Wyndham Vacation Ownershipunethical practices

S Jul 17, 2019

No Clear cost. Hidden fees for the perks you also bought not mentioned. So essentially you pay twice for the same thing!
One perk was to book ten months out for better booking power; however, we have not been able to book vacations. I found a lawsuit that explains why this happens. The class-action suit claims that Wyndham controls the reservation systems. And now we know why us "owners" have issues booking. When someone online can book it without waiting for 30 minutes on a call to reach someone, to then have to settle on a location farther away from our family. Or we just can not go when we need to unless we pay out of pocket ??!!!
On the owner meetings, we explained to our agent that we had issues booking and his fix was to upgrade. We would get three months more to book and other benefits. That was a whopping $9k just to get started and was not clear in our discussions. This amount was hidden on their Credit cards and Paypal they set up, and so I am paying four bills at the same time. This is insane, and They sneak this all in over a 3-hour time frame, so it's not clear what is going on until the bills start to come in. WOWZER.
They continually tell you its an investment, but this timeshare is not capable of producing other goods or services, and it's not an equity. The usage is so restricted, and you do not even get what you paid for.

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