YMCAunfavored conduct noticed: uncharacteristic of organization

Hello. I gladly thank and appreciate my local Door County YMCA for (being) about the good Christian qualities they strive to live. Now, understanding the Christian's guidebook, the very Holy Bible, I read that God wants people to dress modestly. I will need to continue this message in two more letters as this matter requires more space to write. I'm so apologetic to you about this.

  • Updated by Nick Cihlar, Sep 29, 2019

    I expect each Y worker to therefore come to the understanding that when it comes to swimming, modern swimming attire for men or women are very skimpy-I think I need to mention that for women, the entire leg is shown. As for men have you ever noticed that well, the men swim without any covering for the upper body? The Bible's book of Leviticus is specifically where one can find what God says about our clothing modesty. I believe that each Christian willfully grows at various speeds and levels and not all of us will be aware of every one of God's ways at any time. I have learned to become patient and understanding with myself and others. I notice that the Y is a Christian place, so I gladly expect them to be among people that are "good", Christlike examples for others.

    Now, it may to some individuals, sound strange to know about such personal, yet wise words of (Christ) here. To meet that matter as I think is very thoughtful, when it comes to God Creator whom I have experienced his life-changing Goodness from, he is my Savior and everything (and it is all about him, honestly and not about myself.) I respect any and all opinions because we all matter. Thanks.

Sep 29, 2019

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