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Wish.com / Customer Support

enchantedlightning on May 29, 2017
I have not been able to get in touch with support for Wish.com via Facebook. This is very annoying since I live in Australia and cannot make international calls. It's expensive. Furthermore trying to contact support requires you to log in to your account which is even more annoying since...

Wish.com / The Wish App is not secure!

Mary Anne Merriman on May 27, 2017
This is not the first time I havn't gotten my packages ... I have recorded about 500 dollars I've have spent on packages that have never came ... I am about to stop using wish ... I love this app i've spent about $2400 here on this app ... And 40% have not been delivered ... I am a very...

Wish.com / Jumpsuit

Abbey Louise Pearce on May 27, 2017
Hi, I've ordered and paid for a jumpsuit that does not fit. I've been trying to get a refund but the jumpsuit is no where to be found in my order history. I've tried to go through other products to explain my situation and get a refund, but no one seems to understand that the jumpsuit I'm...

Wish.com / clothes

Jacques Britz on May 25, 2017
I ordered items on 20 May (order number 592099d6d37a71dfd6bbe424). I was told that my account was blocked and I need to send a picture of my credit card and I did. On 24 May I was informed that I was being refunded as per my request. I never requested a refund. On 26 May have not received...

Wish.com / xiaomi note 3 (paid 2220$ for it including delivery charges)

wish buyer on May 25, 2017
Hello consumers / buyers, Wish.com is the world's worst website interms of their customer outreach, they dont have dedicated email id to complain & resolution. Paid 220$ for xiaomi note3. They gav eme wrong rm tracking no (Rm703717647cn). Complaint lodged to website wish.com say...

Wish / wish

Dexter Perez on May 25, 2017
This is to whom it may concern My name is Allen and I place several orders last month and I haven't received any of my packages one of my packages was sent back to sender I been writing to support wish letting them know that I have not received any of my packages and I also wroth them...

Wish / items never received

taliatuc on May 24, 2017
My items were ordered April 28th, 2017. I waited until two days ago (May 21) until I decided to check the tracking information so see when my items would arrive. To my surprise, it said that my items were already delivered on May 12th, 2017. I contacted Wish and told them of my problem...

Wish.com / I have a few thing complaining about

Mugfords on May 24, 2017
Yes hi i have bought some items from wish app that says i have received items that i am waiting on but i have not received tgem at all first off a home vidio game console classic tracking number is lx323301109cn the second item is 12v 20000mah multi function car jumper portable pack i dont...

Wish.com / I'm complaining about an entire order

vivian javier on May 24, 2017
I'm a regular wish and home customer, but for some reason I can't make any purchases. I've always used the same credit card but won't allow me to make any purchases. I love buying things in wish and I placed orders before my vacation, but I can't seem to resile this issue. Please resolve...

Wish.com / I was kicked out for no reason!

Keith on May 24, 2017
I was a seller on www.wish.com and had a perfect time there selling my stuff until they kicked me out! When I contacted Wish customer service and demanded some reasonable explanation, they said that someone reported me for scam activity. They said that they received a complaint from a...

Wish.com / account blocked

Kellie1204 on May 24, 2017
My account has been blocked for nearly 3 weeks. As per the request of Wish.com, I sent a photo of my credit card four times already but so far I've only received automated email responses and my account is still blocked. This is extremely frustrating and truly appalling customer service...

Wish / my order didn't arrive and I ordered in 2016

Jeveianniah C Brown on May 24, 2017
I do not recommend wish to nobody because I ordered like 4 things on wish that did not come yet and they would not contact me or give me my money back so if you want to order some I recommend you to shop on eBay or Amazon least you get to track your order and talk to a live agent whenever...

Wish.com / am complaining about a order mistake

Vanessa Mitchell on May 23, 2017
I am a wish customer my last 4 of account num is on the web .my grandson accidentally press the order button on my phon i viewed those items but maybe never cleared the order .was a mistake i called the number just saying contact support so i did everything the support ask i pleaded to...

Wish.com / a ring and insect repeller

Anthony Murphy Sr. on May 22, 2017
My account history was deleted and my points are gone. I still have stuff I have ordered and have not receive. Either give me a full refund or my stuff. Asap. My name is Anthony Murphy and I have orders a few things on here. I am not happy to see my order history completely gone. I need...

Wish.com / credit card

Becky Farnsworth on May 22, 2017
Someone is using my credit card they have maxed it out on wish products without my convent I want all the charges taken off my card if u check u will see I haven't ordered anything for some time I would like to know where the products r going and who is using it .I want this stopped now...

Wish.com / galaxy tab a cover

Deborah Mckeel on May 22, 2017
My Name is Deborah F. Mckeel, on May 3rd i Ordered a Galaxy Tab A Cover for my Tablet i didn't include the Size which is 8.0 but i did choose the Color which was Red and i received the item today on May 22nd. it was the Wrong size and the Wrong Color, it is Blue not Red i do not like the...

Wish.com / order not delivered

Carolyn Wamboldt on May 22, 2017
My order was supposed to be processed march 18. I received only 2 items. itemcpo9o butterflt heart; four leaf clover chain, crystal pendant, andblack ring size6 did not arrive. I would like to order more items bit not if I am not going to get them. transaction11b766840l9133100, order id...

Wish.com / wshh.com never returned/refunded the money even you returned the items

Blas Retes JR on May 21, 2017
Then I can perceive that if for some reason I do not choose the MONEY REFUND, and I insist on having in my hands the item chosen and paid at the time but, for some reason, was lost somewhere in the world, and did not reach my Hands, then I am left without article and without money...

Wish.com / wrong items sent, no customer support

bluefish_121 on May 21, 2017
My last three deliveries came and were All wrong. 2 were wrong item totally, I ordered 2 x 2 meter usb braided android phone charger cables and received 2 x 1 meter led illuminated plastic cables, this was ordered approximately at the start of May 2017 I also ordered a PINK lanyard and...

Wish.com / 1pc blue nano titanium straight hair curl and volume/straight hair/curly hair stick curl artifact pull

Andre Creda on May 20, 2017
Wait, I ordered this Titanium Straight Hair it's been weeks ago, because I cannot use in USA no heard to the electricity I sent email via support contact no body respond or no body email me back and I called this number 1 800-266-0172 so many time no answer. I wish they call me on 786 474...

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