Youtuberemoval of alex jones is censorship

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Removal of Alex Jones is censorship. I rarely watch Alex, but he is alternative information source. There appears to be collusion of the big information sources. Alternatives to Google will be result at multiple levels. If Google search engine is restricting my search choices, this renders Google search useless, good bye Google. Freedom of speech allows others to hear, consider, and see if there is merit to words spoken or written. Big government and big corporations think, they can think for us, they know best. Country was founded on debate over ideas of how to have private and government entities, to best allow for freedom of trade and political conversations. Perception of bias will taint Google for a long time unless resolved soon.

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    Alex Jones removal is censorship. We the people, do not like seeing obvious restriction of alternative information. This smacks of collusion among the big information sources. Alternatives to your service at multiple levels will result. I rarely watch Alex, but is alternative option. If options in future are restricted, then your search engine is rendered useless. I will use other sources, good bye Google.


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    nancy forever Aug 29, 2018

    YouTube deletes channels that do not fit their bill VIOLATION OF IST AMENDMENT and possible content theft! I was deleted for no reason and slandered by YouTube I am informed and believe YOUTUBE steals content from content creators branding and stealing accounts so they can sell content at a later date! FOREIGN COMPANY if you use this site make sure you have backup 4 your videos! we all need another platform to put videos on! YOUTUBE CHEATS the content creators

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