Zone Fitnessunethical behaviour

K Aug 01, 2019

Good morning. Firstly my partner and I are very upset with the way Zone Fitness treated us. Your membership consultants are the most untruthful people in the gym industry. On the 30th of March 2019, I was approached by a consultant at Suncardia and I was offered a new membership offer which I was told was a promotion called "upgrade". The consultant told me that if I join with a partner the gym fee would be R300 for both of us and I would start paying the next month on the 29th of April. I was impressed with the offer and since my partner also wanted to join, I agreed to it and signed the two-year contract with them. I purchased the cards and got the contract forms. I was then told, my partner should come to confirm the membership. When my partner came the consultant told him that his card was inactive which means our membership has been cancelled and we had to come again together to sign another contract and get new cards, and so ceased his card. Since we are both students and couldn't make time to come together we thought we should leave it since our membership was cancelled. We relaxed all the months thinking everything was fine plus I got my allowances in total meaning the account was not debited. Then on the 26th of June when we were on the holidays I got a notification indicating a debit order from Zone fitness and I thought it was a mistake since they had my banking details. I then decided to reverse the order since I needed to use the money and I was not around PTA to enquire. After the recess, I told my partner about the debit order and he suggested we come. We went yesterday on 30 July 2019 and when we got there the receptionists told us that our membership was active and that we owe an amount of R1720 to the gym. She said that the debit orders were bouncing because my account had insufficient funds. Even if that was the case, my partner and I would have paid using cash if we were using the gym. The consultant lied to us telling us that our membership had been cancelled and even took my partner's access card so we refuse to pay an account which was not explained properly, we are students and we don't have such huge amounts of money, we also want the contract cancelled and we still refuse to pay any cancellation fee for a contract that never existed to us. We are very unhappy and furious with the services rendered by the consultants.

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