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This incident happened at the Lincoln Park MI store corner of moran/dix. I purchased 2 donuts and 1 slurpee. My total was $4.65. I had 3 singles which was not enough and a $20 bill. I gave him the 20 and he gave me change back for a 10. I told him sir, I gave you a 20 he looked at me funny corrected his mistake and gave me the proper change. When I got out to my vehicle he chased me to my car, tapped on my window. I rolled down my window and he started accusing me of lying to him stating I know you gave me a 10. I was so dumbfounded. I said sir I wouldn't do that to somebody. I only had three singles and 1-20 and I gave you the 20. He argued with me for 5 minutes humiliating me, in the parking lot in front of my seven-year-old son. I simply stopped there to get a slurpee, for my son who had just had his tonsils removed hours prior. I reassured him I only had a $20 bill in my purse and three singles and that I know I gave him the 20 and he still would not leave it alone. I told him to go back in the store and review his security camera. He then told me he was going in to call the police on me and my son was devastated. I was telling him not to scream and cry, from being so scared. this man had made a mistake. I am beyond upset because I am a very honest person and I was publicly humiliated in the parking lot in front of my little boy and others that were passing by. He was very rude and unprofessional to the point I will never go back there. My son could have busted open his stitches crying from being upset over something unnecessary. I was very scared at the point that he followed me to my vehicle and left his store unattended over $10 I felt threatened and I didn't like it one bit.


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    Christall MicaIIef Aug 03, 2017

    The worst thing is my son also said that I paid with a $10 bill, that he saw me. I got so angry at my son that I slapped him across the face. He could have busted his stitches when I slapped him across the face. He told me that I was abusing my son. I later found out that I made a mistake and did give him $10, but I was so furious that I thought my son was mistaken. He was so rude to me. He called the police on me for slapping my son which he made me do.

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  • SubSquirrel Aug 04, 2017

    Yep, same [censor] with another screenname. Always slaps child so people get upset. It's a sad cry for attention

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