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Blocking of purchases on my account.

Several months ago my account security was breached on and someone tried to make several purchases in my name. Wish stopped the transactions and blocked my account, ever since i have been unable to make any purchases due to the fact that i cannot get to the payment stage of the purchase because of pop up messages (attached images) demanding proof of identity blocks me and redirects me to a automated customer service spewing out the same nonsense about having unblocked me. I still have over 1000 NOK of Wishcash sitting in that account and despite having submitted the info required several times i am still blocked. I will give you one more chance to fix this if not i will consider Wish as a non serious company and never shop here again.

Blocking of purchases on my account.
Blocking of purchases on my account.


the products look great online but in person are made poorly and are cheap... it is what I have heard " you get what you pay for"... it has taken months to start receiving items I have ordered... and now one was delivered and I never received it... I am very disappointed and wished I had not wasted my money...looking for a good deal.
I will not be buying anything else from Wish... sadly... I do enjoy looking at the items of the website...
Elizabeth Thibodeaux

Wish fraudulently took $140.43 out of my bank account

The following is an email I sent to Wish Customer Support on Aug 4, 2020, 1:57 PM PDT. After this email you...

Tracking#: lo994541355cn wall mount hanger home decor

Hello Wish team,
I am writing to you re tracking #LO994541355CN, as the item was purchased on April 20 and unfortunately has not been received yet.
It has been more than 30 days for a refund claim (assuming due to COVID-19 crisis there were some delivery glitches), therefore, your assistance in contacting the saller/store for a refund request will be highly appreciated, as unfortunately there is no way to contact them directly.
Looking forward to hearing from you at your earliest.
Tohar Elizabeth Eek

Tracking#: lo994541355cn wall mount hanger home decor
Tracking#: lo994541355cn wall mount hanger home decor
Tracking#: lo994541355cn wall mount hanger home decor

Stopped from buying because checking out with a $200 bill when all I was doing was looking at my wish list!

Im trying to buy items on site! Ive spent a lot buying items. Months ago I had a saved list I was looking at. Tried to change the page and it checked me out!! I tried immediately to get it corrected that day and 1-2 more days after that. Customer service wouldnt cancel the transaction!! This was an error and should have been canceled!! Now it wont let me buy anything and no one will help resolve this!! I just keep getting told to go to this site!! I plan on buying more items if we can clear this up. I will also be more careful!! Please reactivate my acct. I dont like the other site im buying from! Items not as nice.

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Non refund fraud advertising

I have 3 outstanding issues with wish who basically don't care about me and are scamming people by refusing refunds or return items.

My first item the ad was worded so price was $24 + shipping ended Out being $133!! I have contacted numerous people at wish they ignore their return any item if you're not happy. This wa# a mistake order and I want to return for refund.

2 issue i# with an order may 14 still haven't received they just keep extending delivery date I want a refund! This is unacceptable. I want refund of $16.12

3 issue I ordered April 6 still haven't received keep extending delivery date unacceptable again I want refund. of $15.22

I will attach screenshots and I have new visa as it was put on darkweb and have other fraudulent charges on.

Non refund fraud advertising
Non refund fraud advertising
Non refund fraud advertising
Non refund fraud advertising
Non refund fraud advertising

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    Another item to go with above



I ordered a pair of Jean's 5/6/20. 7/23 I received a pair of stretch pants. 7/25 I emailed along with photos, my dissatisfaction of my purchase and requested a refund. 7/26 they requested additional photos. 7/27 they requested photos of the outer packaging. 7/30 I was emailed that I would have to send additional photo's of the packaging because the tracking number on the photo I sent didn't match theirs. Which was ridiculous considering it's the same packaging that came with the stretch pants that were suppose to be Jean's that they sent. I advise them that false advertising is illegal and this is a prime example of that and theft. The first 2 photos below are what I I received. The third is what was displayed and what I ordered.


Dust daddy - a vacuum cleaner attachment.

I ordered 3 of this Dust Daddy.
The quality of manufacture is so poor that all 3 broke almost immediately after first use and came apart rendering them unusable.
The array of small tubes is not fixed properly inside the main body of the tool and becomes detached. The method of securing is to heat-weld two plastic lugs which subsequently fracture very easily under the slightest of pressure. See image attached. The array of white tubes should be fixed securely inside the grey tube. It has been 'secured' by heat melting parts of the plastic which soon disintegrate under the slightest pressure.
A shoddy item that is a copy of an original idea and so probably counterfeit.
I would advise against using WISH for anything. Look at their website and it is full of stuff that you think you ought to have but in the cold light of day you really do not need.
Bought in July 2020.
Item arrived with no paperwork to support my order. So very anonymous for contacting them.
The return address is this Y7G F2P, Unit 5 Trident Way, Southall, UB2 5LF.
It all smells of dodgy dealings and should be investigated.
I have complained on the wish website for a full refund including the postage and will await a reply.

Dust daddy - a vacuum cleaner attachment.

Order #: 5eae2ae7aa0d79ec81bbdbdf

I ordered on 5/2/20
Prettyia 1/6 Scale Super Flexible Male Seamless Body with Steel Skeleton with a delivery date of 5/30/20. This delivery was then postponed to June then July. On or about 7/4/20, Wish offered a shipping refund for the delay and told me to contact them again by 7/20/20 if the item is still undelivered. I contacted them 7/20/20 for the refund. Now, they're claiming they can't do a refund as the item has finally been shipped and that I should have it sometime in August! I'm not interested in the item at this time and all I want is for them to honor their word and give the refund as they claimed they'll do.
The amount is $65.87
Order #: 5eae2ae7aa0d79ec81bbdbdf

Saying delivered but not delivered, false tracking details

Ordered a phone for a essential key worker during covid, we realised it may take a while, yet within a week I get information that I was delivered, turns out delivered to dhl langley mill, 300 miles away from my address on the order. Dhl will not entertain me, saying none of my details match the parcel. Wish will not offer refund until the "est" delivery date has passed (sept 2020) yet wish say it has been delivered. How will it be possible for dhl to deliver it if my details are not on the parcel. So we have to go and buy another phone and cannot even get near to getting my money refunded.

Online orders.

My wife went to online. She saw items that she liked and wanted to buy. She did not have either money, or a way to buy things at the time so she used my credit card number. She purchased several items and when I saw the bill I complained about it. She told me she changed the account information and I wouldn't get any more charges. Today 7/27/20 I looked at my account and found 2 new charges pending. My account shows a phone number along with the amount and date. The phone number is wish.coms customer service. If a person tries to talk to someone all you get is automated product ads then a hang-up message with a loud shrieking alarm. To me this is very poor customer service. This is a 123.08 surprise that could include 39.95 a day service charge. My wife tells me she's going to pay me for this but I still want my account number taken off her account. How does a person talk to a person about this?


I sent up for a tshirt from wish, they told me it would not arrive until 30th of september 2020.
On the 25th of july 2020 I recieved an email from wish telling me, that my item had been delivered that day.
When I looked at the address it had been sent to it was the wrong address that they had sent it to
The no of my house was not correct
I went to the house where the parcel supposed to have been delivered and they said they had recieved no parcel I then sent a message to wish telling them of the problem, but now they are saying my item isnt due to be delivered until 3oth of september,
I have sent at least 5 messages to them asking for a refund, but they now tell me to rin g up shipping company, and ask them about the parcel
I told them that is their duty to do that, but I just get same answer
I now have had enough of this company, I dont understand why this company is still allowed to operate, why hasnt it been closed down, the tracking no for my item is uf300430079yp and the order no is 5f0b7820e45b2e092c45f76f

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    Yorkydevil Jul 27, 2020
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    almost exactly the same as myself, i was looking to order quite a few items, but not now. In all the years i have used another site, starting with an E, i have never had problems like this. When an electric motor would not work for me, they sent another motor within days, so i had 2 motors. With WISH you pay for items and do not receive them

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Refunding and conformation of returns

Wish to complain about the service by wish to clarify a return and issue a refund
Order a computer on the 26 June 2020 and received it on the 06/07/2020 the computer did not work would not start up
Returned it back on the 07/07/2020 after receiving the return form via Hermes which I received a tracing number and passed on, when going to he Hermes site tracking info just keeps saying in transit to the seller
I have written via email 6 times to wish to clarify that the goods have been logged and in the process of being returned to the seller also asked when will my refund will happen
All I get back 4 times is go to your purchase file on the app click onto the computer purchase press return (obviously I've done as had a return label)
then go to customer support which is not there
have explained this to the 4 times all I want is to find out has them or the supplier got conformation of the return and when I am getting my refund
so easy but all you get is an automated system telling you the same thing and get no where
I am going to shut my account down if or when I get my refund can only say Wish never use to be like this don't know what's gone wrong

A Pritchard

Refunding and conformation of returns

Customer service and product quality

I have attempted to contact wish customer service in every possible way — phone, email, etc. I have come to the conclusion that there is no such thing as wish customer service! I will never ever order anything else from this company. I believe that it is a complete scam. The merchandise I ordered took over a month to arrive. When it finally did come, I received only one of two orders. It was hideous! A complete knock-off of the pair of shoes I had seen on other websites as well as on wish. I learned my lesson — you get what you pay for! The material in the shoes definitely is not leather, as advertised. No one with normal feet possibly could wear these monstrosities, but I can't return them as there are no instructions available for returns. Never buy from this company!

1. Robot answers 2. Wish cash as a "refund" 3. Allowing sellers who do not offer paypal

1. Trying to get a valid relevant appropriate answer to a question is utterly frustrating and is a complete turn off. The "answer" almost deliberately utterly FAILS to address the question and focuses on something that had nothing to do with the question asked. The use of robotic answers is the problem and it is rude and disrespectful to customers to NOT reply appropriately.
2. If I order xyz and the cost plus shipping was a total of $12 and they never turn up and tracking confirms that the items still have not left China then I want a full refund back to my PayPal account. A 10cent "wish cash" is an insult to the customer.
3. I used to enjoy using with a wide variety of sellers from (mostly) China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and they ALL accepted PayPal. And it was a fair competitive market. but now ONE SELLER in Ukraine is dominating all the sales, and does NOT offer PayPal. you want my custom? Then I ONLY want to pay via Paypal.
So I am wondering if my account has been hacked?
because the ONLY seller who comes when I go to to buy is the following seller:
Danil Belavin at Maksima Krivonosa 47, Cherkasy, Cherkasy obl, Ukraine, 18031
And that ONE Ukraine seller has NO available PayPal
Hence why I have STOPPED using
4. Wish constantly changing the "arrive by date" if an item is extra slow to arrive. If an item cannot reach me after 3 months then it is probably never going to arrive. Wish should arrange a refund through Paypal
5. if is going to cease to use PayPal in the near future (as ebay intends to do) then I will shop elsewhere. I trust Paypal.

Unauthorized credit card charges

Please help, I did not authorize this company to deduct $50 every month from my viza. I called them but got an answer read from a script. I am on social security and cannot afford this money taken out every month, they are maxing out my account.

The company is*membershp [protected] ca

There is no way I would have agreed to this money taken out of my account

  • Updated by Jennifer Cardozo · Jul 24, 2020

    Please help with this complaint, they just keep answering me with a scripted paragraph and meanwhile they are deducting $50 a month from my account.

    Jennifer [email protected]

You closed my account months ago. I sent in proof of identification.

I don't know why you lock people out who is trying to pay??? You have also locked out money due to me

Two other accounts you are holding cash also wish cash. Please rectify this immediately.
I have ordered from you for almost 3 years
I spent Thousands of dollars. I know how to treat customers
Your service is absolutely terrible. I only ordering a few items recently because i am digusted on uour business protocol. I have provided the proper papers showing my identity. I am blown away the way I have been treated. The funny thing is one account I forgot to pay. 6 months later you still will not let me pay!!!
I am telling everyone I used to brag about Wish how your business is also the customer service is horrible. Please rectify all accounts and return me my money due. If you don't want your money then oh well however I want mine. If this isn't resolved I will be contacting the better business bureau. I look forward to your response


New upgrade ky601g explosion drone 5g

I ordered a drone from them on May 25, 2020 order # 5ecc1311749daf5b239982e4 I received it july 14, 2020 over a month past the delivery date they said when i ordered it. opening the package immediately seen that the remote was damaged. i get my phone right then and went to the customer support and reported it damaged and sent them pictures. few days later they said that the seller would replace the remote. i said i had inspected the drone and it also had damage to one of the wings and overall it was very cheap quality that i wanted a full refund. they will not answer me back. only a couple of emails saying that i had to request it on the app through customer support i told them that i had done that 20 times and no is the 24th no reply.. this thing was $147.00 I want all my money can u please help.

New upgrade ky601g explosion drone 5g
New upgrade ky601g explosion drone 5g

wish took my money and didn't give me my jewelry

ive made 3 purchases/ june 3nd /5ed7af6910af, 622222fl3696 I have not received my deliveries. If I can receive them okay if not I WANT MY MONIES BACK!!! I feel like im getting the runaround.

i made(2) purchases on the third of June., 2020. 30.60 and 11.52. ON JULY 23, 2020 I made a purchase of $9.60.

THE dates keep changing It started JUNE3. now ithe date is changing to October.

False advertising and poor customer service

After making an initial purchase and finding out how long shipping would take coming from China, they gave an estimated 90 days, I made another purchase of similar products from only vendors specifically labeled "Shipped from United States". No matter where in the United States the items were shipped, they should have arrived sooner then 90 days, even using the slow USPS. There's no way to see estimated arrival or where items are shipping from till after purchase. All items that I purchased labeled "Shipped from United States" were shipped from China. I contacted customer service and told them this and gave them screen shots of the proof of advertising of shipping from United States. They refused to address the issue, they would only talk about how I had to wait for the ETA date before saying something should have arrived and other shipping excuses, nothing at all related to the false advertising. This is the worst customer service I've ever received.

False advertising and poor customer service
False advertising and poor customer service
False advertising and poor customer service