Woolworths Australiaunable to return faulty goods

M Aug 14, 2018

I purchased a pair of Clio Summer Glow Tights on 8 August 2018 and attempted to wear them to work on 13 August 2018.
The tights would not stay up at all and appeared to have no elastic.
When leaving my property and standing on the footpath, they fell down to my knees.
I had to return inside and change outfits.
I was going to Woolworths on the evening of 13 August to do some shopping and so took the tights, packaging and receipt to return them.
The Woolworths staff member would not return them as I'd worn them.
I explained I'd worn them for 5 minutes and could only know they were faulty by wearing them.
She told me because I'd worn them she could not resell them.
I explained she couldn't resell them because they were faulty.
This conversation continued with another staff member involved.
I was stunned as I thought I was going to be simply just returning them, not realising there would be an issue at all.
I would have thought your policy of returning faulty goods would override your policy of returning underwear.
All I ask is that this policy is reviewed as I was disappointed and upset by my experience with the staff at Woolworths on this occasion.

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