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Horrible gym manager at Zone Fitness — Disrespect & unprofessional treatment by Claude Oliver the manager @ Zone Fitness Bellville

To whom this may concerned,
I am disgusted about the treatment I received today from the Gym Manager (Claude Oliver) at Zone Fitness Bellville Sanlam centre. I went to the gym to request a freeze on my membership, due to the well-known lock-down most countries have implemented.

He then informed me that, he was instructed to no longer freeze anymore memberships as they have received a dozen of request and now, they are no longer accepting freeze/suspension request (not only that is utterly absurd, to which I strongly believe it is. I mean by law the state is in lock-down, paying for a facility you will not be utilizing during the lock down, is a rip off and I believe it is a crime).

He was so rude to how he tried to assist me. He kept on moving backwards showing no interest to my complaint. The arrogance and disrespect he showed towards me, was so dehumanizing.

After he mentioned that he will not proceed with my request, I pleaded with him to give me contact details of people that may help. I kept on repeating the same request frantically.
What he did next, what so embarrassing and showed lack of consideration and professionalism - he just turned his back and left me there waiting for answers. He said nothing to me, he just turned around and left.

His act was so dehumanizing. I wish I was angry; this would hurt less by now. But I am more traumatized as to, why I would receive such treatment from a person whose profession deals directly with clients. Directly with another human being in person. He's demeanor, showed disregard to me as a person. I made him aware of his demeanor and he took no note of it, he kept on not paying attention to me.

I am disappointed in how he approached me as a client and a human being. I highly doubt I would even continue my membership with the gym anymore because of the treatment I received. I will even stop my fellow colleagues on joining me at that gym. He is not professional, dehumanizing, degrading and careless about other people in general.

I hope you will do something about this, because it turns out, I am not the only member who has been treated in this manner by Claude Oliver. He is a disgrace to the brand and company at large. No such person should be allowed in close contact with other human beings.

ignored emails

Good day

I would like the email address of someone in head office who is able to deal with contracts. I have been ignored by the staff at the Fish Hoek gym when asking for this. I would like to forward all emails between me and the staff to someone who is able to deal with this matter. My contract was lost by your team and im being overcharged.

I feel this matter needs to be resolved immediately as i am being charged banking fees ontop of all of this due to being over charged.

Thanks in advance.
Alistair Wileman

rep - saadiq

We check out the gym and I wasn't happy about where the kids would have to wait. We informed saadiq at the westgate mall branch that we going to virgin to enquire and will let him know what we decide. He calls later the day and we inform him it's okay we will be registering with virgin. The next day he sends a msg "hi its saadiq. I kept a card aside for you yesterday but if you available come see me at the mall. You really know how to lie alot" *

rep - saadiq


I have been a member at zone fitness for about 2 years I have been behind on my fees which I gladly went in and paid in full clearing what was owing as well as debit charges. On...

Southdale Fitness Zone — not allowing me to use the gym machine to my benefit

I have been gym in southdale fitness center for the past 5 months, the main reasons for joining the gym as explained to the sales person was to lose belly fat and tone my whole...

invasion of privacy

Termination of membership

To who it may concern

After endless weeks of being harassed by Zone Fitness Willowbridge staff in the past couple of months; Yusraa Gamiet, Shani Van Dyk and myself (Shukre Parker) would like to terminate our Zone Fitness memberships.

According to Tauriq Isaacs all (his words) the personal trainers have complained about me coaching my niece Yusraa Gamiet and my colleague Shani Van Wyk in their workouts. Yet he could not provide me with any proof of these acquations. For the record I am not a personal trainer or any type of fitness instructor and do not charge anyone or accept any payment for training with and assisting colleagues and friends in the gym.

This was explained months ago when first approached by a fitness instructed called Marco. Since then it has become a weekly harassment from various staff members at the gym, all with judgemental eyes. Which has created a very unpleasant workout environment.

To make matters worse I caught one of the fitness instructors photographing us training on Thursday, 5 December 2019. Not only is this a violation of our privacy, but he did this while he had a client with him (an elderly lady that he trains regularly). Surely this is not professional in any manner, nor does it portray Zone Fitness in any good light.

It is for this reason that we request that our memberships be terminated without prejudice and without any cancellation fees.

Failure to do so will force us too make this matter public on all social media forums.

Thank you

lack of customer service/care from receptionist

I sent an email requesting that they cancel my membership since they are closing the branch and got no response.Next day I call and I speak to the receptionist and ask her if she...

cancellation of contract

152201 Good day, I cancelled my Zone Fitness Super Club Membership in March this year. I was informed that I had to pay a cancellation fee and that they will be in touch with me...

cancellation of contract

In April this year I went to zone fitness to inform them about my cancellation contract. I have never used their facilities since I signed up and I was told that I will be receiving an email from them with the details of my cancellation which I still haven't received and now we are in the month of September. That is why I have taken it upon myself to reverse their debit order and now I owe the amount of R705 which I refuse to pay as I can not be paying for something I have never used.

unauthorized debit leading to a lot of bank charges

I had changed my banking details and did not want my account to go behind .
Thus i had spoken to of the consultants which advised I could send it via email and it would be updated on the system, thus my debit order would go off the correct account . This happened the 7th of August . The 8th the incorrect account was debited after which i emailed [protected] to say they had debited incorrect account . She did not respond, i had emailed her again the 12th as then another debit went off the wrong account . Still no feedback until until i mailed again the 28th August for feedback, as now the debit order went off 3 more times . Costing me a total of over r400. Mind you this account has now still not been paid because of debit orders going off on an inactive account . This is what Zheta Magalie replies
Hi Nadiine

The banking details were received on the 7th of Augustus and was changed on the 12th of Augustus, zone fitness does not pay bank charges.


I continued to question this and sent proof of Debits where after she sent proof of change of details and when I asked how then was the old account debited ?
She then just responded to proof for me was sent and they do not pay bank costs.

I think this is pathetic for a company that is rendering a service .
If someone should ask my opinion on joining Zone now i wil just have negative things to say .

I am really disappointed I had chosen Zone and another gym as the service is really not on !

cancellation of membership still not done since march 2019

I have been emailing a Zone fitness staff member in Southdale since March 2019 and my membership has still not been cancelled. I pay the funds that they claim I am in arrears for and yet every month I still receive an SMS stating I am in arrears. This person I have been contacting won't respond to my emails until the end of the month when I apparently how them another payment for my contract not being terminated!! This is ridiculous now and really unacceptable. I don't see why I should pay a monthly fee for something I have asked to cancel, but because of someone else's negligence I need to continue contributing to their salary. This is frustrating and the absolute worse service I have ever come across.

unethical behaviour

Good morning. Firstly my partner and I are very upset with the way Zone Fitness treated us. Your membership consultants are the most untruthful people in the gym industry. On the...

fraudulent membership opened using my identity number

someone oped a gym membership using my ID number by the name of Wendy Dyakobu and i have been receiving sms's and calls from debt collectors and explained that i dnt know thi...

payment not received, harassment

I had membership with Zonefitness Trade Route a long time ago, after some time there was a balance owing which was paid in full and I had sent them proof many times, I am now...


Absolutely disgusted by the way I am being treated by Zone Fitness. What a rip off. Scam. I have contacted the NCA and CPA as I have been blacklisted even with no contract in place. I will now lay charges of harassment and wrongful listing .

My daughter and I were meant to join zone fitness using a family package - we were going to get two other people to join with us. However, they decided not to join. The manager at Zone Fitness Fish hoek gave us a good price to join just the two of us. He sent a consultant to my office with the paperwork, but I did not sign it as the amounts were not filled in as the consultant was not aware of the special price the manager offered. We went to the gym for 2 months and then stopped going as they were deducting the incorrect amount from my bank. I stopped the debit order at my bank and reversed the payment and never went back. There has been back and forth communication for months now but nobody gets back to me. Only calls I receive are from the collections agency. I have now been blacklisted and I believe that there is now further legal proceedings against me. I contacted sasha who confirmed that there is not a signed contract on the system and that the amounts are not completed on the form and that I did not sign the acceptance. I know I didnt'. I refused to. Two weeks ago 2nd July I went in to Zone Fitness and spoke to Tendai who assured me someone would call me to discuss. Still nothing.

Its absolutely despicable how you treat clients. I will take this to the media.

. I suggest someone call me [protected]

have to pay more than my membership fee monthly on parking

I have been moved from the Palm Grove zone fitness as they closed down. The nearest zonefitness to me is then Willowbridge. I apparently have to pay parking and only get a R3. 00...

been handed over to collection agency although contract has been paid in full and cancelled

My wife Jennifer Williams Zonefitness account has been settled and closed which was confirmed by Zady Van Rooin e-mail address ([protected] but for the last three months I have been receiving telephone calls from collection agencies demanding payment and that it would effect my credit record if not settled.
I have called and e-mailed Zady regarding this issue and she reassures me everytime that they will fix the problem at Zonefitness.
Clearly someone is not doing their job.

Mark Williams
[protected] [protected]

stealing, thieves

MY DAUGHTER and we attend ZONE FITNESS, but we go to RONDEBOSCH because it's closer to us, and on 2 OCCASIONS, SOMEONE STOLE MONEY FROM HER PAUSE which was in a bag and in another...

cancellation of gym membership

First your agents are the most dishonest people in the gym industry. I contact your offices trying to cancel my membership, I am told a whole lot of information that I was not told before when getting my membership. The worst part of it all is that, before signing my contract I ask about the cancellation process I was told I can freeze my account until it ends. Now that has changed. When I make payments to cancel I'm told I must pay my cancellation fee then my contract will be cancelled. Today I'm told I was paying for arrears first, so clearly my contract will not be cancel until I pay the whole amount how. Where have you seen such terms. When their email clearly states pay your cancellation fees in order to cancel your contract. What is the solution to my problems and the misrepresention I got from agent about my membership.

membership not closed

I settled my membership in 2016/2017 and rejoined a new one because the was a promotion of R199 while mine was R250. I have a membership currently which is in areas because I'm unemployed I can't pay. Anthea Plaatjies confirmed my account was settled and her manager Michelle Bartlet should have closed it but it was not and now nimble says I'm owing R4000+ handed over 2017 to them. Sheena Peterson says my account was handed over 2018 with R1089. This is sooo frustrating as no one is assisting me I'm being harassed by nimble everyday gawsh.

ZoneFitness — cancelled but still deducting

I cancelled my month to month contract and paid R540 to do so yet money was still deducted from my account on the 2nd June??? I went into your westgate branch to query this and...

putrid client service willowbridge

I enquired about how I would go about cancelling one of the memberships linked to my account. I was told by a representative Margo Mourton that: 1. I need to pay 60% of the...

misleading information about joining

All I can say about the consultant that helped me is that she told me just lies to get sales. I was under the impression that ill be joining my partner on one fee called a...

cancellation fees

Last year I signed up to zone fitness with the agreement that I would be paying 360 a month for their national membership that allows myself and my sister to gym at any zone...


Every month you guys send an sms, saying that my debit order gone though but then a few days later you guys call me like crazy saying that my debit order bounced back. WT[censored]

I tried to cancel my account, I called in, a representative literally dropped the line "while" transferring me to her manager.

You guys are so sloppy honestly.

I was now advised that I have to pay a cancellation fee, but the guy who signed me up did not advise me that there is a contract break fee and how I have to a cancellation fee to get rid of you guys.

Worst service I've ever received!!!

out of order a/c

I really disappointed about this we are still goerges mall zone fitness have had the studio air con not working for two weeks and the heat and the smell is unbearable and...

reception area

Good day I joined Zone Fitness at Westgate 2 years ago and ever since I experienced the unprofessional staff at the reception area that never greets, they always having their own...

payment/cancellation of membership

Good day, I would like to make a complaint against Zone Fitness Brackenfell. I took out a contract with them. I was then informed that I was going to be unemployed and then after...

acc ref 1zon1038

For the last two months, Zone Fitness have been sending me reminders of overdue fees. Shortly after receiving the first notice, Zone Fitness was informed telephonically that it was a case of mistaken identity as I was never a member of any of their clubs.
It seems that this message was not acted apon as I am now receiving letter of demans and threat of legal action from nimblegroup attorneys.

Just a friendly reminder that any further reminders/legal action notices will result in legal action on my behalf

unauthorized debit dates and amounts

Good day I need clarity on my account, I was debited today a day not set for my debit orders. I want to see where I agreed for the debit to be taken this time of the month, and...

cancel membership

Zone Fitness - Cancel Membership Request Dear Ma'am; Sir, Please could you assist the following, I urgently require assistance with regards to the cancellation of my Zone...

unauthorized fraudulent member

152201 This person needs to be banned from all Zone fitness branches, he is not able to join zone fitness again as his credit record with zone fitness is in bad credit. he is now on...

I have been billed for a month after I cancelled my zone contract.

To whom it may concern. I opened a Zone Fitness account at Westgate Mall Mitchell's Plain and my contract expired the end of June 2018 as I was told. So I followed the necessary...

fees I know nothing about

My name is helen langa, the gym recently contacted me and told me i'm owing more than r5000.00 for missed payments that had absolutely nothing to do with me because I instructed...

pathetic service from the lenasia store

I was pregnant in December when the guy said I should join it will be frozen...I phoned in January to cancel as it was never date nothing has happened. Now they giving...

membership cancellation

Good Day My name is Esthel Swanepoel, ID [protected], I joined Zone Fitness a few years back. I couldn't afford the payment and was handed over to your lawyers. I eventually...

service at zone fitness watergate mall

Good day

I'm writing this letter with huge concern, I join Zone fitness a few weeks ago, today I experienced such horrible service from one of your employees, I was at the gym and I went to take a shower just before it closes the lady came to let me know at the ladies bathroom that the gym is going to close soon I told her I will be quick after like 3min of speaking to her the lights in side the ladies changing room switched off by the staff members while I was still in the shower the place was pitch black and I felt my life was in danger, as I was still naked in the bathroom any man could have walked in and raped me and I wouldn't even know who was it or I could have slipped on the ground as the floor was wet and broke my leg, and the company would have laid liable for the damages I had to find my way to my stuff in the dark I scream to inform the lady that I was still in the shower but she just said she's coming back and never came back, I understand yourl close at 3pm but my understanding is closing time is 3pm but not shut down everything, I'm actually thinking of suing the company of such danger it has caused, when I left the toilets after dressing up in the dark with my phone light I asked to speak to a manger which his name is Stanley and his excuse was "we close at 3pm so we switch off the lights at 3pm "without notifying the memebers, what disappoints me the most is the attitude of the manager and if he treats members /clients like this in front of his junior staff what kind of example is he setting, he even said his not going to listen to me cause the gym closes at 3pmI have been with Virgin Active before and I only moved to Zone fitness because it's closer to where I live now and this has never happened before am not sure if this is your standard of service I'm actually thinking of canceling my gym membership based on the service and danger to my life . I really hope to hear from you soon

Nondumiso Mgobhozi

cancel of gym contract

In Feb 2017 I've join Zone Fitness in Sable Square, but in April I hurt my back and was unable to attend gym. I've then tried contacting the guy that signed me up only to find out...

zone fitness_all gains no brains ; (lishka, anthea, tessa - bellville branch)

My gym membership account has recently been debited twice by Zone Fitness Bellville. Today marks the 6th time that I have gone to enquire about my refund. Each and every time that...

cash membership

Good day My boyfriend from Australia joined as a 1-month cash member at the Willowbridge Zone Fitness in September 2017. He paid upfront. As he does not have a South African bank...