7-Elevenno coffee made at 5:56 am?!?!? 4222, sunrise highway massapequa ny 11758

G Jun 15, 2018 Review updated:

I just stopped to grab my morning cup of coffee at 5:56am today, Friday, June 15th, before headed to the nearby train station to catch my train to work. I walked in and headed to the coffee aisle to find there was not 1 pot of coffee made! Nothing...the last 2 crafts of coffee were being emptied into the sink. There was nothing even under the brewer, so nothing fresh coming right up. I've stopped in here numerous times between 5:30am-6:15am and the selection is always very limited, but this is the first time there was none. How is this acceptable at 5:56am on a work day? How many other people walked in and walked out this morning like myself? Not to mention the whole coffee counter was a disaster. You would think they would keep this area clean since I'm assuming it's a high traffic area of the store. I'm very disappointed with the upkeep of this store. It's a shame because there's convenience being that it's across the street from a very busy commuter train station. But it just seems as though they are always short staffed and never up to par with other 7-11 stores I've been to. With so many options for coffee in the area, I'm shocked that this isn't an area of focus for the store. I don't think I can blame the only employee working in the store...I'd recommend making sure you have a second person working in the morning so that this doesn't happen again. I come to 7-11 because I like their coffee and I'll often grab something else while I'm there...but if they don't have coffee, then I'm not going to have a reason to come in and I'd have to assume there's a few others who feel the same.
A Caffeine Deprived Customer, Greg


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