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Hello I have try on many time to contact this company and cancel the membership but they continue to give you the run around and I have yet to do so. I do not recommend anyone using this site. If someone wants out of a membership they shouls allow you too. I only used it for a day it was suppose to be a 10 days trial but they charged my credit card 5 days later.

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    WeeblyWebsite & domain

    Website - on 3/29/2021 I purchased a domain name & began to build a website. I put in the domain name and was directed to purchase the domain name again. I followed the instructions the first time. Was sent an email. Verified it. The second day went through the same steps. Next, was asked online sales info. I don't sell a product. I sell a service. Choose website only. Then was given the option to purchase the domain name again.
    I reached out for help on 3/29/2021 & 3/30 & 4/1.
    No response. I was send an email to verify my email.
    Seriously Unhappy.
    I expect Weebly & Square to do what they say they do.

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      WeeblySubscription renewed but my website is no longer available.

      I paid my subscription but when I try to search for the website the screen is blank. When I go to Weebly and try to make changes to my web-site I get a message saying:

      "Your new domain is not yet setup. Please allow 48 hours for the setup process to complete.

      Your old subdomain alisonrcheah.weebly.com now forwards to your new domain name."

      However, it never does up date. I have tried contacting Weebly by phone and from the contact page but the contact page, despite saying I can obtain a temporary PIN to speak to a representative doesn't have a link to obtain the PIN.

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        WeeblyOn line marketing website

        We use weebly's on line marketing system ie: www.help-shelterbelts.com

        We wish to discuss cancelling your web marketing service to us because for almost one year we have had unresolved problems. When we try to lodge a complaint we are put on to your technical support who are unable to help us and who refuse to put us up the chain to Weebly management to lodge a complaint regarding changes Weebly made to their on line marketing system that has created untold grief and confusion for both our tree customers and caused us to spend hundreds of extra hours on resolving confusion caused by changes to your system creating false messages to customers regarding pick up of their merchandise. [protected]@sasktel.net or [protected]@help-international.com

        You can contact me 24 hours per day on my cell at [protected]

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          WeeblyI paid to upgrade my site to be renewed after finding out it had expired with no notice from them

          I have 2 free sites with them and a paid website, I have since January the 8th been waiting for a response from this company and was issues a ticket to which I responded and my site which has been paid for since Jan 8th has still NOT been published, yet that had NO issues in charging my credit card.

          I was told that my site was in "redemption" and to contact support and other than a system generated email with the ticket case # [protected]

          This website is still not up online and I have been waiting patiently for a response of some kind and there has been absolutely nothing since the ticket number NOR is my site up and running.
          L Masson

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            WeeblyInappropriate messages

            I keep receiving unsolicited and inappropriate messages through my imessage/google with links to a weebly.com account. Example
            Fgvdrrd. Weebly.com. Most are from the 410 area code (baltimore). I am also sending this complaint to the fcc, baltimore bbc, google and maryland office of the attorney general.

            These types of inappropriate messages are a nuisance and embarrassing. I request an inquiry to make them stop.

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              Oct 28, 2020

              Weebly — Very unhappy with weebly.

              I wrote to weebly after I got locked out of my 2 sites several times over I have lost control over editing...

              WeeblyCan sign in but cannot access anything

              I cannot access my site, people cannot see my site, I cannot contact weebly either! 10 years of shows and my entire body of work gone.
              I can sign in, but cannot edit the site, it says to update billing details and yet has no option to.
              Every thing I try just goes in a loop, it's like a circle, but not a real circle, more like a freaky circle!
              Gods help me!

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                • Br
                  Brook Reflections Oct 28, 2020
                  This comment was posted by
                  a verified customer
                  Verified customer

                  So sorry- I have Exactly same problem - but people can see my sites.
                  You hit the nail on the head you feel Freaky with circles no answers.
                  So many years for me also. It is sad. I feel for you as well.
                  Having lost so much.
                  So sorry my friend
                  its unbelievably Shocking this.
                  hasnt anyone joined a group?? I wonder.
                  Ive lost my income as well...
                  take care Pal
                  Kind regards Deb

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                WeeblyLack of customer service

                I am a new user to the websites world, I was not happy with the weelby way of building a website so decided not to go ahead. I have tried numerous emails to get help but to no avail now for 5 days, seems that no one is on the other end just sending emails into thin air. What do I have to do to get a reply?

                I have been told that I will get a refund for the plan, which I gave not seen any moneys back into my account.
                I am now wanting the domain name to be released as I can have a free one with the new website provider, so I cannot go ahead with my new website because weelby have not released my domain name.
                I need this resolved as soon as possible so I can keep going on with my business.
                Jenny coleman

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                  Weeblyweebly hosting service

                  I was with weebly for 7 years and has all my customer websites on there, I had over 70 websites and domain names hosted with them, today I read an email they send me that stares I have 48 hours before all my websites go down and my 4 accounts are closed, as I violated something, but they never tell you what I violated. I tried calling no number ti get threw, this has cost me great financial loss, stay far away from Weebly!!

                  weebly hosting service

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                    Weeblysite not working, help page not working, phone line not answering, emails not being answered

                    My website has not been working for the last few months. I've made no changes to it but the url just stopped working. When I try to log into the app this doesn't seem to work either. Also when i try to go to the weebly help page that page is unresponsive too. I've also called during your office hours but not getting a response. This is incredibly poor service. I am still paying £24 a month for a business plan but right now getting Nothing from you. Could you please address the stated issues please and get this rectified as a matter of urgency.

                    Liz Willsher

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                      Sep 20, 2019

                      Weebly — website pro plan

                      The site on Weebly is not optimized which is a consequence of page SEO optimization not being transported by...

                      Sep 20, 2019

                      Weebly — unable to get inside my website for editing

                      I've been constantly getting this message from Weebly: This page isn't workingwww.weebly.com redirected you...

                      Weeblyweb site help - https://www.stormwriter.net/

                      I have been trying to get this problem resolved since 2nd September and all I have had is the wrong advice and hear crickets as I wait
                      Started with Nef, who gave me wrong information and caused problems with google search. I then tried facebook messenger who said it was a Simple Fix but when I asked how I never heard from them again… and finally Amanda… 7 September and claimed she couldn't find missing images ??? read the emails… no images missing just out of place… she said she was trying to help and I sent her info on how it should be…13 Sept… nothing since …
                      Now, almost 2 weeks for a Simple fix….
                      Some of the correspondence I have received and sent

                      My site wont line up with mobi view. It is fine on https://stormwriter.weebly.com/ but on stormwriter.net is does not line up as it should. Pictures and utube in the wrong places Novels 1 ... Bimat pic should not be there but on the Bimat section. Same2

                      Hi Robert

                      The first thing I'm noticing is that you're using an old outdated theme which is no longer supported. And it requires you customize your own mobile theme which is more of a hassle and doesn't help improve your overall google ranking and SEO does like a standard responsive theme. We recommend you update your theme to any of our current themes available in the theme gallery, this will create a responsive site that will translate onto mobile, you can then adjust the desktop version and toggle back and forth between the mobile view and desktop view to make sure everything translates onto mobile well.
                      The first step though in resolving this would be to update the theme and go from there. We can help adjust or advice what needs to be done to perfect any alignment issues on mobile.
                      Nef - Weebly Customer Success
                      Weebly Customer Succes

                      4 Sep at 10:29

                      I changed the theme but nothing has changed. It is still incorrect on the mobile view, same as before. Bimat is still in the wrong place although it looks fine on the desktop view

                      Sept 7 Facebook mssge
                      Hi Team I hope you can help, I have tried you support but they take days to answer and give me wrong advice. Ok when zenden desk contact but I tried they and they sent me to other one The mobile view on my websit page 1 does not match the desktop view and is incorrect. The images for Bimat appear underneath Siam Storm and the images for protector appear above the Bimat text. (See desktop) I have tried to move them with dividers etc but that didnt work Support told me to change Theme which I did but not only did that not work it got me validation warnings from google, the advice support gave me told me to get the column block app which I did, This did not work so I went back to old theme and change mobile theme. This seems to have worked with one problem but not my original problem/ Support said it was difficult to fix but they would try The last time I had a problem with misalignment, Joshua B fixed it in next to no to time/ Can you take a look and either fix the problem or tell me what to do. Reported problem 2 Sept and no fix in sight. ref:_00DE0Y7ru._5000L1MOf9u:ref Thanks. Rob
                      SEP 8, 2019, 12:33 A
                      Thanks, Robert. Apologies for my delay. It looks like you responded after I left for the weekend. Nailing down the column alignment can be tricky (at first) but once you get the hang of how the columns and content fit on your page it is relatively easy to fix. Is it this content that is out of order?

                      How do I fix this? Please keep it simple as I arent good with technology...Thanks
                      Hey Robert,

                      I'm doing what i can to get this fixed for you.

                      What order do you want the bitmap and video to appear? Which one do you want to be first and then which one below?
                      Thanks for your patience!

                      Amanda - Weebly Customer Success
                      Live Chat: weebly.com/app/help
                      Weebly Hours of operation: 6am-6pm PST M-F | 8am-5pm Sat/Sun

                      --------------- Original Message ---------------
                      From: robert webster [[protected]@yahoo.com]
                      Sent: 9/12/2019 1:23 PM
                      To: [protected]@help-messaging.squareup.com
                      Subject: Re: RE:

                      Hello Amanda
                      Have the others given up?
                      There are no images missing. The Bimat image and utube is in the wrong place. Check desktop, and emails I have sent, and no, it has not been fixed... 11 days now,
                      According to the FB message from weebly it is a simple fix... see screenshot... but when I asked how, all I am getting again is 'crickets' and it appears that Nef has given up on this case as I have heard nothing from Customer success for days.'More crickets' Maybe because the advice to change themes which left with me a validification warning from google which I couldnt fix so changed back desktop theme and changed mobi theme, that worked with validification but STILL did not fix my original problem, that is still there
                      This happened before and Joshua B fixed it in next to no time and it was a great service which I recommended ...now... not so much. Never mind, the hosting site is up for renewal in December...
                      I can hear the 'crickets' warming up so I wont expect anything to happen to fix site

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                        Jul 13, 2019

                        Weebly — defamation of my character

                        https://runnymedearms.weebly.com/ This is a site where tenants can put complaints about the apt building...

                        Weeblybanned without motive/reason

                        Any website on Weebly is not safe. They ban without justification and reason. My website had webgl games developed and published by me, with all rights involved. I fully respected the terms of service.
                        After I got banned, this is their response.


                        This type of content has generated a high number of complaints in the past. Because of this, your site was shut down and your account was disabled. Sorry this happened out of the blue. The ban cannot be reversed.

                        See our TOS here:


                        Thank you!
                        Policy Enforcement Specialist"

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                          Weebly — automatic renewal - when not required or authorised by me

                          I have just received an Email from WEEBLY advising that they have renewed my contract for one site which i...


                          Weebly — unethical behaviour

                          I started using Weebly 4 years ago to build my own website called "www.epms.guru". It is an...

                          Weeblywebsite hosting

                          I asked Weebly to delete everything associated with my account which was set up under the email judith.[protected]@gmail.com. I was told that this was done and that everything was deleted including draft and published websites.
                          I then set up a new account with a different email address [protected]@gmail.com. I proceeded to rewrite all the content for this website so that I could republish it again and point the domain I'd purchased to this new set of web pages. The domain is thehappyflier.com. This weekend I've spent hours and hours being told how to link my domain with my weebly website. The reason this doesnt work is that Weebly havent actually deleted the old website. So the domain still points to it. I am unable to point the domain to my new website. and noone at Weebly is responding now to my increasingly angry emails and messages. In fact their service desk isnt even sending me a ticket for any emails I send them and I no longer have a chat facility which I believe comes with my account.

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                            Dear complaint weebly .com

                            I forwarded the communication below to you yesterday in the belief that you will appreciate the seriousness and distressing nature of this problem as as of now, I have not as much as received an acknowledgement from you, much less any attempt to shut down this offensive post and take due diligence with your offending client.

                            In the present climate where you Providers are being criticize for not doing enough to stamp out these sort of behaviour, my situation once again highlight the concerns expressed by both some Governments and the public at large, in this regard. This offending example of hateful behaviour and Cyberbullying is prevalent because necessary actions are not taken at the right time and despite assurance from your custmer Service Dept, you have FAILED ME and will continue to do so, all because of your profit margin. I am grossly disappointed at your handling of this matter and thank you for my continuing distress.

                            I am a contributor on Hello Poetry and as the above indicates I have been subjected to obnoxious and inappropriate and indictable cyberbullying by this member called Vasa, I had made an innocuous comment on a poem of his and received in return a rather angry response, I had replied stating they were only my opinion and I do not want any further engagement with him on this matter.

                            Vasa then changed identity and under the guise of this new account in the name of Cirrus, he forwarded me a link to a blog site he owns: The offending link is hereby posted and its a gross example of propagating Hate and Cyberbullying, behaviours that should not be condoned.

                            Respond to Cirrus

                            This link reveals the work of a sadistic, sick, immature bully and shows the disgusting venom of a coward and a cyberbully. As you can see he actually lifted my image posted at Hello Poet and accompanied with abuse he proceeded to malign me and made derogatory and abusive claims. This is indictable, horrendous and extremely distressing and has caused me and my reputation great distress and upset. This blog has an International readership and you can imagine the disrepute such a post could do. This is a serious infringement of my rights and a grievous attempt to cause me emotional injuries.

                            I am tendering this formal complaints to you in this communication and urge immediate action from you. I am sure you will agree that such behaviour should not and cannot be condoned on your hosting sight. I would like to known what actions you intend to take in this matter at your earliest convenience. What safe-guard do you have regarding the infringement of your compliance code and to prevent the misuse of the services you provide and what actions you take to prevent such an indictable and distressing behaviour. this man's action should not be happening in this day and age and I urge you take immediate action to shut down this offensive page and ban Vaso from your Site.

                            I urge your immediate action in this serious breach and require that the presence of Vaso onn this site is no longer tenable and he should be banned and without any further recourse to appear under a different identity on this site, I believe Vaso should be compelled to make me an apology and retract and remove the distress material he has produced.

                            I await your urgent response and thank you for your attention

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                              • Ki
                                King_of_Words Feb 18, 2019
                                This comment was posted by
                                a verified customer
                                Verified customer

                                This is a false post, I have verified all the links on that site, and there in no public links mentioned in the complaint. As a user of Hello Poetry, this person has abused and trolled and insulted many persons there and is not propagating his hatred and harassment, I have advised the site in case they wish to take legal action, Further more he is using a false name here.

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