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D Aug 06, 2018

Monday 6/8/2018 8:28pm woolworths Thomastown
I am a 38 year old woman I purchased tobacco for my brother and I was talking to my daughter who was with me and the rude girl serving me said I can't sell you tobacco I said to her did my child ask you for tobacco she was talking to me about school however she was very rude and gave me the wrong tobacco so I waited and told the other girl she gave me the wrong ones the other girl had a look then the rude girl name Samantha said we don't have it we never sell it here I explained I purchased one a few days ago from this store and in an arrogant way she said no we don't so I said to her I will take these and if they are the wrong ones my brother will come back and exchange them she again in a very rude way said one they leave the store we can't exchange them, I said yes you can if they are still sealed and we have a receipt you have to exchange them as part of your mistake she said I have been working here for 7 years and this is our policy I then told her I have been working at coles for 17 years and I know my rights and policy she then snapped at me and said well this isn't coles we have a different policy, I left the store in tears and called Epping plaza Woolworths and I explained to them what had happened they told me what I had said if the packet is sealed and have a receipt they would be happy to exchange it I went there and exchanged it and the manager had advised me to put in a complaint.
Every time I go to Woolworths Thomastown this rude Samantha girl is always rude to me and other customers if she can't provide good customer service she shouldn't be working there.
I am now thinking of never shopping at Woolworths again I spend over $500 a week there but will now be going to Coles where the service is better I am very upset about this and my child was shocked this is disgusting and she should be dealt with I am willing to go face to face in a meeting with her in front of the manager to prove how rude she is also Woolworths should train their staff about policies because I have searched your policy about this and asked other stores all I can say is that Woolworths has lost a valued customer and I will also be telling my friends and family this is not the first time this has happened with this rude girl.

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