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This site has multiple channels for showing animal torture which was supposed to be shut down a couple of months ago yet now they are back with more channels and you have not down anything about it do you condone torture on any level as this has been ongoing for weeks are you making money of the site are advertisers aware of the obscene nature of the videos on display or do you personally like seeing animals abused because this is shocking behaviour to allow a known animal abuser to keep been allowed to add channels to yor site im sure its against the law and the press coverage would not be good so sort this illegal content out or in other words do your jobs


Sep 03, 2019
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  •   Sep 03, 2019

    So are you doing look ups on that crap? cause I do not see that on there unless try to.

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  •   Sep 03, 2019

    Also when you see the caption you still have to choose to watch.

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