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There was a false review that a wacko person made against my business since June 2010, I have sent complaints to yelp to remove this review since this is absolutely false! I don't know who this person is making this bad review against me, but yelp replied and inform me that they were not going to remove this review because they had an intelligent computer system that would decide which reviews would stay and which one would be eliminated. I am confused and angry because I am helpless to defend my small business against this computer scam artists. By the way, This person that made the bad review and used yelp against me asked me for $4000.00 and he would remove this negative review against my business. I am suspecting yelp is aware of this and something really nasty behind all this! Be care full of yelp!


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

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Jul 27, 2016 3:05 pm EDT

I am the one who left the neg review on Yelp and you deserve every bit of bad karma that you get. You are dishonest and a liar. I never asked for $ to remove the review seeing as I will never remove the review because it is all true! I hope to God that this negative information about your scam of a so called business had put you out of business, you should have no place in any animals lives because you just do not care for them only for the $.

Dec 08, 2012 8:01 pm EST

Rene Austacio Lopez is the most dishonest 'backyard breeder' of German Shepherds! He not only misrepresented himself to me --- but also, numerous other GSD buyers. He has been so dishonest that the County of Riverside Animal Control finally put him out of business! The only thing that Rene Lopez is interested in is money. He doesn't care for the welfare of his puppies and dogs he sells. I am glad that some people came forward and saved these dogs from their destiny of hell with this man. PLEASE stay away from this I only pray he is never allowed to have dogs again. Mr. Lopez treats his dogs worse than puppy mills!


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