7-Eleventhere is no place for workers to send valid complaints. as well as this store protocol for firing someone isn't right

J Aug 13, 2018

I worked for a cooperate Store located on long island NY, i worked there since it opened for a year and a half and was recently fired. Their way of firing me though was not to tell me anything but to have me come in for my shift to find out iv been dropped from the schedule . I tried to contact my manger to find out what happened to to see if there was any way i could fix anything or at least hear from her that i have been fired but no she dodged my calls and texts repeatedly . So now i have been stuck with trying to find a way to send a formal complaint that might actually mean something but every where i turn its customer only complaints. Which is another thing the company needs to work on is finding a way employees can have a voice too.

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