7-Elevenbbq pulled pork hot sandwich

K Nov 21, 2017 Review updated:

I was recently (11/20/2017)at one of your stores in Nunda NY and I was very very disappointed and disgusted! As soon as we walked in the young man working had a bunch of his friends in the store using vulgar language and being really inappropriate, I had my 6 year old with me which they didn't seem to care! We then proceeded to grab a quick bite to eat as we had just finished up my oldest daughters basketball game. She grabbed the sandwich off the shelf and put it in the microwave, we went to the counter and paid for our stuff. We got half way home (10 minutes down the road ) when my oldest said her sandwich smelled like chemicals. I said it was probably the wrapper so she opened it and took a bite and complained it tasted like chemicals, I told her not to eat it...when we got home I looked at the sandwich and it was completely molded!!! We checked for an expiration date and there was none!! I called the store and talked to the manager (Barb Edwards) and she told me all she could do is give me a free sandwich! Why would I even attempt to get another sandwich?! I have never had a problem at your warsaw ny business but nunda was absolutely disgusting! They were rude and the profanity was unacceptable! !



  •   Nov 21, 2017

    That is positively disgusting. I’d send photos to their corporate office

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