7-Elevenrude manager


October 13, 2017, I processed my NBI clearance online and part of it is to choose a payment method which I chose 711 as the payment center.

It said that I will only pay Php115.00 on the form.

I went to pay the said amount at 7-Eleven - Salvador St, Cebu City.
I was surprised when the lady at the counter said I have to pay Php155.00 including the processing fee when the automated payment machine only said it costs Php1.00 for the processing fee.

Anybody who sees that increase in fee will surely ask why.

I politely asked the lady at the counter as to why it reaches to Php155.00 but the manager suddenly appeared and sarcastically answered me.
She said: "Dili na ma process sir kung dili nimo bayaran ang full amount including the processing fee. Bisan asa ka mu adto mao jud na ang bayara" (The payment won't go thru if you won't pay the full amount including the processing fee. Even if you pay that in a different branch, you still have to pay that amount). She said this in a rude and sarcastic manner.

I find it rude for a manager to answer me the way she did. I asked the lady politely and yet she answered me in an inappropriate manner. Additionally, I was not talking to her.

I wish u could lecture that manager on how you treat your customers.

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