Yanwenwhere are my packages

L Aug 06, 2018

So I've ordered aproxamitly 40 items online in the past little bit and almost everything that makes it here to Canada and the yanwen puts on my tracking page saying contact support team and no link giving me the right information on how I can contact them and even more they have never contacted me in regards to these packages. And some of these items have been in yanwens possession for now two month here in Canada. Tell me this if we need to get in contact with yanwen then why is there no link that would connect us so you can bring me everything I ordered.

  • Updated by Lloyd Miner · Aug 06, 2018

    So I've been tracking a bunch of my orders from wish, geek, and AliExpress and they just about make it here but in the end I get a message when tracking that says contact support team. How do I contact to find out where my parcels are or do I have to pick up my stuff from. I have things that are supposedly in Canada since June 13 but still haven't been delivered. Also have not heard from yanwen about a single thing.

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