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I could not talk a human. I ordered a ozone generator at 19 march 2020. The delivery adres was my work adress. Next day my workplace has been closed by covid19. I checked my order status at and it did not send it. And I have wanted to change my adress as a home adress. I couldn't talk a human, no interlocutor. A robot software was interlocutor with me. The robot told me "wait, ..." Now my order is lost, I have no idea what should I do. They could change my adress and thay had enugh time for it. I will not buy anything from anymore if they will not solve my problem.

Giveaway gone

I love the giveaways but after winning around 80 they took my see us I can't play any more I thinks it unfair

Returning my money

I purchased 2 things on wish and paid for them then after they said the products where not available I tryed to get my money back with no responds I would like is resolved thank yuo

There is something wrong with your user account. Please visit to resolve this. Okay

There is something wrong with your user account. Please visit to resolve...


I have ordered off WISH since 2013 and now I keep getting a message telling me I need to send a picture of my PayPal showing purchases with WISH. I have sent in the picture and keep getting generated emails saying the same thing no matter what I email back. This is to the point that I am really done with it. I just want my WISH cash refunded so I can close my account.


I want to change my payment method but I’m having problem with that

Last year I was using Gt bank master card for payment and shipping of goods that was before my account get a problem, I want to change it to sterling bank using my dad account and I'm having issue with that

seat cushion for my car order 4 got 3

order Feb. 6 2020 4 black cushion for my car received 3 only today package had been tape up with yellow tape
Dianne Edwards
145 willie currin rd.
Henderson N.C. 37537

invoice id 5e3c53cd6e37do3a9cc7508

transaction id 0l5528081K6872605

Wish Code referrals

I have had 5 people that purchased something using my referral code but refuses to give me the reward I had rightfully earned. I've tried contacting them but all they said was they didn't purchased anything. That's baloney because all of people I have referred had bought something using my referral code. Wish owes me $10 in Wish cash.

Wish Code referrals

I am having problems changing my email address

I entered my email address wrong and I have had no success changing it I would like someone to help me and also send me any emails that I have not received to my proper address [protected] please could someone sort this please as I have tried to work it out myself but don't seem to be having any success. if you are unable to do this could you phone me on [protected] as I may find this easier thank you


I ordered a dress for a wedding a month ago. They do not tell you when you order items that it is shipped from out of the country. I have still not recieved the dress. They took my money out of my account very fast. I will NEVER order anything from them again.

the covid 19 masks two orders, total $71

I ordered Order #: 5e82baea73ae26536382423a Order #: 5e82bc3fc558270c1c16c803 the masks for covid - for my...

Hi my name is ms bridget o Reilly synnott

I have been trying to add my card details as my payment but I have money in my account but it keeps saying there is something wrong with your user account can you slove this is this a pravate account and is my details pravate on this site please write back

Yours sincerely Ms bridget o Reilly synnott

Hi my name is ms bridget o Reilly synnott

Ability to purchase and annoying message about verifying myself

I have spent hundreds of dollars at Wish and have been happy with most purchases. Now all of a sudden I keep getting this stupid/annoying message...verify yourself and I'm unable to pay for things in my cart. What in the world is going on. Surely to goodness Wish still welcomes purchases. Please please please fix this problem or I'm positive you will lose a lot of faithful customers and of course, that means a serious decline in revenue. RIGHT???????????????

grid tie inverter

i ordered a grid tie inverter from it never came i ordered it in january they aren't sending it. i can't get a refund.when i tracked the package it said it was prohibited goods. and is not allowed to leave china. i want a full refund 87.00 dollars.

Partial Refund on Feb 17, 2020
Last Location: China
Store: tgreyewyruyret
600W Grid Tie Inverter MPPT Function 22-60VDC input 110V 230VAC Micro Grid Tie Pure Sine Wave Inverter 22V 60V to 110V 220V
Qty 1

grid tie inverter

My account being blocked

My account email [protected] address: 83 Premier St, Gymea NSWv2227 Australia had a purchase listed that was not mine- I Noticed 2 days later, wish refunded it. Since then I have had a different name and Canadian address on my account. Every time I contact wish, I get a reply from a different person- I do exactly as instructed, over and over and still cannot get the block off my account. I do not know how this other person and address got onto MY account yet I am the one suffering and constantly contacting wish to get my account unblocked. Even having done all that is asked it is still blocked. How can this be rectified.

All products

I have been reviewing this app for sometime now and picked a verity of products across a number of ranges, the prices are all false compared to the final cart price. It should be reported to Apple and Android as this app can only work if they are allowed to use their platform. The app is full of false advertising and should come with a health warning

My account being blocked for no reason

I have ordered several items for around 150 to 250 dollars. I have cancelled the old orders that cost around 400. And they were refunding my money back then last wednesday out of blue they took my 400 out of my bank. They were not supposed to do that after I cancelled old orders. Then I noticed that wish blocked my account for no reason. I sent my bank statements several times and assured me that once they review and get me back to shopping.

And they said due to company policy that they cannot remove block from my wish account. I emailed them several times and asked why they block it and why they took my money out of my account without telling me. And demanded they return my money back.

I don't understand why they are doing that!!! They made me pissed off !!!

Payment issue

I'm trying to purchase and isnot letting me do anything been with wish for awhile never had a problem now have payment issue already send a copy of my statement and still lock out been 2 months already is not right what is going on send my statement 5 times what else can I do for this to clear out already is not fair

Returns process

I returned a jacket to Wish and I have a signed receipt from the courier, but my account has not registered...

i need to cancel an order

My order did not said I recieve the product after 1 month that I need now and also did not said tha comes from china now with global infection...I dont want to recieve that package and as the order will delay 1.1/2 month I assume that I can order something else...plz I dont want to throw away 20€ and dont take anything...let me buy something else and cansel my order

This is my letter to wish and one girl Αθηνά from store always replied to me that i keep you informed about the position of your package, thank you!

I wrote that i informed the central store about that if she anser to me again that she replies some things that im not asking and she replied again with the same words...this is total unproffesional i think so i write to you...thx if you can do anything to vansel my order and take something else...its been 3 days tha i order and will come in 2 i can not cansel that ...its not even shiped