Woolworths Australiaunethical business practice through pricing deception

K Jul 06, 2019

For the last two years I have been shopping at Woolworths Midland Gate. I generally buy the same products and am therefore know the prices for each item I buy. It has been evident in the last few months, that Woolworths has been engaging in misleading pricing.

For example, on a number of the items I buy, the price has gone up buy 20% and then a special sign goes up saying it is discounted by 20%. A disgusting practice trying to dupe the customer! This has happened on may occasions and many items I buy. I have no doubt that this happens right across the board on all items!

Furthermore, my suspicions are confirmed when I raise this with the staff. They not only confirm this is happening, but are embarrassed about it. They tell me" our store manager tells us to put the price up then put then advertise the discount and we say that isnt right, he says, just do it nobody will realise"

Another disgusting practice whereby Woolworths is demanding their staff undertake against their will, unethical pricing practices by trying to deceive their customers. Shame on you!

I speak with the staff at the store on my visits and they are not satisfied employees and this practice is one reason why they do not enjoy working there. No doubt the fat cats up in the corporate world of Woolworths need to sustain profits at all costs including unethical business practices to appease the shareholder.

More profits mean the fat cats in corporate/board level get to keep their multi million dollar salaries and their bonus/incentives. You are disgusting individuals!

As of this moment, I will do my best to inform people about your unethical practice and I will never walk back into a Woolworths store ever again! Not one cent from my pocket will the fat cats receive, nor their unsuspecting shareholders will ever again profit from my custom.

Woolworths is a toxic organisation whereby profits come first and then the fat cats at corporate, come second and all at the expense of the most important and fundamental requirement of a successful business, the customer.

Good riddance to you Woolworths, you are a putrite

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