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On Monday 20th May 2019 at 7:48pm at Woolworths Casula whilst my husband was purchasing cigarettes at the front counter by a staff member by the name of Shanyle. My husband ordered the brand of cigarettes he wanted, Shanyle brought the cigarettes to the counter, held them face up asking him " are these the right ones" my husband smiled and with a small nod, my husband then proceeded to ask for a lighter, she persisted to wave the cigarettes asking "if these are the right ones several times", my husband started to get anxious at the pressure of trying to look like he knew how to read. My husband said he could not read with much embarrassment, Shanyle laughed at him after hearing this, At this point it was obvious to my husband her intention was to embarrass him. Shanyle asked my husband if he wanted a copy of the receipt, before he could respond she answered for him saying " it doesn't matter anyway because you can't read". My husband felt belittled and embarrassed from this interaction.
When my husband left the store he rang me straight away in a very distressed state, I asked him to go back into the store to get the name of the shop assistant. When he went back to the counter he spoke to the shift supervisor by the name of Christine who on shift at the time. My husband asked Christine if she had heard what had just happened as she was standing two metres away at the time, Christine replied " I heard her ask you if these were the right ones", I replied to Christine " I supposed you didn't hear her laughing at me when I had to tell her that I was unable to read" Christine replied "no" . My husband asked Christine if she had heard the comment in regards to the receipt, Christine said "no she didn't ". My husband left the store after this.
Furthermore in regards to this, this is not the first time he has had to encounter this kind of treatment from the same staff member, previously when faced with the same situation my husband said he didn't think it was company policy. ( meaning waving cigarettes in his face repeatedly asking him to read the packet), the staff member replied aggressively and said it was company policy. My husband said this so he could avoid having to disclose the fact that he could not read the packet due to him being illiterate.
I can not help to think that from this previous situation for no good reason this staff member has intended to embarrass my husband on this most recent ocassion with her behaviour I find this unacceptable. My husband now tells me he has recently been travelling further to other vendors for groceries and cigarettes as he does not want to be confronted with the possibility of this one staff members harrassment. My husband always is very polite when communicating with all store staff and has often had general small talk with various staff members over the few years since the Casula store has been trading. I am not happy at all to write of this as it should not have happened. Nothing more at this point, your prompt attention is appreciated. Thank you Michelle Everingham

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    Waiting for a response.

May 21, 2019
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  •   May 21, 2019

    Stop writing on this forum and teach him how to read.

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  • Mi
      May 21, 2019

    @Um is not an answer! Typical American... no idea about life... reading your other comments make me feel sorry for you... Probably locked away in a basement somewhere

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    @Michelle.E Typical Aussie. Thinking they are better than the world.

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