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I visit pretoria once a month and for convenience, shop at the watermeyer woolworths. I have not been here once where there was not a long que of people, bad service from staff, no staff on the floor to assist and a group of staff always chatting behind the storeroom at the side of the hot-food counter. Today there were two poor ladies at the tills managing all the customers and I saw 4 others chatting in the store room.

When I asked for assistance, I was referred to the security lady - a lovely lady who helped me find what I needed. The ww staff asked her to show me - they did not have the decency or commitment to practice the woolworths values. Very very disappointed and I will rather go to the lynnwood bridge store far away than the one 1 km from the place where I stay.

Please train the staff at watermeyer street to practice the woolworths values, to pay attention to customers, to apologise when need be and think of what the customers in the ques are experiencing.

Thank you

Bibi meyer


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