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YouTube review: Removed my channel without offering any explanations.

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#1: YouTube deleted my channel on 1/13/2021 for severe & repeated community guidelines violations even though they've never specified, nor have they ever even once indicated to me in advance, as to which community violations I've committed; whatever violations that YouTube may perceive as violations that I've allegedly committed, being that it might be any disparaging & untoward comments, contents, etc., et. al., please get YouTube to specify so I can remove it ASAP!
#2: On 1/13/2021, Google Account is claiming that:
A: my gmail address isn't associated with any active Google Account,
B: if my gmail address was previously associated with a Google Account it cannot be recovered unless the request is made in a short time even though I've provided them with as my URL channel, and,
C: the account never existed in spite of being in good standing with YouTube since January of 2018; this is my very first occurrence I've ever had with Youtube*(NOTE: Those screenshots below ought to be self explanatory even though I'm probably utilizing a bot; at any rate, please rectify this matter ASAP, THANKS!)*

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Jul 18, 2021 2:35 am EDT

Please file this complaint with the Attorney General in California.


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