order to use some of the amenities inside the resorts we are asked to pay extra. another thing they forgot to mention during the sales presentation.

To recap, we got so fed up with this company, their poor and rude customer service, their lies, etc, that we decided to pay them off. We called twice to let them know that we were planning to pay off the account and we need it to know the exact pay off amount, instead of just giving me the pay off amount they transfered me to another sales rep. who tried to sell me an upgrade instead of paying them off. After i said no, they simply hung up. I specifically told them not to take any more money from my account as I was planning to pay them off. They told me "no problem". But, right after the check for $ 6400.00 cleared to took the monthly membership of $ 200 from my account, which I had to close afraid that they would try to take more money out. I was right, and they cost me an extra $ 70 in NSF charges. It took me 2 weeks and several phone calls to get my money back. Just today i got a call from the billing department saying that i still owed them $ 77 to pay off the account, this is 2 weeks later after I received a letter from them telling me that the account was paid off and the lien released. They tried telling me that that letter was mailed by mistake and that if i wanted the lien released i had to pay the remaining balance. So, after 45 minutes on the phone with them they finally agreed to credit my account the $ 77.

I just want to warn other people about Silverleaf resorts, and to do their "homework" before they rush into buying any properties from this company. I recently researched this company and across thousands of complaints.There are hundreds of complaints posted on the BBB website alone, and lots more all over the internet. Let this be a warning to everybody not to buy from this company, unless of course you don't mind throwing your money away and having to deal with a company that cares nothing about its members.

  • Pa
    Patti Oct 13, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    We have been upgraded I can't even remember how many times. I am now in arrears by 3mtbs and they are calling us wanting to downgrade and I'm telling them to just foreclose. With the economy and Hurricane Ike I can live with have these timeshares on my credit. It is better to foreclose on these worthless units than to lose my home. I just talked to Tim at the corporate office and told him I was trying to get my brother or someone to assume the note but he was adamant that it is not assumable. I HAVE THEIR BROCHURE WITH THE "INTENT TO SELL" FORM WHICH SPECIFICALLY SAYS IT IS ASSUMABLE...What a bunch of hulligans!!! The right hand doesn't know what the left hand is doing or saying.

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  • Da
    dawn moore May 11, 2009

    I totally agree. I bought in 2000 and I regret the day that I did. They keep telling me I am behind because they refuse to change my due date which is on the first. They keep telling me I owe all this money and I know that I dont. Iam in massachusettes, is there any out that wants to start a class action againast them, some thing needs to be done.
    thanks dawn moore

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  • Pe
    Penny Webb Sep 16, 2009

    I think there has to be a way to start a class action suit. I would love to recover at least a portion of the $25, 000 I have paid them over the years. All of you that in for it, respond. The more names we have the better it is to find an attorney to take the case pro-bono. I will need real names (not email names). Sorry but that's the only way. No addresses or ss# but just a list of real owners that can be presented to an attorney.

    I say lets go for it and if anyone knows an attorney interested, let us know.

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Silverleaf Resorts sends out mail incessantly saying "You've won a free vacation!" They say all you...

they're taking advantage of anyone

My parents are Silverleaf timeshare owners in Oak N’ Spruce, Massachusetts. They have been since 1999 when they were pressured into buying this worthless timeshare. They are so unethical. My family moved to United States in 1995 from Slovakia. Neither one of my parents spoke English in 1999, so the sale was basically made to me when at the time I was only 15. The information was given to me and I was advised to translate all of it to them. I myself did not speak English that well either let alone understand the legal language and what we were getting ourselves into. I do not remember a lot from that day since it was so long ago, but I do remember the sales person pressuring us so bad that he was willing to drive to our house, 2 hours away, just to get a deposit out of us to put as a down payment on the timeshare. We kept saying we do not have money to put a down payment of any sort. Needless to say we did not see a way out of this, and ended up purchasing the timeshare with a down payment of about $90.00 which at first they wanted thousands. We never filed a complaint against them because we did not know we were able to do so nor did we know it was a scam until I recently researched this company and saw lawsuits and complaints. In 2006 while using their June vacation time, my parents were asked to see a sales rep to talk about their timeshare. While speaking to the sales rep my parents were asked if they wanted to upgrade by buying another week. We said we rarely use the week we currently have and said “no thank you”. He insisted that the resort is growing and the value of the timeshare is going up every year. The current sale of the red week (what my parents own) was apparently selling on the market for $25, 000, so we were told. The sales rep offered to sell it to us for a very “special” value of $14, 000. We were sceptical as they had recently finished paying for the first one. We were given the same run-around as the first time and it was made almost impossible to leave there without agreeing to the purchase. We mentioned also that we like to vacation in Slovakia visiting family and would rather use that money toward flying there. The sales rep told us about the RCI program that we can use and whenever we want because Silverleaf is a participating member and we can exchange our weeks with them anytime. I recently learned we need membership with them which we need to pay for. I do want to say the second purchase was somewhat easier only because we were led to believe that we are investing in something wonderful. I remember asking about selling the timeshare and was told as stated earlier the value of the timeshare is increasing every year and that it is a very desirable timeshare and would have no problem selling it. We made the purchase based on a lie that we may sell it whenever we want to and make very good profit.

I would like to express how Silverleaf has managed to basically strip our family of thousands of dollars when we could not have even known all the facts about the resort because of the language barrier. Secondly we were made to believe we were purchasing something that will eventually be worth a lot more than we invested or would invest. It was not until recently I started researching selling the timeshare that I learned of the real value and the scam. There are thousands of postings from people all over United States trying to sell them. I have even seen postings on Ebay, selling value being $0.01. I also came across thousands of complaints. We want to sell it but as I stated earlier it is close to impossible to sell since there are so many listing. I am not letting my parents spend another dime. They and I understand this will most likely affect their credit, but we will much rather pay money to either fix it or take them to court, than throw money away into a company that tricks, manipulates, lies and steals from its customers. They have most certainly taken advantage of us as they state on their website in order to qualify you must make at least $45, 000 and speak English. At the time of purchase my parents did not make anywhere close to that. We also did not speak English well and they state in order to sell anything they would provide a translator that would help translate everything, which they had not. The sales rep misrepresented the timeshare. So needless to say stay away, we convinced ourselves we were doing a good thing by buying it, but in all honesty it is worthless and basically the only way to get rid of it is to donate it because you have to pay the "maintenance fees" every month for the rest of your life! And I will admit fault to being fooled but I was young and didn't know any better and we came from a country where things like this don't happen so anyone who is going to write "you should have known better" yea it's true we should have but we didn't think it was a scam...who ever does?

  • Je
    Jendear Feb 07, 2009

    I do have a question. In the country your parents came from were they considered illiterate? If not then why would they buy into something they did not understand? You were not shackled to the chair. You could have easily of gotten up and just walked out. And now you whine about it. Why don't they use it more? No one said they couldn't. They have chosen not to and then turn around and say it is because they didn't understand what they were buying. Either they are illiterate or had buyers remorse.

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  • Mt
    mtomato2 Jul 24, 2009

    Jendear obviously works for Silverleaf. ###.

    0 Votes
  • Hl
    hlm06 Oct 03, 2011

    This isn't about where the person is from Jendear. It's about the tactics that Silverleaf uses to sell their "worthless" timeshares. You don't have be shackled to the chair. It's not that easy to walk away when they paint you such a pretty story. They are taking advantage of people. I'm sure many more "U.S." born citizens have also been taken advantage of! I'm currently looking into a lawsuit Bella.

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don't work there

As of Sunday I have quit my job at Hill Country. I was treated like s*it; I was nothing but the dirt on their...

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