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Wish.com Complaints & Reviews

Wish.com / Won't accept perfectly valid card

Rosie9144 on Oct 23, 2017
I recently got a $100 MasterCard as a gift, got it registered today, and went to spend almost $80 on Wish for Christmas presents. I entered all the information, and went to pay. The site won't accept my card. I know it works just fine as I successfully ordered stuff from another site...

Wish.com / order I never received

user1748230 on Oct 23, 2017
I placed an order in august of this year, I was given tracking number but the numbers could not be found, one item the order was cancelled which was the glass screen protector, I didn't cancel this, genuine brand jewelry9.25, 2016 vintage antique sterling silver anket, sterling silver ear...

Wish.com / Placing a free order I won

Heather Kuchel on Oct 22, 2017
I won a free gift on the daily giveaway. It will motley me place my order. A boxpopped up they said " You have invalid daily giveaways in your cart". I was on the app ten minutes early looking through the items and when I selected the one I wanted whic was a 5 or 6pc Let her house...

Wish.com / I just want my purchase history reset to first purchase

Joe Medina on Oct 22, 2017
I just want my purchase history reset to first purchase . Wish wants to start Skynet. Wish deleted my discounts and refused to try to do anything to rectify. Then refused to take back wish cash or have a way to give to some family member in my last will and testament, in case i didn't make...

Wish.com / Apartment sized washer & dryer

Ladyhumphery on Oct 22, 2017
About 3 weeks ago, I went on line and ordered a things. I used our debit card to pay for them. I also started a wish list, Those items was on a wish list for a reason. There was a group of us, and I was charge $140 .00 that should not have taken at that particular time. I am disabled and...

Wish.com / Money deducted from account, wish/geek lost all records

K. Keam on Oct 22, 2017
A sum of over $200 was deducted from our account for an item we did not purchase. On investigation we were refunded only $20. Within two days our account transactions and history has disappeared. Wish has responded that we must have multiple accounts. How is that possible with one user...

Wish.com / Refund my Money And unblock my account

Borna Tovernić on Oct 21, 2017
Hello, i am sending over 100 mails to refund my money for staff that doesn't work or are too small for me. You are always responding on my mails with stupid answers and everytime is auto respond. Asap refund my money or i will do everything to press charge on you and go to court. Or...

Wish / All the products witch I didn't recieve

Dear Mrs/Mr, My name is Borislav Stoyanov Stoyanov and I'm Custumer of Wish. I wold like to know when I'll recieve my money back, as a lot of products witch I pay already still didn't recieve . It's past 3, 4 months seams I ordered. Products with...

Wish.com / Customer support

Amber An Michael Klasmier on Oct 20, 2017
I had my phone an purse stolen an the person that stole my stuff made a bunch of purchases on my accounts an to my debit card an put my account in the negative thousands an I have been contacting the wish customer support for over three days straight for them to keep telling me they can’t...

Wish.com / Fitness Tracker

Stephanie Haddix on Oct 20, 2017
I received my order today and it was opened and package was crushed and also product was not inside! I am not very pleased with this WISH company right now! I will not be ordering anything else from this company...my order was made September 27, 2017 and appears to not show in the wish app...

Wish.com / steal our money from more than 90days

Amaz On on Oct 20, 2017
Dears from Wish.com - stop to respond with automatic non-sense stupid messages and resolve our problem! Already contact you e-mail provided for more than 90 days now and no any response from them - stop You criminal, rip-off scam activity to refund the Buyers without any reason and Before...

Wish.com / first order 50% off

cheryld9690 on Oct 20, 2017
I ordered several items and when I went to apply the promo code it did not take it. My order is charging at full price so I called Customer Service. I get an automated message saying if I am having trouble getting through one of numerous websites then to go to their wishsupport.com site to...

Wish.com / poor products and failure to provide satisfactory customer service

Dawn86 on Oct 19, 2017
I have purchased many items from wish website. One pair of boots ripped right off the sole within the first hour of wearing them, one item came broken in pieces, two items were not as described and what they should have been. One item did not arrive and they refused to send a replacement...

Wish.com / all clothing

Angela salpas on Oct 19, 2017
Months ago I spent over $700.00 in clothing and accessories on wish. Only 1 problem. 1 outfit was too small. Not really a problem it worked as a gift. So because I was so happy and satisfied with wish I just spent over $1000.00 this month because due to hurricane irma I lost everything!...

Wish.com / smart watches

LaVance Thompson on Oct 19, 2017
I ordered 9 smart watches. The watches came today 10-19-17. Three of the watches don't work and i don't like the quality. I have been trying to request a refund. I would like to return all the watches. I don't like what i have to go through to try and get a refund. I have ordered other...

Wish.com / outdoor motorcycle racing full body armor jacket spine chest protective gear

Clientdb on Oct 19, 2017
The order was done on 28/05/2017. Price € 25. The estimated date of delivery from 23/06/2017 to 03/07/2017. I have asked about the state of play on 09/07/2017. Wish Customer Service proposed to resend the item or to refund money on 16/07/2017. I requested to resend the item on 03/09/2017...

Wish.com / daily free giveaway

Luz Almontes on Oct 18, 2017
I did the giveaway with boots and I come have screen shots to prove it and I cant place the free order to ship due to an invalid giveaway. Its very upsetting. I feel like this is a false advertisement. I haven't had any complaints and I really enjoy the app and shopping on wish but of your going to advertise make sure the company goes through with it.

Wish.com / product not received second complaint

Donna Schmidt Burns on Oct 18, 2017
Was to be delivered sept. 19, 2017. this is my second report. wood & glass aromatherapy pure essential oils diffuser air nebulizer humidifier. track # 69112914414. this is one if the most expensive items I have ordered & am very disappointed to not receive it. I have been ordering...

Wish.com / unable to use wish cash.

Eldelanar on Oct 18, 2017
I bought 25 dollars worth of wish cash in order to receive my 5 dollar bonus. When I go to check out the app constantly asks for me to enter my card so I can't use my wish cash. I clearly have 30 dollars in wish cash that I cannot use. I even tried going on my personal computer to purchase...

Wish.com / several items not received

Katalin Salama on Oct 18, 2017
Hello, During summer I ordered several products at wish.com. Very fast many of them arrived even before the expected delivery date but since then nothing else was received!! I ordered most of them for my daughter's BD (27 Oct) but since July-August I didnt get them. Please check my order...

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