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flower delivery

Hi, I tried to place an order with 1800flowers for a delivery to a hospital, I used PayPal as payment. Everything seemed to go through ok and the money was taken out of my account. When I didn't receive any kind of notification I contacted 1800flowers who reported to me that they never received the order. Customer service was horrible, every time I contacted them I would get a different answer and absolutely no help with a refund. They had the nerve to say I should not have used PayPal. I finally had to get PayPal involved who finally took care of my refund. I missed the oppitunity to deliver a gift to a close friend in Hospital and then days/weeks of aggravation trying to deal with there customer service. I would never use there services again.

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    BuckeyeFan May 18, 2019

    I suffered the same fate at the hands of these crooks. Bait and switch and overcharged. Once my credit card dispute is closed, I'm reporting 1-800-Flowers to the Federal Trade Commission. They need to be shut down for deceptive advertising as well as they are currently in violation of the law associated with false warranty claims with their so called "100% Smile Guarantee.". Rather than admit they are wrong and standing behind their policies, they fail to respond to complaints and repeatedly take chargeback after chargeback from the consumer complaints I've read. Admission is 3/4's of the law; neglect will get you reported to the FTC. Shameful.

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customer service

I wasted half the day. Either chatting or calling these scam artist. They will not listen and only read right off a script. If you are considering to order from them . Do Not. If you have doubts visit their FB page and read the complaints. No one on their FB page has anything good to say about this company. It's a disgrace and they should be forced to close.

Customer Service/ failed delivery

I placed an order for flowers and chocolate covered strawberries to be delivered on Valentines Day. My wife received the flowers, not the strawberries. They claim to have delivered them today, but that doesn't help me because my wife isn't at work today and it's the day after Valentines Day!!! That's not what I paid for ! Unfortunately the Customer Service is Godawful and they won't give me a refund. I called 3 times and spent at l ast 3 hours trying to place the order and then trying to get a refund. This is unbelievable!!!

flower purchase receipt

I am writing this complaint with extreme frustration for the terrible experience I have had with your company. I bought flowers from you which were delivered on Jan 23rd but I never received a receipt for it. I understand you had my incorrect email address originally, but I have now called you 4 different times over the last 3 days and spoke with four different agents (Shabone, Angela, Diane and Roana) who have all confirmed my email has been corrected and promised I would get an email same day, and I am still waiting for it.

This is unacceptable and has been a big inconvenience for me. I don't understand why is it so difficult to send me a simple receipt for flowers I have already bought and were delivered 3 days ago??

I had also asked to speak with a manager to assist me and was told by Roana I could only send an email or complaint on-line, which has just added to my frustration with your company.

I hope someone reads and takes this seriously, and takes some action to address my issue ASAP.


I ordered a Christmas Centerpiece for my family that lives out of state from me in Ohio to be delivered per their website and receipt by 8 pm December 21st from one of their local florists. The arrangement did not arrive. They apologized and said that it would arrive by noon the next day via FedEx. I knew something was fishy when I looked at the order and said it was being shipped from Oregon to Ohio, not a local florist. The order did not arrive per their promise and the arrangement did not make it to the holiday luncheon. It did arrive later that day, however it was not the item at all. It was like a kid went and cut a limb from a pine tree and put some candles in the branches. Pictures of what I ordered and what was sent are attached. There were to be lilies and red roses in the arrangement. I have been spending several hours and just getting the run around. They are a scam. They think you are not going to know what they send since you are out of state. Do not use them. Go through a local florist.


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horrible customer service

Please send this to their corporate office, as this has been a horrible experience. Ordered flowers yesterday, 12/23/18 and told my order would be delivered the next day. I emailed company today 12/24/18, at 4:00, as i did not hear anything from anyone. I get first email stating my order was not able to be processed due to flowers were out of stock. I cannot believe no one ever called or emailed me all day about this. At 5:00, called customer service and Effiline told me that she would call me back in 15 min and fix this problem, no answer for an hour, as i had to email company again. Then I Get an email that my flowers are being processed but i email specialist to confirm this but get no response. Then i get another email stating the flowers would not be delivered. called company again and spoke with Elmer who said he would call me back and he too never did. It is 9:00 pm and Effiline calls me and states full refund was issued back on my card and flowers will be delivered Wed for company multiple mishaps. Then she calls back 5 minutes later and says she is not allowed to do this, per her supervisor. Can you believe this, i say now just give me refund and I will see you in court for ruining my holiday, as this clearly was company mistake, multiple times here. Too late to find another florist now. So sad, that this company could not even rectify their mistake. They have ruined my Christmas eve and Christmas day, as i had to be the one to keep contacting them and they kept stalling me until too late to find anyone else. My phone number is [protected] and email [protected] Order #[protected]-3461886

  • Ra
    Ramon Wells Apr 25, 2019

    After a half hour on the phone, I had to cancel the order.
    Online, on the web, they offered FREE SHIPPING, using FREESHIP as the code. Not honored!!!

    When I went to pay for the order, they charged SHIPPING.
    I called Customer Service, somewhere else in the world, the rep had no idea what she was doing.
    She offered to place the Order for me. I was cool with that.
    Had to repeat details several times, but the worst part of it was that she didn't understand English.
    When I gave her the delivery ship Zip Code, she asked where in the World that was???


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delivery never happened

In 15 years I have purchased from 800-flowers, I have never been so disappointed in such poor customer service quality and lack of service. Placed an order on December 18 for delivery December 21 and flowers are still not delivered. I've placed five calls today and each time, I have received the run around, left on hold of told I'd receive a call back..nothing. I can't believe a business is able to operate in this fashion and not expect to be held accountable.

fruit basket

I placed my order a week in advance to be delivered for my sick brother who needs cheering up. It was a birthday arrangement. I place the order by phone. Gave address and all. Item was suppose to be delivered by saturday November 17. I stayed all day waiting at home. Called three times to 1800 flowers to check status. They stated i should give more time, which i did. Around 340pm i called again to leave instructions for the deliveryman. They now tell me theu couldn't find a florist around my area. What the hell. This arrangement cost me $100 and why didnt they something ahead of time. I gave them a whole week.


I ordered flowers for our daughter who passed her Bar examination today. They took our money to deliver roses to her work by 5 pm today. At 4:45 pm no delivery was made. We called customer service who said they did not service that delivery area (a large metro area of NH). They never called or sent an email indicating they could not make good on the order. Now its way too late to correct their mess. Clearly, they knew when the delivery zip code was entered if they could honor the sale.

I will never use them ever again and I certainly will share this experience with as many people as I can.

flower delivery not arrived for daughters birthday

I ordered a flower bouquet and a balloon from one 800 my daughter never received them and I paid for same day delivery I placed the order on September 2nd she still hasn't gotten them I have called several times and my daughter has also called I paid money for a gift to be delivered on her birthday which was September 3rd it is really sad that I couldn't make my daughter have a special day how rude and inconsiderate they offered me a 20 dollar gift card to use with them but why would I want to if they can't deliver what I paid for I can not afford much but I bought a flower arrangement and a balloon and never got it delivered

delivery and lack of customer service

I purchased a bouquet of flowers in July and they were supposed to be delivered yesterday by 8pm. They were not and I contacted customer service via email.
They apologized without any resolution. I replied back and again, "I apologize for any inconveniences." No resolution for my initial question which was for a refund. Yet again, a different customer representative answered my email and it seems the overall retaliation to their customers is, "I apologize for any inconveniences" and to compensate, a $20 savings coupon. These customer representatives do not get it.
You just made a customer upset and the chances s/he will return would be slim. You can keep your $20 coupon because that will not satisfy me nor result in a resolution to my main concern. I turned to Facebook and left a comment on their wall. No response.
I then went to Facebook messenger and about an hour later another customer representative wrote, "I apologize for any inconveniences." Obviously they do not know how to read and taught to avoid making a customer truly happy. I wanted a refund for flowers that were not delivered on time and there were never in my possession. By midnight PST, a customer representative wrote she would refund me 50% of the cost, to wait for the flowers this week, and a $20 savings coupon. I do not want any of this.
Just a full refund! A friend commented on my comment and adviced me to dispute the charges with my bank. I did just that and within 5 minutes my bank provided me with the answer I wanted. A refund and a resolution that they will send this complaint to 1800flowers.
Couple hours later, 1800flowers FINALLY corrected this and was 100% refunded.
Be aware of this company.
They will take your money, pay you on the back that everything will be ok because you will get a $20 coupon savings on your next purchase, and kick you in your way out. I will shop local florists from now on and do not trust this company.

I ordered two (2) amazing mom bouquet-large for mother's day - got nothing!!

I ordered two "Amazing Mom Bouquets"; one for my mother and one for my wife. I received an e-mail at 6:00am Mother's Day informing me they attempted my wife's delivery, but were unable to do so. My wife and I were home the entire day...there was no attempt to deliver anything. An hour later I received another e-mail informing me they would like to make a substitution because they could not fulfill my wife's order. How could you attempt a delivery when you did not have the product? I agreed to a substitution and was promised delivery later that day. I received a phone call a few hours later saying I will receive my order on Thursday 5/17 (4 days later) for Mother's Day!
I received an e-mail confirming that my Mom's flowers were delivered on Saturday 5/12!! When I called her to wish her happy Mother's Day she did not receive any delivery. Neither one of the 2 important women in my life received special gifts that I ordered and paid for 3 days earlier...WOW!!! You guys have some serious customer service issues to work on. 1-800 is batting 0.00% so why are you still in business???

mother's day ruined for myself and 2 daughters, delivery set for week after mothers day

My husband who rarely does things like this ordered 4 dozen of roses for myself and my 2 daughters, for 1 of them it was her first mother day. He was told they would be delivered Saturday between 8 am to 8 pm. We waited. When they did not show we called I was told on the phone the flowers were in the computer to be delivered on the 19th a full week after mothers day. My husband asked for them to be delivered for mothers day and he was told they would be delivered the day before which would have been the 12th. We told them they ruined our mothers day and we did not want the flowers a week later we wanted a full refund. I was placed on hold and they disconnected this happened 2 more times after getting an agent on the phone. they then gave me a date for delivery on the 15th, again I said no. My daughters lived away from us and they were to be delivered to my house cause they would have been there celebrating the day with me. They finally told me we would get a complete refund of 32.00 well that was not the total they split the 4 dozens into 2 orders so the 64.17 was not showing. None of the agents speak clear English, very hard to understand them. I explained there was another order. on the 3rd call, I found someone who found the other order and stated I got a complete refund for the 32.00 and they was scheduled for the 15th to be delivered the other 2 dozens was scheduled for the 19th. I told them they had it all wrong and we just wanted a complete refund for all 4 dozen roses. She placed me on hold and came back to tell me she was unable to do the refund at this time due to the overwhelming calls for changes and orders for Mothers day, told me to call back Monday. I call back Monday and I get told they could not issue me a refund I told them I wanted a manager, then I was told they could only talk to my husband, but Saturday I had no problem with them talking to me. I asked again to speak to the manager and she placed me on hold and I was disconnected again. I have been duped by ya'll on 2 other occasions, and not notified of changes or anything. My husband never received an email confirming anything. He was given 1 order number for the 4 dozen ordered but when speaking with agents about the refund I was asked for a second order number since they were placed in 2 dif. orders. This company is a joke and completely ruined a Mothers day that was supposed to be so special in more ways than one, and now trying to push us around when it is clear the mistake was their fault. I will make sure I put them on Facebook and tell all my family and friends to put it out there that 1800 flowers are full of it, they don't deliver when they say, you can not hear or understand the agents on the phone and they are unwilling to refund without giving you problems.

  • Mo
    MondayMyDay May 14, 2018

    I can see you wanting a refund for the flowers, but to have it ruin your Mother's Day? You must be pretty shallow, materialistic people.

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flowers for mothers day

Flowers where delivered on sat. May 12. Nice packaging, chocolates where great, but 90% of the tulips that arrived where drooping. I immediately went by instructions hoping they would recover. As of this morning they have not. I can send a picture of them as of 5/13/18
My name is Heike Annucci and these came from my son Michael Annucci
My address is 150 Deer creek Dr. My sons address is: 23200 Whitney Place
Hudson NC 28638 Land 0 lakes Fl

Thank you,
I have ordered from your company several times and never had a complaint before
I think a refund would be nice!!!

Hudson NC 28638

  • Tu
    Tulips for me May 15, 2018
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    My daughter sent me a bouquet of tulips and I received them Saturday afternoon May 12th...the day before Mother's Day. When I took them out of the bubble wrap they were already droopy. Two pink ones were discarded and not included in the bouquet immediately. They perked up some after being put in water. However, they have not fully recovered. They did look pretty even though they were not perky. Only one bloomed and I don't think the rest will last long enough to open up. The top photo was taken Monday May 14th after I recut the stems and placed in new water and plant food. They were starting to droop more than when first put in the vase. The bottom picture was taken today. Tuesday May 15th.


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  • Bu
    BuckeyeFan May 18, 2019

    Did you ever get a refund? I suffered the same fate at the hands of these crooks. Bait and switch and overcharged. Once my credit card dispute is closed, I'm reporting 1-800-Flowers to the Federal Trade Commission. They need to be shut down for deceptive advertising as well as they are currently in violation of the law associated with false warranty claims with their so called "100% Smile Guarantee."

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I'm very very disappointed in the flowers. They look nothing like arrangement and some were already completely wilted upon arrival... Supposed to be purple and white. Only two very small purple flowers. I'm so embarrassed. There were six other flower arrangements and they were not as expensive as mine. All better. I've never complained about any order of any product of any kind. I'm so embarrassed


flower arrangement

Get well Tulips. I carefully opened box, just a dry vase and wilted tulips. No moisture wrap around the flowers. No flower food. I quickly put water in the vase. I called 1800flowers to tell them of the wilted terrible tulips, but they could not find the order. I had all the numbers on the printed card. They Told me to call up the person who sent the flowers and have them replace the order. I have used 1800 for many years and shocked at of their terrible service. Never again, will I use them.

horrible customer service

I placed a surprise birthday order Feb. 11th to be delivered Feb.12th. In addition to this order were two Valentine's Day orders. Each were being shipped to different addresses. The Valentine's Day orders arrived as
promised on Feb.14th. The order promised to be delivered Feb. 12th, however, was not. I called Feb. 13th, spoke to a representative, Mildred, explained the situation and was put on hold 4 times, for a total of 37
minutes. During this call I had to repeat my order number and the recipients name a few times for various reasons. Mildred, finally told me called the florist had been contacted and promised delivery for that evening. She then called my Aunt (the recipient)to apologize for the missed delivery (this was supposed to be a surprise for her) and told her to look
for the delivery by 8 p.m. In addition, Mildred, said she would be giving
me a $50 Celebration credit for my dissatisfaction of service. My Aunt called me at 9:30 to tell me the delivery never arrived.

I called Feb. 14th, spoke with another representative, Mila, who put me through basically the same thing I experienced with Mildred the day before. Mila, however, didn't offer me any addition Celebration Rewards (which I didn't care about, she didn't call my Aunt, but also put me on hold to call,
florist and then promised me the delivery would be done that evening. I told my Aunt. Again, my Aunt texted me Feb. 15th to tell me the flowers had not arrived again. Again, I called Feb. 16th and spoke to another rep, Al.
When I tell you at this point I am furious, you have to understand why. I am now explaining this situation and giving all of the same information for the third day and getting the same patent responses. Al did and said everything that both MIldred and Mila said... ending with a promise of delivery the same evening. This time my Aunt told me the flowers still had not arrived and to just cancel the order. I could hear the disappointment in her voice
and that was the final straw. I had to give myself time to cool off to call back
on Feb. 19th, seven days after the delivery was promised, and asked immediately to speak with a supervisor. This time I spoke with Justine who
put me on hold, for I don't know how long, to transfer me to the wrong department! Then I had to explain this whole thing again, to be put on hold again to be transferred to a supervisor named Jennifer. I was beyond tired and frustrated at this point and wasn't pleased with my conversation with Jennifer either. She told me about the credit sent back to my credit card, that could see myself; as I tried to explain to her, she continuously talked over me. I found her tone to be plain rude. Jennifer also informed me, that looking over the "notes" left, that the Florist in question had in fact never been reached, by either, Mildred, Mila or Al. So I was lied to. I asked Jennifer to send a customer survey to my email address on file, to which she said she could not. She offered me the "corporate number" instead, to file my complaint...the number she gave me was: [protected]. You must recognize it as the order/customer service number and not a "Corporate" number at all.

I have used 1-800-Flowers for I don't know how many years and I have never wasted so much time, been lied to and treated so rudely in all of that time. To say I am a totally dissatisfied customer is an understatement.

delivery/terrible customer service

I placed an order today for same day delivery (01/29/18) at 9AM for a bouquet of flowers & ball on for my mom's 69th birthday. I received a confirmation email for the order but at 10AM someone called to say that the local florist where the flowers were to be delivered did not have the bouquet I requested. The caller said they would be able to do something equivalent to my request & price range. I agreed but then about an hour later was phoned again to say that would not be possible to do until the following day. I then requested at that time a refund & a confirmation email to reflect that. Needless to say it now 4:50 PM I have not received my refund or email and most of all my mom is NOT getting her flowers!! TERRIBLE & UNPROFESSIONAL CUSTOMER SERVICE..

  • Ds
    Dsnymom03 Mar 14, 2018
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Same thing just happened to me. Tried placing an order online yesterday provided payment using two different methods. Got confirmation from Paypal that the funds were being sent, but was sent back to the payment screen on 1800flowers website. Did this 3 times. Called them and was on the phone for over an hour trying to get this order placed. Was assured it would be placed and I would get a call back. Forwarded my paypal confirmation email and screenshots of the website. Needless to say, that was yesterday and I never got a call back.
    I called them today and there is no order in the system and no notes about my call yesterday.
    Their response was basically, oh well.
    I have to wait for the charge Authorizations to fall off on their own (30 days for paypal) because 1800flowers wont go in and cancel it. Can't cancel from paypal either.
    I am so freaking mad right now, I cannot believe a company would be so disrespectful and lack basic customer service. They don't care at all that I have lost the ability to send anything for this person's birthday.
    I will NEVER do business with them again. It is not worth the frustration and disappointment

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not receiving flowers

I ordered flowers that were supposed to be a Christmas gift delivered on December 23rd and they never got delivered. The money was happily taken out of my account. Horrible customer service only offering me a coupon for next time which there won't be! Terrible and a rip off. If you didn't deliver which you promised I never would have ordered to begin with.

not receiving flowers


What's wrong with your delivery on time? It's very important for almost all the people. I wanted my mother to get her flowers on her special day and she didn't. I contacted customer service several times just to make sure that they understood what I wanted. And had to tell my mom about the order, that wasn't a surprise anymore :( however, even counting all the facts nothing worked well. Very disappointed with your service.

  • Updated by Joan Hassan · Mar 04, 2019

    I saw my record there are two flower arrangements there should be one please rectify! Thank you Joan hassan

  • Mi
    Mic 2019 Feb 26, 2019

    Received wilted, dying flowers. Called to request they refund the sender & was told they could not do this aka take this request from me as I was the recipient. Recipient of limp flowers that is. Buyer Beware!!!


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  • Jo
    Joan Hassan Mar 09, 2019
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I just ordered some flowers for Magdalena Cravin's
    Accidentally K ordered two arrangements! Please pick only one and send it! Sincerely Joan a Hassan 5139684937

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  • Pe
    Pegah Zabihi Apr 30, 2019
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I ordered a large arrangement for my friend and what she received looks nothing like what i ordered color or size wise ! This is not the first time this has happened. I will never order from this company again. I have ordered so many times and this was the last time ! Im sick of dealing with these shady florists !


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