Wixsuspended account for no specific reason - awaiting 'advanced team' solution

Dear Support Team,

Here are the facts to support my complaint, which i would appreciate being dealt with as a matter of urgency.

We have lost acces to G Suite and 7 mailboxes that are in constant use to be able to do business. We have been offline and dealing with our own complaints for 6 days. Last online use was 27th September 2019


Email: [protected]

Mobile: [protected]

1. I call google support who tell me wix reseller is who i need to contact.

2. Wix Support call back requested at around 9am (UK time) Monday 30th September 2019 - wix support ran tests, MX records all up to date. No direct debit payment missed. No Access to G Suite and emails since Friday 27th September 2019.
I was told my case would be sent to the ‘advanced' team and be dealt with in 24 hours. I would hear back from them at email address [protected]

I was given ticket number [protected]

3. Tuesday 1st October around 9am i requested wix call back - I gave this ticket number that i was then told ‘did not exist' - there was no record of my previous call, being on hold etc.

I was told to call Google support as they might have more power to deal with this case. The required links we're emailed to [protected] by wix support team member Sybil ‘how to' contact google.

4. After following the links i got through to google support who said "account suspended by wix reseller for no specific reason" - "Emails are bouncing back saying it doesn't exist - wix are blocking it"

5. I request a call back from wix support. I was given Ticket number [protected] and was passed to 3 different people who all said they did not have the tools to deal with this case and would email the ‘advanced' team - i would hear back within 24 - 48 hours. I said I'd heard this before. They said I have to wait. (My account had at this point been suspended for 4 days, costing in staff wages and loss of sales. Our team can not access customer documents, pricing, spreadsheets, calendars, or email anyone. This is serious.

6. Wednesday 2nd October 2019 approx 7:30pm i request a wix support call back to check my case has been forwarded to the ‘advanced' team - I do not want to be told ‘ there is no record' as I was on Tuesday.
Wix support reassures me that it has been email to the ‘advanced' team and that I just have to wait.
At this point my whole company has been ‘off-line' for 5 days for no specific reason and with no support, or contact from the ‘advanced' team. I suggest the case is put forward as URGENT due to loss of earnings and cost of this error through no fault of our own.

7. Thursday 3rd October 2019 11:45am still no access, account still suspended, still no contact from an ‘advanced' team. This is now an emergency and appalling service from wix advanced support.

My company has now been offline for 6 Days.

What are the wix advanced team doing about this?

When will we be back on-line?

I need to inform my team, clients, students and finance team, when exactly we will be back in business.

Can you please send evidence of this case being dealt with?

If I do not hear anything within the next 12 hours I'm afraid I'll have to go public with my complaint.

Many Thanks in advance.

Leigh-Anne Treadwell

Oct 03, 2019

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