YouTubeyoutube lace wig review scammers

D Review updated:

Youtube is filled with people that give false/biased reviews on Lace Wigs. The number one phony would be none other than ATEYA, she receives free wigs and other products to do reviews for the sponsoring company, so therefore you cannot believe her review of the product that she reviews. There is also a young scammer by the name of LACEWIGNHAIRPRODUCTS aka CAPELLI'S EMPORIUM, that just out right steals your money without sending you anything at all, so steer clear of her. Another to watch out for is Lrigyttiw. Lrigyttiw is the youtube username of another paid lace wig reviewer, she doesn't buy the wigs that she reviews, they are given to her for free in return for her promotion, but she does good applications, so don't by into the hype.


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      Apr 29, 2010

    Jamesgirl137 also a scammer, stay away.

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  • B
      Oct 29, 2010

    I do not think Lrigyttiw is a scammer, she buys her wigs from China and does everything to them. Are you upset that she has so many? How do you know whether she buys them or not? When has she ever actually reviewed a wig, she shares her knowledge. Don't put it out there unless you know the facts...And another thing, why hate on people who review wigs? As many reviews Ateeya did I would hope someone would pay them I am so sure if they sent you a message telling you they were gonna send a wig for free for you to review you wouldn't turn it down, I wouldn't...

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