Zaxbysquality of food


I love zabys ...but lately at the store in my town in fact ...i ordered dinner ...the chicken had been fried in over fried grease or chared grease and the toast was not toasted..the frys were much for dinner tonite..i do not want to drive all the way back to see if they can get it right...Tonite was a bad impression on zaxbys...They also gave me no i have to go to phone book or 411...sad..zaxbys is good when prepared their policy way ..cleveland tennessee is really slacking...on their franchise..there have been times they served regular bread ...not texas toast bread as is suppose to be their motow..BIG DIFFERENCE...where do they get the regular bread next door store??franchises in this town have been known for such and then some...


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    roger reynolds Feb 24, 2010

    The new fried pickles i order was not crispy but soggy and soaked in grease, tried paper towels to soak yp grease .but just threw them away.will not order again.

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