Wyndham Vacation Ownershipshysters, run from any presentations from this company.

P Jul 16, 2019

All the bad stuff I have been reading and listening to about this company is true and actual! I know as a lot of it has happened to us. It seems that Wyndham has too much power in that they can not be adequately policed. The fact they can ruin peoples lives, especially Vets and the Elderly, and get away with it is incomprehensible.

We have an open Case with Andrew Knowles who refuses to communicate via writing so that we have a paper trail to prove what they are telling us so they can not go back on their word. They refuse to work my case without a call and will not let me record the call either. CEO Michael Brown is refusing to respond to my questions about the companies practices.
-This company does not understand the word no.
-This company does not understand the word ethical
-This company does not understand the word transparency
-This company does not understand the word honesty
-This company will take people off the street before they book an invested owner into one of their units. So what is the upside of ownership? What are we paying for?
-This companies sale's department slogan is TAFT: " Tell Them Any [censored]ing Thing" this is in court proceedings from the whistleblower who won 20 Million dollars from Wyndham.
-This company does not even pay its employees, check the class action out in Tennessee.
-This "Once in a Lifetime Deal" is a sinkhole, sucking the joy out of vacations and everyday life.

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