Woolworths Australiaoverpackaging

J Sep 09, 2018

I am an office worker and visited your Bundoora (Polaris) store to buy a pack of bread rolls and a few slices of meat we and cheese from your deli for an on-the-spot lunch.

Knowing that I was going to immediately consume the items at the deli I told the staff member not to worry about wrapping my order in paper and to just put the sticker on the plastic bag. She advised me that she was required to wrap it in paper "for food hygiene reasons". I was also told that she could not wrap the two separate bags (containing 2 slices of cheese and 2 slices of pastrami) in the same sheet of paper with the two stickers on the outside.

Once outside the store I immediately unwrapped the deli items and disposed of the paper - so it was in use for less than 5 minutes. What exactly are the food hygiene reasons? As far as I am aware there is no issue with cured meat and cheese coming in contact (although they wouldn't have even been in direct contact being in separate plastic bags) and indeed if I were to buy a deli platter from you I could have cured meat and cheese on the same platter - and it's is not wrapped in paper!

It seems to me that this is a "policy" without actual basis and it unneccessatily contributes to waste. Whilst single use plastic is the big one, there is little merit in single use paper, particularly if it is unneccessary. I would ask that you review your policy and keep its application limited to where it is scientifically proven to be relevant. #waronwaste

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