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Wish.com / Not receiving item that I paid for and Will not give a refund

Larry wall on Mar 17, 2018
i ordered item back in May of 2017-- they ask me to wait and during that time i recieved other items that i ordered-- i may have ordered a couple of hundred dollars worth of items-- i was getting items almost every week and never really paid attention to the dates as some items wer late...

Wish / Smart watch

Ramon Paguio on Mar 17, 2018
I ordered a smart watch from wish and it should have arrived 2 weeks ago, so i message them and they responded give it 5 more days according to them shipment is just delayed, so i did, 6 days past and still no item, tracking no. they provided i think is bogus just because everytime you try...

Wish.com / Alexa bliss twisted bliss T-shirt !!

James19802 on Mar 16, 2018
I ordered a wwe Alexa bliss twisted bliss T-shirt from wish size xxl . Picture on mobile app and listing says official Alexa bliss T-shirt Showing also photo of official Alexa bliss T-shirt ... what I received I can only describe as a home printed T-shirt with a logo that is clearly ironed on...

Wish.com / Everything I ordered!

Raven Hardy on Mar 16, 2018
I ordered a cute bustier..what I recieved can only be described as an ugly life vest! The jewelry I ordered was supposed to be .925 sterlibg silver..one looks silver plated the other is trash, neither is sterling silver!! I ordered a paraiba stone ring .got some ugly green gla...

Wish.com / Wrong item

Holli Jo on Mar 16, 2018
I ordered a bathing suit in a small & recieved a medium ugly dress. Seems this company has lots of issues & complaints. I'm a size 0 & would never order an ugly medium sized dress!!! Cannot reach anyone by phone & the emails aren't being answered. I'm one upset shopper & will never order...

Wish.com / high top sneakers ordered

old dolly on Mar 15, 2018
I ordered a pair of sneakers on Jan 27th or 28th 2018.46 days later they have yet to arrive.High Top Rivet shoe red . Order number 5a6d338b0eab8a10e697ec9d This is unacceptable.What is the problem and why the delay. Regards Nancy my e-mail is. hockeyrules_87aeastlink.ca my phone number is 1-902-...

Wish.com / samsung chromebook laptop

Candace Carter-Jackson on Mar 15, 2018
I purchased a refurbished laptop and the hard dive has been corrupted. Not only that when I tried to return the item wish only paid for a small flat rate box that is too small for the labtop to fit in it. I would have to pay for the item to be returned which I shouldn't have to because I...

Wish.com / drone plane

Cindy Meyer on Mar 15, 2018
I ordered a drone from them and it says it was delivered yet I never received it. They will not refund or replace and expect me to do the running around to find the package. I have gone back and forth with customer support with no help in site. They refuse to help and pretty much told me...

Wish.com / restricted account

Rominna on Mar 14, 2018
I have had wish for several years and have ordered products that I sometimes would receive and sometimes I would not receive. A couple weeks ago I noticed that my account was restricted. Wish asked for a picture of my bank statement with Wish purchases. At first I did not feel comfortable with...

Wish.com / bezahl und account problem

Brono Banani Tchitchi on Mar 14, 2018
Hey Ich wollte kurz für Urlaub einkaufen weil ich auf der Seite so schöne Sachen gesehen könnte nicht davon lassen Also habe kurz eingekauf da wollte ich bezahlen kommt immer wieder account Problem!!!ich müss meine Kontoauszug fotografieren und senden als Beschäftigung Oft versucht...

Wish.com / man's winter coat

Mimi Hosmanek on Mar 14, 2018
I ordered a man's winter coat size XL and received a Large.They told me that if it didn't fit they would help me return it for a full refund.Its been almost 30days now.I told them that I think there waiting for it to run out.So I will be stuck with a coat that doesn't fit me.They said they...

Wish.com / refund

Mersaydiez Lace Dye on Mar 14, 2018
I ordered several products from wish.com and it said that my order was confirmed and then immediately after said that my order could not be processed then it said my order was refunded yet I still not have received my refund on my card. I am very upset and need my refund back immediately seems how it already says it refunded it. I am not impressed.

Wish.com / I ordered a heavy duty battery for my bow fang ham radio

gilbert stevenson on Mar 14, 2018
My name is Gilbert Stevenson I live at 1114 brentnell Ave in Columbus Ohio. 43219 ph-614- 805-0036 I ordered the battery pack for my handheld baofeng it's the long heavy duty battery pack never received it they got their money I never got a package I called the postal services they said it...

Wish.com / lack of believable information or any information as to whereabouts of goods

NotMeMeMe on Mar 14, 2018
Order placed 27th February 2018=5a94458c587ca9d7ce2da995, many of these goods are stated to have arrived in Australia. Delivery is by Australia Post which delivers parcels from anywhere in australia to anywhere in Australia within a week. One item has been sitting somewhere since 5th and...

Wish.com / unsure website

Marta Gambadello on Mar 14, 2018
This web. Site is not secure, can't contact anyone on phone. placed an order was going to wrong address, I know i added the Right address. Now my credit card information is going to someone else's address, I did call my credit company they reassured me that I Will not be responsible for...

Wish.com / returning my money after unauthorized charges to paypal

Alanna Lyons on Mar 13, 2018
Well one day I decided to have a look at my activities as through the Christmas holidays we all can tend to splurge but there is a situation an issue if you will that I noticed a wish transaction, hmm I thought but began investigating what this was for. I scroll down to see a steep charge...

Wish.com / payment taken, goods not received

Lyn Myers on Mar 13, 2018
I ordered two items, the money was taken from my bank but I have not received the items. here is my tracking No. 5a96edf72a2abb7140301228 I would like a refund please. I have not heard a word from Wish.com. I ordered these items during the week of the 5 - 9th March. I have emailed the...

Wish.com / wish support

Velinski on Mar 13, 2018
Support is the words. Wish is a great site, but the people working as support, which is outsourced, are simply awful and careless. I hope none of you gets to experience it regarding a package tracking issue. The packages are rarely tracked as Wish allows the stores to decide the kind of...

Wish.com / scam

Yet again a SCAM repport about your "site". I ordered a huge eyeshadow palette, costing 24 dollars, and I got eyeshadow aplicators 10 eyeshadow aplicators to be exact. There was no "eyeshadow aplicators" in the description of the product. I am very dissapointed. Another thing i...

Wish.com / items never received

Westerhuis on Mar 13, 2018
Hi, I bought some items for my cats on wish, payed, but never got an confirmation. I payed €11, 95, and never received the goods. I also could not find anything in my ordering history. Bought and received many nice things from wish in the past, no problems, except this last order. Please...


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