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Te on Jul 17, 2018

I have not received any items of the 10 items I ordered on the 17 May 2018. I have been tracking my orders and constantly waiting in anticipation. I am so sorry I tried to use this app. I have kept checking and following shipping information and two of the items say they arrived in transit... / bluetooth

gilda couch on Jul 16, 2018

i have been charged twice for the bluetooth devised i ordered.i want this fixed now.i did not get the order number but i am sure you can find name is gilda couch bd 11/20/56.i understand i need more words so hear i go i want this fixed immediately.again fix immediately, more wording... / requested canceled order

JO Joey on Jul 16, 2018

***********URGENT******* Hi Wish, I am extremely stressed out. Within 1 minute of placing and orderfor about $480, I emailed several times called and tried to cancel order No one answers phone on anyone your numbers, and no one replying to emails propley .Why is no one on phone line and... / 68" cat tree

Wendy A Bird on Jul 16, 2018

Waited a month for delivery. When I finally get the email stating the item was delivered, I checked and nothing. I contacted wish to be told they are sorry and can issue me a refund. Well I was hoping it was delivered and just a day late getting to me. I waited 4 more days to no avail... / shoes

howhowhow on Jul 16, 2018

Regarding an order i received fro your associates in china " cheng fei" for shoes ...the shoes are about 3 sizes to small! How am I to return and get a refund? Howard Metz- CANCEL ORDER & REFUND MY MONEY! What more be said! You shipped me wrong size. Iwear 10 here in U.S> or q 43 eur... / watch with a moon inside of it

tehila on Jul 16, 2018

I ordered from you a watch two months ago and it supposed to come this month- but it didnt' and also I took a look at my order history and its even not there! but I already pay for it in my credit card. my card was charged at 21.5.2018 in a 119.0 ש"ח I cant remember what is the name of the... / order code jd0002210162655600

Bevvie on Jul 16, 2018

Hi I have been in touch with one world who gave me the above tracking code and said I needed to contact you to complain that my item has not been received. Please could you send me my hot water dispenser as it appears to have been mislaid by the courier service. All I received was a bag... / never received product I paid for

Jane Townsend on Jul 15, 2018

Below is summary of my correspondence with Wish following order placed in January this year - after I was informed the delivery would be late in February, I assumed the snowflakes would eventually arrive. I am a very busy teacher and mum. When I followed up about not receiving the... / never received items paid for

Jane Townsend on Jul 15, 2018

Question details Awaiting store response Store: integrity boutique Asked: feb 18, 2018 Question #: 5a89a9386f757b13a146c3b5 Topic: when will my order arrive? Items Order placed: jan 2, 2018 Order #: 5a4b6ddb62066adf6f579072 Details Fancy snowflakes high amount blocks children's kids educational... / can't log into account and can't track order

Chriskatie Powell on Jul 15, 2018

I have order a women ring and a men's ring that has crosses on them I have no idea where my package is or anything the number that is connected to the account is 2562266324 the name is Katie mccullars on the account email address is plz get in touch with... / product and overall service

Kayls on Jul 15, 2018

I ordered a gold bag for a wedding I am going to, I even took pictures at the time so show a friend to see what they thought; all the images were gold, and the description was gold. After I received this it turns out to be black, so I mark it up on the website to find out what is wrong... / intax mini film (quantity 200)

Keyannew on Jul 14, 2018

I just really want my intax mini film not a refund ... I had an account but I tried to put my email and it said I never had one under that email. I thought "well maybe i I used another email" and that didn't work. I paid like 7 or 8 dollars maybe for them. Other then that I really love... / no delivery of items ordered

wwamsley on Jul 14, 2018

wish has not delivered 5 items i have ordered. It has been over 10 weeks since the promise delivery date. This is very frustrating, i have received other low cost items but not the bigger cost items. I want the things i ordered, not a refund. Wish has communicated that some of the items on... / not receiving items

Laura McDonald on Jul 13, 2018

I purchased a cat scratching pole for Tiawangg which was apparently delivered to the wrong address and although a refund was processed I wanted a replacement item. The customer support person said I could just go and buy another one. I told them that was fine but they are now $151.00. I... / the company as a whole

blp21295 on Jul 13, 2018

I ordered three items back in March 2018. I figured these items were coming from China, which is why they are so cheap, so I knew that the items I ordered would take longer to get to me. I wanted 3 months and never received my items, so I contacted the company. Once I contacted the... / all of their products

Jo Ellen Worthy Turner on Jul 12, 2018

The items that are bought from wish, geek and cute are counterfeit. Sometime they send you what they want you to have. Every ring that i have bought has turned to copper. The facial products do not work, the finger nail polish comes in tiny bottles. Most of the items can be bought from the... / blazer jacket

Jennifer Eccles on Jul 12, 2018

To whom it may concern, I have several complaints about wish. It currently has this daily login special that gives you a percentage off your next purchase but it NEVER works!!! I can't even contact anyone about it. I was meant to get 20% off my order!!! The codes always say the you have 2... / why did my order get cancelled???

THOMAS DIAS lll on Jul 11, 2018

I ordered 2 Hi Fonics 12" subwoofers for $59 . Did not touch my phone since I placed the order. I am very displeased at how something like this can happen. I have been trying to go through my email to track order and I finally figured it out, only to see my order cancelled when there wa... / about two things I got in the mail

Suprina on Jul 11, 2018

I order 005793P43467048 Galaxy J7 phone cover that I think is broken and it don't fit my phone and on the picture it look like something else supposed to be with it but i didnt get it. I also order some small packet by air that I thought the thing you hook it to come with it and it don't... / promo code not applied

Tre458274 on Jul 11, 2018

I was checking out with Wish on my mobile app and I was shown a the total charge would be $35.10 so upon checking out it charged me the $35 from my wish bucks and the $25 saved from the promo code. Here are screenshots to prove my claim. First photo clearly shows the promo code accepted...