YouTubeyou stealing alex jones platform

M Aug 07, 2018

Your far left political bias is showing ONCE AGAIN. What did he say so bad? I watched him and nothing he said deemed him unsafe. Not ever. He done great on tv and that's why you pulled his plug. He was a entertainer at time with serious messages and real news that mattered to us deplorables. They had texture to them. Truth to them. He owns a real news channel that he built from the ground up and made it explode, even had a POTUS interview and you guys just yanked it from underneath him like he's a nobody-that's heartless, that cruel, that's cold. And outright disgusting bc he was actually beating CNN, which I find funny CNN lobbied for this days before it happened. And we all saw how main stream media tried to muddy up his name in every bad "news" article. He could crap and they write ab how bad it stunk just to have something negative to say ab him. You exaggerated really badly ab how "dangerous" he was. I am now calling upon every friend, family member, and neighbor I have to complain about the way your treating American people as if we ALL MOVED TO China WITH YOU. We are for free speech. And until he gets his show back the complaints won't stop pouring in, and it may just land you in regulation as a utility due to your bias treatment! I hope it does bc the way you treat conservatives is pure BS!! You suck youtube and I hope a new, fair social media platform w/videos comes along and strips you down as bare as you left Alex Jones! You will pay one way or another bc he will and should sue you, the government needs to regulate you over this bias, which is what I prays happens!! And his supplements were amazing also, way more energy than any RedBull or Monster drinks or any GNC "vitamin" I've ever bought!!

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