Yahoo Mailhacked account


I have been hacked twice and can no longer access my mail account and they want to charge me $50.00 to do so, i cannot get a hold of anyone at Yahoo to complain and their hired company, Click4support has been either rude and unwilling to help and refusing to give me another supervisors number to contact or has not contacted me online to resolve!!! i have important information in my account i cannot access and feel that they have an issue with not protecting consumers and then want to charge us, even though they are at fault, please help!!!


  • Brenda* Aug 07, 2012

    Yahoo isn't at fault. If the information in your account is so important, you should have had it backed up somewhere else besides your account.

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  • So
    SOPHIA SMITH-BROWN Oct 30, 2012

    Please i need to get back on my account,

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