Woolworths Australiawoolworths home brand chai latte

J Aug 15, 2018

I and several of my friends have been buying the Woolworths home brand Chai Latte for a very long time because it was a great price and tasted really nice. Then the product became temporary unavailable for several weeks, couldn't get it anywhere and then when it did come back on the shelves it was packaged different and the formula in the making of it has changed so much that it's actually a different colour when made and tastes nothing like it used to. Why would Woolworths do such a thing to a product that was a great seller. To say I'm disappointed is an understatement. I had switched to the home brand a few years ago because after purchasing a coffee machine from Woolworths, I was buying all the Gloria Jean products in Woolworths but then all of a sudden there was no more Gloria Jean Chai Latte on the shelves. Woolworths have a great habit of discontinuing popular products and in this case changing everything from their original Chai Latte. which now is horrible. I unfortunately bought several boxes of it thinking it would be the usual tasting Chai Latte, NOT HAPPY !! Why Woolworths just can't leave things alone is beyond me, might be time to start shopping else where I think.

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