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Colonial Van Lines Fort Lauderdale Florida / moving from ar to tx (Complaint)

Alexandre Campos Aug 26, 2018

Low Quality, Incomplete Services, Driver Extorted for Extra Money
If you love yours belongs and your moving investment, I would recommend stray away from Colonial Van Lines. I had a very good and friendly approach while in touch with James Coleman, a politely sales person, but it dra...

Gold Standard Relocation Sarasota Florida / moving (broker) (Complaint)

Peggy Lee Hoffer Aug 26, 2018

This is the short version of a complaint against a Florida-based moving broker, Gold Standard Relocation (GSR) (and New Jersey-based mover, Direct Movers (DM)) I filed with the BBB; there is so much more to complain about and I did with the Florida AG, who is investigating it further; the ...

Careem Networks Faisalabad / abuses from captain (Complaint)

Noman ali Studios Aug 18, 2018

Dear Careem Team!
I would like to share my today's bad day with careem captain, I booked a careem when i asked him to get receive me he said yes, but his moving was not started since i waited 10minutes, after a long time when i call him he said that he just crossed my point and gone ... / Think Computer Corporation / under fraudulent 501c think computer [censor] father neil s greenspan is the vp and treasurer (Complaint Comment)

Sara Genius Aug 10, 2018

Hello everyone!

We are gearing up full steam ahead with a Class Action Lawsuit against Aaron Greenspan and that will include of course all the people who are named on his business documents.

The following is an Article from August 6, 2013 called "American Banker" ...

Pfizer New York New York / rx pathways patient assistance program (Complaint Comment)

TreatUSBetter Aug 4, 2018

I got on the PAP back in March for Lyrica. Until July I didn't have too much of a problem with it. I've been happy and so grateful for the program because I suffer from chronic pain all over my body. I have no insurance and the cost out of pocket for a months script would be roughly $750.0...

Cell C Kyalami / deactive of my account due to issues with debit order & assistance re: waspa (Complaint)

ChristellBoshoff Jul 26, 2018

My complaint is with "jabu" with an attitude...

How can you just debit a customer's account with an amount of r 8000 k without contacting a customer? My subscription is paid religiously evert month, but due to waspa rubbish, which I am not be interested in was for some reaso...

Source Marketing Direct London England, Greater London / interview/ trial day (Complaint)

Ben Jamieson Jul 7, 2018

This is an open letter to Source Marketing Direct.

As I have already indicated on Twitter, I have many questions about Source Marketing Direct.
Let me fill you in with my personal experience with your company, and my understanding of your system.

On the las...

Suntrust Banks Sweetwater Tennessee / handling of accounts and charges (Complaint)

RAELYNN35 Jul 4, 2018

This hasnto be the worst and greedy bank i have ever frequented. This bank, no offense to thr innocent cs reps, purposely holds charges pending so they can go through when the funds in your account is depleted so you may get the 36 dollar charge..I also love the change of days for thr ext ...

Edible Arrangements Sierra Madre California / rewards issue/complaint (Complaint)

CHenkelmann Jun 30, 2018

I have both Canadian (active with rewards) and US (started, not active) accounts with Edible Arrangements (EA) after moving to California. I did not receive my birthday gift on May 11 and called to complain with the local Canadian store - they prepared it and I was able to have family pick...

Dish Network / Uniontown Pennsylvania / extension to pay (Complaint)

Lisa Dorsey Jun 25, 2018

I called Dish customer service on 6/24/18. I spoke to Romeo. I explained that I had a car repair that dipped into my funds I had saved for payment of my bill. My amount due is $132.45 on 6/25/18 and I asked if I could pay half now and the remaining amount due on Friday, June 29th without a...

International Brotherhood Of Teamsters [IBT] / Seeking Legal Representation for a Class Action Lawsuit (Complaint Comment)

Paul West Jun 25, 2018

2nd Notice!-----To Whom it May Concern:I put down Movies because we work movies and Pipeline jobs.I now have my card on the shelve but have some concerned Newer Members that are (I Think Not Treated Right) Righ Now Minnestota Limited LLC is in Mills County Iowa in Our Jurisdiction. The Pro...

Academy / Academy Sports And Outdoors / delivery of 2 pelican kayaks (Complaint)

Bethlehem1957 Jun 21, 2018

Academy uses a logistics company.. Ceva Logistics. If you try to contact Ceva, you will not be able to understand their rep or their driver; their English is very poor and their service is poor.

We ordered 2 Pelican kayaks back on 5/24/18. We tried to buy in store, but because... / amazon logistics (Complaint)

Ryoshan Jun 19, 2018

Let me just say, I have not been happy with my deliveries with this shipping company. I wish they'd go back to using Fed Ex or UPS. Last month, I placed an order for a six pack of dish soap and it was like people had thrown the containers in the box. They were all jumbled together and some...

NJ Transit Hackensack New Jersey / complaint against bus # 780 african american driver bus # 6073 - hackensack, nj terminal to passaic, nj (Complaint Comment)

TinaSharpe Jun 11, 2018

As someone who has been thru similar experiences and recently the worst situation with the worst NJ Transit bus driver I've ever come across, I strongly suggest that you should definitely mail a formal written complaint with ALL the details and information to NJ Transit at the address I wi...

Canadian Visa Expert Campinas / communication failure and reimbursement denial (Complaint)

Eduardo Sousa Jun 8, 2018

Dear All,

I would like to inform you about a company that claims to be Canadian and is applying undue charges (possible fraud) to several Brazilians and others around the world.

The company is called Canadian Visa Expert who claims to be a company that provides s...

Duke Energy Carmel Indiana / electric (Complaint)

Disgusted with Duke Jun 5, 2018

Wow! Where do I start? We've been Duke Energy customers for as long as I can remember. If we had a choice, we wouldn't be Duke Energy customers. Soon, we will be moving out of Duke's "service" area and we are rejoicing!
First, they encourage paperless billing, but charge a $1.50 ser...

Anheuser-Busch Companies Dowling / bush light (Complaint)

Bass boat May 31, 2018

Hi I just bought my case of beer Bush Light and I was putting the beer in fridge and felt wet, pulled out one of the cans and it was bent on top and half full, turned case around and noticed mold. Not impressed that this was sold to me, I like Bush and will still buy but think something fo...

Amtrak / new car: brutal uncomfortable seats, toilet cover won't close for flushing (eww) (Complaint)

TrishRan May 30, 2018

I was on Amtrak train 507, 6:10 pm May 29, Seattle King St Station to Vancouver, WA (VAN), car 5, a new car, with tan/brown coloring (as opposed to the old blue color scheme). I have used Amtrak for years (first ride 40+ years ago).

The seats in this car were brutally uncomfor...

Dunkin Donut Branch in Dumaguete City (In front of Lee Plaza) Dumaguete City / bad customer service experience (Complaint)

Mary Joan Q May 24, 2018

I would like to formally file a complaint against one of your branches here in Dumaguete City, Philippines, in front of Lee Plaza. We are a regular customer of Dunkin Donuts and never have I experienced a rotten service from your other branches in Manila, except here! There are 5 of us who...

Hagerty Insurance Pasadena Maryland / Misrepresentation at it's Worst! (Complaint Comment)

Mmm25 May 23, 2018

There are 3 options. American National ( AKA CHROME), Hagerty, and Grundy...Hagerty and Grundy are not insurance companies, but rather really large insurance agencies that insure these types of cars. The policies are actually unwritten by another company, except in the case of American Nat...

Starving Students Movers Tacoma Washington / overcharged for moving cost (Complaint)

Donna McCormack May 4, 2018

have hired reputable moving companies...

Resume Genius / Resume Technologies Wilmington Delaware / resume genius - do not use! (Complaint)

No Refund for You May 2, 2018

I signed up for the free 14 day trial...paid my $1.95 for the resume and failed to set a reminder on my calendar to cancel the subscription. Its now three months later and I am $120.00 in the hole. I have not received an email one since I signed receipts for the hey, t...

Pro-Tech Contracting of Georgia Georgia / Deceptive and Fraudulent business practices (Complaint Comment)

fhmmax Apr 29, 2018

So the latest name this man uses is James or Jim Havanaugh, to go with others Jim Kavanaugh, Jim Cavanaugh or GPS LLC and he has a new trick. He worked ( I believe he is fired now) as a salesman for a very reputable contractors and would come to your house and tell you that the job was too...

Netflix Yankeetown Florida / dvd shipments (Complaint)

yakoff Apr 26, 2018

I moved from Miami Beach, Florida to Yankeetown Florida, to a city that had less people, than our city block had. I was amazed, and so proud of Netflix that I was still able to mail a DVD in on Monday, and get a replacement by Wednesday. Then, Netflix cut out Saturday deliveries, so on hol...

Double J Boomloading Warden Washington / unpaid (Complaint Comment)

Harassment Lawsuit Apr 22, 2018

According to court documents and blog written by AnnetteKaye Casady Bedwell, she professed to her loss of children in a custody battle due to mental issues. I have not been married 5 times. As usual, AnnetteKaye Casady Bedwell exaggerates to make people pity her and convenient leaves out f...