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J Jul 14, 2019

Hate going through self check outs but as store was busy, decided to line up. When it was my turn it was the first terminal that I used. I only had 3 items costing $8.50. I paid cash and did not get receipt printed. As I was leaving the store through the door I heard a voice yell out excuse me. I thought was she talking to me. I thought I may have left something behind. But no she said have you paid for those. Being 2 loaves of bread and a courier mail. I said of course I did. She said I just came straight through the check outs. I said what else was I supposed to do once I had finished and paid. I showed her the terminal and told her to check transactions. I felt she still did not believe me.
After leaving the store I was shaken and very upset. I came back in and told her I was not happy at being accused of stealing and embarrassing me in front of everyone. She said again she did not see me use a check out and it did not matter. This really upset me as I said it did matter to me. She apologised but this was not genuine and felt she still did not believe me. I felt very embarrassed as this was my local store and have lived in this area for 42 years. I feel I cannot use this store anymore and therefore will now do all of my shopping at Coles. I know this happens where people do take items even trolley fulls but I had stood in line and used correct procedures to purchase items. You need to put on more staff in busy times in self checks so they can keep an eye on what is going on instead of falsely accusing people of not paying. My family are also not happy with how I was treated.

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