Xcel Energycut off and turn on of services

A Aug 02, 2018

I had paid electric bill but did not call in time to give confirmation of payment. So they shut electric off on 8/2. Called in morning of 8/3 and girl said they'd be at house to turn electric on between 3-11pm. Well my son called to find out when they'd be at house because it was already 3:30. The lady on phone said that the field tech cut power line to pole because we have dogs so it could take up to 5 business days. So then I call because that is unacceptable. The field tech could of came to front door to knock and tell us to put dogs inside. They did not have to cut the whole power line from pole. It's 100° in Amarillo, TX. This is the most ridiculous way to shut off a customer's power. Totally unsafe as well.

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