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Yoplait Complaints & Reviews

Yoplait / yoplait 16 pack

Sep 16, 2019

YoplaitToday 9/16/19 I purchased a 16 pack of the yoplait smooth style yogurt in strawberry and vanilla from Walmart in Lockport NY. When I got it home and went to open the box, 2 of the cups were split open and had leaked yogurt all over. And 2 of the cups were open at the top where the tin foil...

Yoplait / yoplait mixed berry and blueberry yogurt

Sep 05, 2019

I purchased 25 mixed berry yogurts at Cub Foods in St Paul, Mn and ALL OF THEM WERE BAD. The yogurt was white, had no berries and smelled bad. The lot number ended in 310. I returned them and got blueberry. The blueberry was also white. Lot number ending in 302. Had to return mixed berry 2...

Yoplait / 8 pack strawberry yogurt

Aug 25, 2019

I bought an 8 pack from Kroger and the expiration date is 8/28. I opened 1 the day I got them and there was spots of mold on top of the yogurt. So I grabbed another one and there ended up being 4 yogurts that had mold on them. I also noticed a fizzy taste in one that I tried today (it...

Yoplait / yogurt - oui - vanilla

Aug 19, 2019

Over the last few months I've noticed a change in your Oui Yogurt - specifically with the Vanilla flavor. At first the change seemed to be random, sometimes firmer like it always used to be and sometimes a little software. This last time it was a lot less firm. I am wondering if you've...

Yoplait / yoplait original yogurt harvest peach

Aug 13, 2019

I eat your yogurt every is the only brand I have found that I like. But I got a nasty surprise this morning. While eating your Harvest Peach, I bit down to a loud and painful crunch. It was part of a peach pit! I thought it had broken part of my tooth out! I am very...

Yoplait / yoplait snack size blueberry yogurt

Aug 10, 2019

YoplaitMy son found a hard green thing in his blueberry yogurt. It's long and thin looked online on yoplaits website and there is no where to complain. My 5 year old son could have choked on this easily. I also have a 3 year old who is an even more careless eater. I would like someone from...

Yoplait / oui

Jul 24, 2019

Hi, this isn't a complaint as much as a request. I tried the Oui French Style Yogurt for the first time recently. It was delicious. The reason I bought it was because it's in a glass jar. I am trying to avoid buying single use plastic. It's a very pretty little jar, and I plan to use mine...

Yoplait / yoplait original harvest peach yogurt

Jul 16, 2019

YoplaitI have an eight pack for strawberry for harvest peach they say best by July 20th 2019 and I have what appears to be mold on the bottom of the lid off the harvest peach it's July 16th this is the fifth of eight of them that I have gone to eat all the rest seem fine haven't open the other...

Yoplait / yoplait yogurt cups

Jul 14, 2019

YoplaitI just bought Yoplait yogurt cups - the 8 pack of strawberry & strawberry/banana from our local Walmart. When I get home to unpack groceries and open the box of yogurts I find one of cups has been smashed and the whole inside of the box and all the other cups are covered in yogurt. I had...

Yoplait / yoplait light yogurt with nature valley granola

Jun 20, 2019

My husband was eating the blueberry yogurt without the granola and he found what appears to be a dime sized piece of wood in his container of yogurt. It was kind of oblong and light in weight but very hard. Not that we want anything from this, but he only eats Yoplait blueberry yogurt. He...

Yoplait / yop drinkable yogurt

Jun 05, 2019

YoplaitI bought a 20 pack of yop drinkable yogurt from Costco two days ago. I went to drink one this morning and a brown, small stick came out into my mouth. It's about a quarter of an inch in length and splintering as wood does. Im pretty grossed out. If I had drank that or a child had drank...

Yoplait / yoplait original variety pack (18)

May 20, 2019

YoplaitI've purchase this product almost weekly for years. I've never had this happen... I opened my box at home after purchasing it from Sam's Club just 15 minutes prior. The box did not appear to be damaged at all and felt well sealed. But when I opened it, there was one yogurt without a label at...

Yoplait / big pot yogurt for kids

May 17, 2019

YoplaitHello, I am contacting you with regards to Big Pots yoghurt, raspberry flavour. We have purchased 8 of them from Lidl in Bournemouth on 12.05. I have checked the best before date on the pot which stated 21.05. When I have opened one today to give it to my 4 years old daughter I have noticed...

Yoplait / go-gurt

Apr 03, 2019

I love the Simply go-gurt that has less sugar and no coloring compared to other yogurts. However, as a mom of two young kids, I struggle to get enough fat in my kids' diets. Could you please consider making yogurt with full-fat milk instead of always using skim milk? My kids love the way...

Yoplait / oui yogurt

Nov 01, 2018

YoplaitTried "Oui" for the first time today. I bought two, one blueberry and one raspberry. Started eating the raspberry one for breakfast and found a top stem of a raspberry in my mouth! Ruined it for me! I could not finish it in fesr of what else may end up in my mouth! I also dont think i...

Yoplait / mold in the yogurt

Oct 28, 2018

YoplaitOn the 28th of October, I got a phone call from the nursery where my child is placed and they sent me the attached pictures. the yogurt had still 4 days to expire (Oct 31) but it was full of mold... it was supposed to be fed to my 2 year old, imagine if he had eaten of it! I am really...

Yoplait / wildlife hazard.

Oct 21, 2018

Your famous cone shaped yogurt containers are big hazard to wildlife. Squirrels, rabbits, kittens, Rats, and other animal of that size are getting their cute little heads stuck in your conical shaped yogurt containers. Yes you may have put *crush to protect the wildlife* but it is blended...

Yoplait / yoplait whips!

Oct 12, 2018

YoplaitI buy your yogurts often & have had no problems before, but when I opened my yogurt today I was very disappointed to find my cup was only around half-filled! I bought around a dozen Whips yogurts @ Walmart in Fernley NV, this particular flavor was Cherry Cheesecake. Nothing appeared wrong with the package or product other than having 2 fewer ounces

Yoplait / multi pack mold

Sep 29, 2018

YoplaitI bought a big case of the multi flavors at the beginning of this month, September 2018. Date code says use by October 2nd 2018. On September 17th I went to eat a strawberry one, took about three bites, all of a sudden I seen it had mold in it (was a nighttime snack so not much light in...

Yoplait / yoplait original yogurt costco 24 pack

Sep 08, 2018

YoplaitI found 3 damaged containers with the contents compromised. One had a tear on the lid and a bad seam. Two other containers had bad seams with leaking product. Attached are some photos. I purchased a case of Yoplait original from Costco and the cardboard shipper showed no signs of damage...

Yoplait / yoplait whips yogurts

Aug 21, 2018

YoplaitI buy the the yoplaiy yogurts in the whips and the original all flavors. The last few times that my family or I open one up the container is half empty. The best by date is still good. The yogurt also looks old... Pics will be attached. Some I have bought in past doesn't even have maybe 2...

Yoplait / yoplait greek 100 mixed berry

Aug 20, 2018

YoplaitLast evening I went to have a cup of Yoplait Greek 100 Mixed Berry yogurt. I always stir the contents to get them mixed. I noticed that there was something in the yogurt, like a hardened/rubbery piece of yogurt, that wouldn't mix in. I took two pieces out; it seems it was paper of some...

Yoplait / strawberry yogurt

Aug 08, 2018

The strawberry yogurt came in an 18 pack that contained strawberry blueberry and a mixed berry flavor. The yogurt tasted a little like plastic but nothing too strong. It wasn't until the bottom of the cup that a slimy mass was noticed. The mass was very bitter and held it shape but was not...

Yoplait / original yogurt

Jul 17, 2018

YoplaitI religiously buy Yoplait Original Strawberry yogurt weekly. I opened one last night in the dark and took a spoon full. When I went to my room and looked at it I discovered mold. The expiration date is August 6 2018. Needless to say I was nauseous the rest of the night. Please see attached...

Yoplait / kids yogurt

Jul 17, 2018

YoplaitI purchased an 8- pack of frozen themed Yoplait kids yogurts on July 15 at the Wegmans in Midlothian, Va. my 7 yr old son was eating a blueberry flavored one when he shrieked and pulled a white plastic pointy piece out of his mouth. I have attached a picture of what he almost ate from...

Yoplait / yoplait whips key lime pie

Jul 15, 2018

YoplaitI just opened a yogurt and I found a red hair about 1 inch long inside... come on man seriously? That is disgusting. I will be following up with this! I'm pregnant and nauseous enough as it is. I don't need to be finding strange body hair in my food! I tried calling customer service but...

Yoplait / oui yoplait

Jul 12, 2018

I tried the new Oui Yoplait yogurt and love it! I'm so tired of Greek yogurt this and Greek yogurt that... they're loaded with cornstarch. Lovely little Oui... the only problem is the foil cap, or top, on each glass container. You can't tear it off! And... when you try, little flecks of...

Yoplait / strawberry yogurt

Jul 09, 2018

YoplaitToday, July 9, 2018, I opened two strawberry yogurt cups for my kids, both from the same fridge pack, but one had little to no strawberries in it at all. I have a picture of them side by side too. My son still ate it, just wanted to let you know of this mistake. I purchased them from the...

Yoplait / oui

Jun 21, 2018

YoplaitThere is some weird brown stuff in the bottom of my yogurt. I bought it at the bakers on Saddle Creek in Omaha, Ne. Yesterday. It taste funny and is hard. I hope it does not make me sick. Please let me know what will be done about this. My phone number is [protected]. My name is Jason Maron...

Yoplait / pina colada yogurt

Jun 13, 2018

I purchased pina colada yogurt for my lunch box. When I opened it at work I noticed that this particular one had an orange tint. I was kinda hungry so I tasted it and to my surprise it was actually peach yogurt in the pina colada cup. Does this happen frequently? I purchased several other...

Yoplait / yogurt expired before expiration date

May 14, 2018

YoplaitHi, My name is Wendy Herb. I purchased a Greek 100 Apple Pie flavored yogurt from Walmart in Elverson, PA on May 6, 2018. The yogurt had an expiration date of May 29, 2018. I opened the yogurt on Friday May 11, 2018 and the yogurt was full of mold and smelled. I'd like to request a refund...

Yoplait / yoplait light yogurt

Apr 21, 2018

YoplaitOpened up a new package of yogurt this morning. Two of the peach yogurts either had glue or dried yogurt on top of them and when I tried to remove the cardboard covering the covers on the yogurt containers opened up. Now I don't know if they were really even sealed up so I had to dispose...

Yoplait / insects inside of my yogurt!!!

Apr 06, 2018

YoplaitI opened my yogurt and there was bugs or insects inside. The worst thing is that I ate that!! It is full of it inside!!! How did that even happen?? I want my money back for the packged I bought and an explanation. What happened? How did this bug get inside? It not one, there are several of...

Yoplait / go gurt

Mar 19, 2018

We are requesting due to food allergies, not to include strawberry in your 8 packs.This would be very much appreciated.My grandkids love this product, especially my 17 month old grandson who is discovering the world of food.Flavors like peach and blueberry, raspberry and cotton candy...

Yoplait / trix paw patrol yogurt value pack

Mar 07, 2018

YoplaitWe have now had 2 yogurts that we have found something inside of them that should not be there. One had a black curly hair in it. The second, my son put a scoop into his mouth and started to spit it out. When I asked why he was doing that he said something tasted gross. He then started...

Yoplait / oui black cherry

Feb 22, 2018

YoplaitGood morning, It appears the yogurt in the pictures below has some sort of growth occurring. The sample has not been heat abused on my end? Lot code has been included in the photos. I'm not sure if the fruit layer is leaching into the yogurt or if it is microbial? I have had this type of...

Yoplait / strawberry whip

Feb 01, 2018

I bought 10 containers of strawberry whip yougert at my local Walmart. I opened one last nite and it had already gone bad even though the expiration date is still a way off. I threw it out. I opened a second one and it was the same bad way. I tried to return them to Walmart andwas refused...

Yoplait / yoplait original now more fruit

Jan 20, 2018

YoplaitThis now more fruit harvest peach was very disappointing. I was expecting more fruit, but instead it was less fruit than the one that doesn't say it has more fruit. It was purchased from public's grocery store. On Montclair road, Crestwood Blvd the bar code is [protected] the five digit number...

Yoplait / yoplait light yogurt

Jan 19, 2018

YoplaitI purchased these from Wal-Mart and after I ate the whole thing I got to the bottom of the container and found a sharp piece of plastic in the bottom. I just want to make sure this doesn't happen to anyone else I could have swolled this or had it get stuck in my throat. If at all possible...

Yoplait / yoplait original banana split

Jan 13, 2018

This particular yogurt is a Limited Edition and I was excited to taste this new flavor. The bar code #[protected] and the Best Used date is Feb. 1, 2018 and the type above the BUD is MSA 47-190. I purchased this product from Walmart in Statesboro, GA. The flavor of this was horrible!!! It...