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packing of orders

I have complained over and over again to my online delivery store, Woolies Yanchep WA, to stop packing bread...


I live on Macleay Island, and I made several online orders with Woolies online. The first had variou...

par baked dinner rolls

Just purchased the above dinner rolls(Made in France) in pack of 6 as stated on the pack and on the shopping docket. However there are only five (5) bread rolls in the pack. Is this normal practice for Woolworths to short change their packs? I am very disappointed as a I believe I am a loyal Woolies customer but still like value for money.
I leave this complaint with you to investigate further and correct. Thank you.

rotten and damaged food, poor delivery service

You're branded as the "fresh food people". But yet again, we have received spoiled fruit that we have to throw away because they are rotten and contain mould.

You provide a paid online service that is supposed to be convenient. Yet we've still got to go back to the shops because your "improved" packing staff are unable to read or follow simple requests like: "Please ensure the fruit is not bruised and the bananas are NOT ripe (still green)"

The consumers pay for deliveries that can't be delivered on time because as your customer service representative said "the driver had to wait at the store because the orders weren't ready". So the consumer really pays for poor time management.

You provide all that convenience that not only makes me have to go and do the job I paid your company to do, but also requires me to be left on hold while your customer service team tells me that I'm not important enough to be spoken to by the person who is in charge of all these people who continuously make these mistakes every single week.

Once again I'm disappointed by the shocking service and quality of produce provided by the so called "fresh food people".

rotten and damaged food, poor delivery service

Woolworths Australia

slow cook pork knuckle

Maggot flavoured slow cook pork knuckle. Purchase last Nov 24, 2018 and cooked last 27th. Nov. we are...

Craigieburn Retail Stores

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Purchased 3 mangoes at Woolworrhs Lismore Central store in Lismore . On 30 11 2018. They looked perfectly fine In the Outside all 3 were rotten on the inside. I have photos and the receipt. I live 40 kms from the store can not return them. Incredibly disappointed got home went to eat them every single one day as Rotten. Have lost faith in purchasing fruit from your shop.


Woolworths Australia

hot chicken

I brought two hot chickens from Woolworths at Kwinana on Saturday just gone and I was eating the breast then...

Woolworths Australia

sun rice steamed rice

Hello. Today i bought 4 packages of this rice and quinoa ready in 90 min microwaves and once at home I opened...

Woolworths Australia


On the weekend of 1-2/12/18, I shopped at Woolworths Shoreline in Tasmania. I was astounded and exceedingly disappointed to see bananas for sale in rigid plastic containers. In light of all the publicity surrounding the overuse of plastic, I feel Woolworths could take the lead and start to minimise their plastic use.
Especially for a product that comes in its own purpose built, and perfect, packaging.

dangerous driving


This morning on my way home from work I was cut off by one of your delivery drivers. This took place on the 2nd december 2018 at 05:43am at the intersection of kremzow and gympie roads strathpine qld. Your driver was turning right onto gympie road from kremzow road from the right turning lane and went straight into the left lane where I was turning into. I have attached a copy of my dash cam footage as evidence. The vehicles rego is 461snk. As the video shows, there is two lanes turning right.

Please feel free to contact me regarding this matter.

Bryce stevens
Bryce. [protected]@mail.com


Can you please instruct staff to stop over packing the bags. We bring our own now so it is not costing Woolworths! The bags are way too heavy and with a bad back and shoulder it is not good. Also I have ample cooler bags for my frozen and chilled foods and yet they pack frozen and chilled foods in normal bags and put cans and bottles etc in my cooler bags!

bag of mixed lettuce

I was put of and imbarassed when I served your bag of mixed lettuce. Name brand. Mixed leaf iceburg lettuce blend. There was a clump of rotten lettuce in there that I noticed once dishes out to guests. I pay you money for fresh good quality produce. Not rotten food like I got. Very disappointed. I only shop at woolworths. It's not the first time this has occurred. I look forward to your response.

bag of mixed lettuce

Woolworths Australia

home delivery service

For more than a year I've been using the home delivery for my shopping at woolworths. The attraction was the convenience and as a mum who also works full time saves me from wrangling the kids to do the weekly shop. And since the first delivery I've been disappointed with the service provided. First was the app .. crashed often and would have to start over when it did but put up with it because I just had to get it done. Next was the lack of concern for the plastic bags used .. had 1 onion on 1 plastic bag once .. I've stockpiled bags of just bags in bags ... so I can re-use it for something else.. and such poor effort for Woolies to give alternative options for packaging despite their awareness. Lack of communication on unavailable products.. I find out pretty much when it's been delivered as I don't have time to stare at my phone waiting for an email ding so I can make a quick amendment to my order. Lastly the quality of fruit and vegetables. Tasteless.. soft apples🤢. Bags of mixed leafy salad that were wet in a sealed bag that smelled like sweaty feet. With the expiration dated for the next day. Couldn't bare to serve it to my kids... so it's binned. Why would a picker pick that ? Why would it even be on the shelf ? I've binned countless bags of leafy greens.. bottom line is I'm sick of it. I've submitted your surveys a few times for things to change. And little to no effort. And your promotional emails are annoying. I don't want to live at woolworths, so no need to tell me twice a day what I can buy. I have switched to Drakes -Foodland. Very very happy.


My partner purchased me a bunch of flowers to surprise me last night for our 8 year anniversary (Woolworths Caltex- Cornubia).

The flowers were $19.95 and had a sticker saying ‘fresh today'.

There is no way that these flowers were fresh yesterday when he purchased them.I had to bin half of them as I placed them in a vase as they were dead and fell to bits.I had to pull the leaves off the stems that were mouldy and cut 1/4 of the stems off.

Extremely upset by the quality and money that was wasted on them!!!

freshness of food

Hullo there. Today 27/11/18 after 6pm I decided to visit the new Woolworths store in Dee Why NSW. It opened on Saturday 24/11/18. I am doing you a Favour by informing you of the following : Some of the prepacked Meat showed a use by date of 27/11/18.
Many of the hams showed use by dates of 5/1/19 and earlier ! (if opened on Christmas Day, that doesn't leave much eating time) The Apple Sauce, near the boxes of Always Fresh Grissini, looked stale within the jars and DId Not Show a Use By Date. Some of the loose white potatoes for sale had green discoloration and some had brown discoloration. It was my first visit to the new store and it had been my intent to by lots there ! However, due to the unfreshness of the items mentioned I lost confidence in the quality of your merchandise on sale there. I spent under $25 there today. I have patronised Woolworths for a long time and am not a whinger. Someone else there today rolled his eyes and said " Fresh Food ???" When he also returned his meat back to its shelf.
Regards from Mrs.Cook

regal fresh combo tasters

Hi there, I purchased the above product last night from your Mortdale store. When I went to cook it for my...

Woolworths Australia
Mortdale Retail Stores

car insurance policy mot106497608

Week beginning 5th November i looked for a new car. I got a quote for it and as i didn't find full information about the ODO meter I called Customer services [protected]).

They told me i can ADD the ODO meter after as i advised them that i don't have the car yet. I bought the policy online and it was mean't to start 12th November.
On the 12th November i tried online to add the ODO meter but it wouldn't let me, so i called customer service the number was very busy that afternoon and after an hour on hold i had to put the phone down. The next day i called early morning (WA Time) and was told that i cannot do that and i would have to cancel the policy and get a new one.

The team cancelled the policy and said the refund would take 5/6 days, at the same time i purchased a new policy and added the ODO meter.

Today 26th November i had not received my refund so i called the customer service number, i had to explain the above to the team member then the manager.
I was advised that the refund hadn't been processed and the team member done it whilst on the phone. I explained that its over 11 days and i have bills coming out today, she forwarded me to the manager. He told me that the best thing he can do is process it now and contact the finance dept and get it done today or by tomorrow.

I told them i have bills coming out and if they bounce or as i'm going over drawn i will be charged, he has told me that i will get $100 gift card via email for this.

But this still is not good enough, how can a company take money in a day and take several days to refund, especially when its been the staff causing all this. I need the money today. My name is going in the black if payments are bounced or my account goes overdrawn.

After this i will have to think very hard about coming back to woolworths for insurance as we have house insurance with you to and it's due in January.

Woolworths Insurance
Locked Bag 2010, St Leonards, NSW 1590
Telephone: [protected]
Facsimile: [protected]

imported pork products

Today l visited My local woolies to get some bacon and was appalled to find that not only do you not offer...

home brand clumping kitty litter

I have been purchasing HB kitty litter for years. Until recently. Your kitty litter was perfect with the right amount of clumping and Woolworths decided to change the formula. Now I need a jackhammer to get the clumps of litter off the wall of the litter tray. It feels like you've added cement powder and when urine is in contact with it it's very difficult to budge. I have now gone to another brand that is not clumping. I would like a refund for four packs of kitty litter please. Even better go back to your original formula.

baby formula

Saw disgusting sight this morning at Woolworths at Marden. Have you ever seen Asians going at Baby...

Marden Retail Stores