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D Aug 05, 2018

Good morning. My name is [removed] ([removed]) I went shopping at Woolworths South Fremantle on the 4/8/2018. When i went to the self service i scanned my rewards card, then on the screen came up the payment option and i pressed card and made my payment. When i got home i checked my receipt to check the remainder balance i needed to reach my $165 spend for the second week but i noted that my card had not been registered. I went home and tried to make contact, however the chat wasn't closed so i chatted with someone on Sunday. They told me they could only credit the points i would have earned but could not register the value attributed to the promotion of 7000 bonus points. I am very frustrated to say the least at this because, it is not my fault the card didn't register. I informed the person I was talking to that you would clearly see on the stores camera that i scanned my card, in addition, i know it scanned as it went straight to the payment screen. I do not understand why I must be punished for a store issue and miss out on my bonus points. I am very disappointed that this approach was taken with a loyal customer who uses woolworths as their main store.

I would advise revisting your policy in regards to these type of matters.

Kind regards


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