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Wish.com / Haven't received by full order and some items I received were incorrect size or damaged

Tanya24 on Jul 21, 2017
I placed an order June 3, 2017 and have not received my entire order. Out of the 14 items it ordered 2 shirts were too small, eye shadow was damaged and 1 out of the two shoes I order was the wrong size. I continue getting updates asking if I have received the order and I keep stating "NO". I...

Wish.com / Item not Delivered till 21ST July-17

sukhwinder singh on Jul 21, 2017
Dear Sir, I have Ordered some of items from your website on 11 june-17 order no is - 593c3e167871923b806442e9, this suppose to deliver as on 14 July but after that status updated that it wi;; be delivered as on 20 July-17. but still the material is not delivered to me. I just wanted to know...

Wish.com / Clothing

J@rrod01 on Jul 20, 2017
I've made an order of clothing which came to a total of $457.00 and 2 days later when I check the status of the order it says 'refunded' ? None of the funds have been returned to my account? I've contacted customer support and that was NO HELP AT ALL! I've tried calling your contact number...

Wish.com / My Refund

Lanisha Lewis on Jul 20, 2017
My items came late and when I did get my items they were to small so I sent all items back in one box with the label on it and only a couple of items been refunded and I'm trying to see what's going on with it, so please contact me with an email at lanishasmith76@yahoo.com or...

Wish.com / Bella cream order

Tabitha Hoffman on Jul 20, 2017
I ordered and paid for a 3 pack of bella cream must up breast enhancement cream and i only recieved one 100g bottle. I want the other two 100g bottles of bella cream i paid for, Or my money back please?on the order history it was 3 bottles.i would like the products i paid for or my money back on pay pal . What do i do now? First time shopper here???

Wish.com / chakra tree of life shower curtain

Susan Farrell on Jul 19, 2017
My name is Susan Farrell. I am an Artist from Australia. It has been brought to my attention that Wish is selling a shower curtain with one of my images on it. The Chakra Tree of Life. This is my painting and is subject to copyright. I have not given my permission for my image to be used...

Wish.com / ordering product

Mark Saunders on Jul 19, 2017
Hi. I have tried unsuccessfully to order 3 items, 3 times. When I try to use Paypal I get an error that simply says "OOOOOPS" with no explanation as to why is has not been accepted. I tried a different card, with the same result. Then I tried to contact you through your web pages but...

Wish.com / postage

Gloria Lilly on Jul 19, 2017
In may of 2017 I purchase two orders with no problem i didn't think anything about until purchase my second and wish saying things where on date past for awhile saying my orders where on my doorsteps one order I mean.after contact them that say it mistake and was over seas and its way then...

Wish.com / money taken from my account without permission

Leah Maegan Czechowski on Jul 19, 2017
This is the second e.mail I have sent regarding the issue. On July 3th 2017, 16.86 was taken from my chequing account without my consent and without me knowing about the purchase. I did not purchase anything or wish to purchase anything that day and would like to be refunded in full a...

Wish.com / packages not being received and delivered

bandit99 on Jul 19, 2017
My name is Destiny Johnson. I unfortunately can't find my client number. Over the last three months my household has had five packages that have not been received but claimed to be delivered. These packages have been from two different accounts, two on my account and three on my sister'...

Wish.com / stolen card

James Wisemore on Jul 19, 2017
accident Lee 5 to 4 business days ago on my credit card was used on your wish.com to purchase six different transactions costing me almost $90 in stolen money I've tried to contact you guys but no one will get back to me so now I'm having him file complaint through my card holder which...

Wish.com / past order never received

Isaiah Dante on Jul 19, 2017
about a year ago i placed a order for the apricot jacket a shirt and a neckalace, i had received the lion neckalace with th red eyes but havent received my shirts and its been months past now, i called customer service didnt get a answer emailed customer and still no answer, i am tempted...

Wish.com / refund from item not received

Lisa Moyer on Jul 19, 2017
Upon ordering an acupuncture kit in March from China it was taking longer than expected. I allowed more time. Checked on tracking in April it was in progress. In June I wondered where it was. Checked on tracking again. The item seemed to disapear in transit. I was tired of waiting...

Wish.com / payment issue

Ali Sultani on Jul 18, 2017
I am trying to purchase items on the site, when I go to check out, it is asking for a copy of my bank statement showing a previous purchase. This is my first time purchasing anything so I can not supply this. It will not let me check out. I tried to go to the contact us tab and was requested to re...

Wish.com / wish.com. merchants. customer service.

Niki Rahe on Jul 17, 2017
On june 26th, 2017, my 7 year old son got onto my ipad and made a $850.00 purchase on my wish.com app. I immediately began cancelling the orders. And I even sent an e-mail to this very same address. Even though it was within the stated '8 hours of purchase', there were several...

Wish.com / 3 items not received

Destini Newson on Jul 17, 2017
I am missing 3 items that I paid for. These items were purchased a long time ago and I just realized when I went to go on the site and track a recent item. My debit card has changed so the money for these items will not be able to come back to me. And my address has changed as well so...

Wish.com / payment

Lindiswa on Jul 17, 2017
My name is Lindiswa I am interested in ordering a few items from you but the system keeps declining my card. I use capitec bank (master card) The error message I get is: OOPS "There was a problem with processing your payment . Please contact your credit card provider or try an...

Wish.com / charges put on my account that I did not do

Lauraleo on Jul 17, 2017
There are 10 different charges from you that are on my checking account and over drew it. I did not make these orders or charges. I would really appreciate it if you could fix this right away as that is coming out of my pay check that pays my bills!!! It is not ok for this to be happening...

Wish.com / product not as described, difficulties in my attempts to request for refund

D. McCan. on Jul 17, 2017
The items received ct not as described as they were see-through cover-ups not a dress and the sizes I ordered were not even close to normal USA sizes. I am having great difficulties in my many request and attempts for refund even after sending them them the requests of pictures, label...

Wish.com / non receipt of items as per my order history

Kanji Parsana on Jul 16, 2017
Sir, I purchased items by paying amount through credit card.more than 6 months lapsed but l have not received my items even though I make complaints more than 2 or 3 times.I received some items regularly i e within 2/3 months.So on that basis I trust upon company & gave more order for...

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