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On august 3 the submitted my book for self publishing with Xlibris. I signed the contract. One week later I received an email from Iris Johannsen saying I needed to make some revisions to my book. They were asking that I change names because they could effect these people in a negative way. I did not agree because I did not use last names and in some instances just described the situation such a wife beater living next door to me and I called the police. They had an issue with that along with other states describing similar situations. I made one revision and realized this was what I wanted to do . My statements are true and based on my life experiences. I was told maybe I did not remember the situations correctly. I have a very clear memory . I could not use my sister's first name. I sent over a dozen emails to them stating I no longer want them to publish my book. I said I am cancelling my publishing agreement. I was told to resubmit and maybe the book would meet their standards and then they would refund my payment. I refused and kept emailing that I was cancelling my agreement. Then I was sent an email saying I owned them an additional 166.00 I had already paid 300.00. Under the contract I had to pay 400.00 even if the book was rejected. I filed a complaint with the attorney general in IN. and BBB and the consumer protection agency. I told they could expect to hear from these agencies. I was told I would receive a refund but they did not state the amount I mailed 6 more unanswered emails to them telling them I only would accept a full refund of 300.00. I requested that a letter of apology and a statement saying I had cancel my agreement and they had no legal right of ownership to my book and a full refund. I have not heard from them as of this evening.. If I don't pay they have the rights to my book. This is blackmail and not ethical. I hope you can help by adding this company to your list of unethical companies.

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