Zara.comwallet theft - bad behaviour from the store manager

M Jul 29, 2019

Dear Sirs,

Last Friday, the 26th of July, my fiance and I were in the Zara store in the Mall Athens. Inside the store, someone stole my fiance's wallet. We were in the women's department and he felt that somebody was pushing him and after a while he saw his bag open, and his wallet was gone! Much money inside and many formal papers and bank cards...
Immediately we called the security guy for the incident and he told us that he will tell the security person who is responsible for the cameras to check immediately the cameras and see who is the thief as we knew the exact time it happened.
He told us to wait and he would inform us the soonest possible. At the mean time, we went to the general reception of the Mall to inform them also for the incident and to inform the general security guys for the theft. Then, we got back to Zara store, we found the security guy and asked him what happened and if they found anything through the cameras... He looked impassive and not very sure. He told us that we should talk with the Store manager. We went to find her and sadly we realised that she was very rude and unprofessional. She told us that it is not allowed for them to see the cameras and that there is a privacy policy that does not allow to see other people from cameras. So, what is the reason to have cameras CCTV inside the store? To protect only the clothes? What about the customers? Who protects them?
The Store Manger told us that what the security guy told us was wrong (it is not allowed to check the cameras) and if we wanted to do something, we should go to the nearest Police Station to file a case against an unknown and give the police department a command to check the material of the camera.
We are wondering:
1) For what reason do they use cameras if they cannot check them in Zara?
2) Why we have been treated in such an unprofessional way?
3) Why the Store Manager was so rude with us? We were treated like we were the thieves!!! She was very cold and ironic. And I told her that she is responsible for our safety and our security and she should know the right procedure when a theft is happened, she answered us ironically : "Oh, I didn't know that in order to be here as a manager, I should have known the criminal law by heart!". She had absolutely a very bad behaviour.
4) Why Zara, where we have bought so many things and undoubtedly we are very loyal customers, we were treated like this? Is it right to be treated like this?
5) For such a big company, as Zara is, is it right not to be safe? Is it ok for such a great company to have in its stores such bad incidents with theft?

From now on we are not going to buy anything from Zara company as they did not respect us and they did not help us at all. We don't feel safe there and it is unacceptable the fact that we were stolen inside the store with so many security guys.

Sincerely Yours,


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