Woolworthscustomer service and pricing policy


Though you might like some feedback about your Morayfield Shopping centre store (Inside at the northern end of the centre) and why Woolworths is losing its customer base and why you are in decline. I have been a regular customer for many years at 4 Woolworth’s stores that are within my general area. Reason one: “Bad customer service” I have just done my grocery shopping at the Morayfield Shopping centre store at about 1:15 pm today. When I went to checkouts there were only two manned (normal? ) checkouts. As I had a trolley about 1/3rd full I of course pulled in line behind another shopper. She had already piled up a huge mound of groceries on the counter with another half a trolley to go. But I patently waited and noticed the young “Team leader” (front of store manager ?) on the floor, who was way down at the front desk counter area, glance up towards us and directed a customer in the adjacent checkout, to bring her trolley down to where she was and that customer was served by another checkout operator. So I waited a while longer and realised I was being ignored, so when that other checkout was empty, I also walked my trolley way down to that checkout. I searched for any signage about “maximum items or express lane etc” and there was no signage indicating this anywhere. So I started to unload my groceries on the counter. As I was unloading groceries another young “Team leader” appeared and proceeded to caution me that I was in a lane with a maximum of 12 items. I apologised and replied that I could not see any signage at all indicating that this was a 12 items lane. The young “Team leader” then said it was obvious it was an express lane. I apologised and replied that I could not see any signage at all indicating that this was an “Express” lane. I asked her to please show me where the signage indicating it was an “Express 12 items lane”. She glanced around and admitted there was no signage and she didn’t know what had happened to the signage, but that it should be obvious ! I offered to go somewhere else and be served, but she insisted it was OK this time. She then came back twice more and spoke to me about the issue and how it was Ok this time but I need to remember for “next time”. I have always followed the ‘Rules” regarding the express lanes, ALWAYS, but I really didn’t appreciate being “spoken to” about being in the “Express 12 items max lane”, when there was absolutely no signage whatever indicating that it was. I only occasionally shop at this store so I would not be aware at all that it lacks proper signage. If the first young female “Team leader” had actually walked all the way up to the checkout where I was first waiting for some time, she would have seen that it was obviously going to take another 5-10 minutes to process the woman in front of me. Then she may not have ignored me and perhaps offered to open another checkout ? Perhaps the two young female “Team leaders” are not experienced enough to be doing that job or need further training. Of course I won’t be shopping at that store again ! Reason one: “Price increases” I’ll give you two examples of what are seen as outrageous price increases. 1) I have been drinking Milo since I was a teenager (now 49), hot Milo on a winter’s night was always a favourite. I have recently decided to actually stop buying it because a few years ago I could buy a large tin for just under the $8 mark. Now it has blown out to $12 for large tin and has become an unaffordable luxury item. It simply is not good value anymore. 2) A few years ago, 85 gram Fancy Feast cat food tins were around the 80-89 cents a tin. They have now jumped to more than $1.80 a tin which is just appalling. Your sneaky practice of putting a product on special for a week and then increasing the price to a higher lever than what it was when the special was offered, does not go unnoticed. Often the new price after a special ends, will be 10 – 20 cents dearer !! We are not stupid, we do take note of these devious practices you know.! I would love to go on about the lack of support for Dick Smith products, but that will wait for another day. Obviously someone is making a lot of profit ( I seem to remember $2.45 billion in 2014) at our expense. Luckily we now have several alternative options which can offer better customer service and often better prices. Good luck in the future. regards Robert.

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