Woolworths Australiapricing

L Aug 06, 2018

Today I shopped at Woolworths North Shore Townsville store and was charged the wrong amount for 2 items that had sales tickets on the front of the row of items.
The first item was coffee mugs advertised as half price - inspired embossed mug D. (Yellow). I checked the sales ticket as the other coloured mugs were all priced at $3.20 but the ticket item stated that these mugs were $2 and the description on the ticket stated it was for inspired embossed mug D. I bought 2 cups thinking I was getting a bargain which I didn't get.

The second item was Nivea sun kids roll on, SPF50, special on ticket was $4. Again, I checked the specials ticket but it just had $4 on the ticket. There were 2 rows of the product and 2 tickets. Under the ticket the price was $11.50. I was charged $11.50.

As we are travelling in a car towing a caravan, it is not practical for me to return to the store.

I am writing to you because this is not the first time I have had an issue with the pricing of products and I strongly feel that I need to inform you of the errors.

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