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Supermarket / Club Store
One Robert Rich Way, Buffalo, NY 14213
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Complaints & Reviews

customer service 1800 telephone number

I received my annual free bday gift via email which is always appreciated. My birthday was on July 5th.
I must have opened the email too many times and when I went to the local carvel store to get my free bday cone the email wouldnt open and said that I opened it too many times. Therefore not the stores fault I returned home and contacted carvels 1800 customer service telephone number.
The gentleman I spoke to was very helpful and I was informed to expect a new email with the same offer the following day.
When the email never came I contacted carvels 1800 telephone number a second time. This time I was told I would receive a gift card in the mail instead.
To my surprise, a $5.00 gift card arrived by mail the following day. I did not use it right away. I attempted to purchase a item at my local carvel store using this gift card and was informed the card had nothing on it.
Therefore I was left with no other choice but to pay for the item.
Frustrated I decided to contact u via email rather than dealing with your 1800 customer service telephone number again.
I do receive a lot of free and discount offers from other restaurants, stores, etc and have never experienced such difficulties.
Why would the free bday email offer not open if I never used it?
Why did I have to contact your 1800 telephone number more than once?
Why didnt the gift card corporate mail me work?
Please let me know if this can finally be resolved.
Tx u,
Susan Savitt


I am complaining about the store of this carvel. It is In severe disrepair and needs to be fixed. Including new soft serve machines Every time I go they don't work This issue...


I went to my local Carvel store on 3/16/19 and gave a manufacturer coupon for $5.00 off any cake 32oz or larger (I purchased an 88oz cake), and the owner would not accept it. He told me he was a franchise and did not have to honor it. I paid the full price, but explained that a manufacturer coupon is suppose to be honored anywhere. I would like a refund for the $5.00.

  • SubSquirrel Mar 18, 2019

    He’s correct and I’m sure something was waitten on the coupon about “participating shops” only. Franchisees don’t have any participate in promotions.

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ice cream

Horrible customer service, I ordered the strawberry cheesecake ice cream, it tasted old and like freezer burns/ it was icy and just terrible. Manager refused to acknowledge my...

Carvel — carvel

51322 My name is aminata richards my address is 184 harrison st paterson nj 07501 my employment is in the financial district of nyi have a former complaint with your company or...

double charging

I was at the carvel location 116-10 liberty avenue on Saturday afternoon 9/16/2017 around 4pm I attempted to pay by card but the cashier was having technical problems with the...

unethical behavior

09/16/17 Gina & brianna I walked in around 7:15 pm and handed the girl that was on the cashier a coupon for buy one, get one free. She asked me what size and I told her both...

Carvel — carvel flying saucers

51322 I have enjoyed Carvel Flying Saucers for many years - I have one every evening after dinner during the warm weather, but today while eating a Flying Saucer I almost choked a...

being overcharged

600819 I ordered two children's ice cream cones it came up to $5.82. A couple days later I checked my bank account and carvel charged me $58.22; I contacted the store left a message for...

customer service

On 04/16/2017 I visited Carvel Ice Cream at 579 Middle Neck Road, Great Neck, New York 11023 with telephone [protected]. I asked for a medium cup with strawberry and nutela, and...

Carvelcarvel uses hershey's syrup instead of fudge

Carvel on Post rd in Westport ct changed hands a ew years ago. They are rude in that store, and use Hershey's chocolate whenever they can. They put it on Fudgey the Whale cakes, in sundaes and sell it in containers if you want to by carvel fudge. they do not tell you it is hershey's... they pass it off as carvel fudge. i saw the Hershey's container out and questioned them and they denied it. It tastes just like Hershey's but if I wanted Hershey's i would buy Hershey's!

  • Ic
    ICScoopa Aug 06, 2010

    As an employee of a Carvel store in CT(not westport, I work in Htfd County) I would like to apologize for any service you received that's less than stellar. While It is possible that they are topping your ice cream with hershey's syrup, it is physically impossible to "Fudge a fudgie" with it.
    It is against corporate regulations to use any toppings not provided by carvel - we are to use JHS brand syrup as well as fudge. You should go to the carvel webpage and file a complaint with corporate - more often than not they will provide you with a gift certificate for your troubles. The certificate is good at any Carvel location, so you don't have to go to the Westport store if you aren't willing.
    I will also pass this complaint along to corporate today. I apologize again, And hope you give Carvel another chance.

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  • Ca
    Carvel hater Sep 02, 2010

    I have complaints about carvel in Miami on Flagler & 79 . Bad bad business!
    But u didn't give the URL !!!

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Carvel — rudeness

Yes Hello my name is Rachel. I live in Oakdale, New york. I am currently filing a complaint against Carvel in Sayville. My boyfriend Michael took me out to dinner at Cafe Joelle...